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We are presenting you the astrology of Twelve Zodiac Signs, Nine planets and Twenty Seven stars in an easy way to understand in simple English and Tamil.
Rajji match alone is not at all enough while looking for the matches in the horoscope for the marriage.
If there are a good understanding, love, affection and care between a man and a woman then marring the woman even if she is elder by 2 or 3 years is not wrong. People who are not able to go to the kuladheivam temple can take a handful of sand in a kalasam and keep it at the backside of the house or at the place of worship and develop a small gopuram for it. It is an astonishing fact that god governs the sun, all the planets and stars around it and also takes care of all our requirements , blesses us based on our good and bad activities.
We are presenting you the astrology of Twelve rasis, Nine planets and Twenty Seven stars in an easy way to understand in simple English. This match is looked for the intimacy and a locking bond between the couples after marriage for their entire life. Matches are looked for in such a way that if the stars of both male and female are not of the same Rajji then the female will lead the life as Dhirka Sumangali. It is very important that the horoscopes without this Rajji Porutham should not at all be taken forward for marriage. Bidding farewell to the Year of the Goat, China — and other countries with a significant Chinese population — roped in the Year of the Monkey on February 8, 2016. You could mail us your further doubts and queries and the solutions for it would be published at this site at the earliest. Other basic matches must also be there like, any one of dinam or ganam, any one of mahendiram, rasi,nadi and all the matches like yoni, rajji and vedai are required. Even if the sevvaai dhosham match is present between the two horoscopes then wedding can be organized.
The other occasions which are good to worship kuladheivam are before and after any good event or functions taking place for the family either it is official or personal. This is called pudimann devadhai and you can perform abishekam(Poojai) by offering flowers. Those who get married without proper matches in their horoscopes live a unhappy and unpeaceful life and finally get separated.
The matches being either one of mahendiram, rasi, nadi and all of the following 3 matches yoni, vedhai, rajji.
Astrology is a gift to us from our ancestors who studied and realized the movements of various planets in the universe under Vedic guidance.
Couples with this match will understand each other very well and live a peaceful and loving life. For the persons getting married, Even if nine out of ten matches are full filled and if this Rajji Porutham is not fulfilled then it is not recommended for them to get married.
There is an opinion that even If the stars of the male and the female are of the same Rajju but belong to Arohanam and Avarohanam then the horoscopes are matched and proceeded for marriage.
Traditional Chinese astrology groups people into one of 12 animals based on their year of birth, and it is firmly believed that your animal has a huge influence on various aspects of your life — personality, future, career, love and general luck. Only if we analyze the horoscopes we could arrive at the Marriage Luck, correct time for the marriage and various Dhoshams. There is a general saying that in a horoscope if sani (Saturn) is in the 7th place and ragu in the 8th place then the person will marry an elder woman with more age difference. Those who are not able to go to the place of worship of kuladheivam can pray pudimann devadhai. We browsed through scores of fortune tellers to see what astrologists have predicted for your spirit animal in the Year of the Monkey. While looking for the horoscope match, 7th place in the horoscope, strength of the planets like Sukkiran, chandiran are to be considered.
Moreover if a person has kaala sarba dhosham their marriage will be finalized only at their age of 30. But the second marriage must be done only if the horoscopes of those who get married matches with each other. If the love, affection and care between the lovers are very strong then it is not required to look for matches in the horoscope. You will need to keep yourself in control, both personally and professionally, in order to maintain your relationships, while not jeopardizing your goals.Financially, it appears to be a comfortable phase as per the February 2016 horoscope for Taurus. It is a fact that a married life of couples whose horoscopes do not match will not last longer.

Those who get married without proper matches in the horoscope can rectify the same by performing the most suitable parigaram. Freshers and beginners may find a suitable job now, indicates February horoscope.Your vision is practical right now, and you want to see tangible results for your efforts. Recognition is likely to come your way whether you ask for it or not, and the responsibility that comes right along with it! The challenges you face will inspire you, knowing that all you have earned was through your own hard work. You can ask your mentors, parents or older friends to help you to find the potential match. Job holders may need to correct their working methods to improve efficiency, according to the Taurus Monthly Horoscope.You are anxious with taking on an important or aggressive role within an association or relationship.
Be sure of what you are getting yourself into, especially with regards to your interpersonal relationships. New or even existing friends and connections may not be what they seem this month.As far as love and romance is concerned, love birds will be eager to tie the knot and settle down, in contrast to young singles wanting to focus on their career. Money won't come in through your door directly — you will need to earn money using your brain and labour. All creative acts are favored now by Taurus February 2016 horoscope.As the month commences, married ones may have a confrontation with their partner. For a better love relationship, the ox must reserve a space of love for its partner to strengthen the relationship.
Joining more social networks and meeting people to build friendships will help your career. Be aware of what you and your partner want for yourselves and what you want from the relationship. If you have an argument, dispute or lawsuit with someone, then you will stand at an advantageous position in the beginning — but, that doesn't mean you will win in the end.
Just keep exercising regularly and pay attention to your stomach, intestine and the entire digestive system.
As long as you continue to stand out to prove your ability, opportunities can take you anywhere — just like wind. A viral infection or an upset stomach around month end could keep you off regular duties, for a while. If you face troubles in communicating with your partner, ask an older friend to act as a mediator or liaison.
If you happen to have an argument or end up in a lawsuit with someone, you will need negotiation to end the dispute. Your reputation will help you to create many money-making opportunities, and fame and wealth will come together. In case an argument or a lawsuit does appear, you should focus on negotiating and making peace with the person.
Be careful of accidents that can injure your face or head — they might leave a scar behind.
If you encounter a career opportunity or heavy workload, you should ask help from your partners or coworkers to fulfill the career plan. If you own your business, then your reputation will help you to increase your fame, wealth and value. If you are single, you should attend more social activities — someone might be out there waiting for you.
If you have an argument, dispute or lawsuit with someone, you have the best odds to win the case because of the strong support you will receive. Improper food or drinks might cause problems in the cardiovascular system, thereby causing difficulty in movement. If you can find a good financial adviser to manage your finances, then you might get much more in return.
If you are a female, you might need to push or encourage the boy to accept the relationship. It will help you to expand your social network, and money-making opportunities might follow. If you have an argument or dispute with someone, you will need to take care of the business yourself.
If you have extra money for investment, you'd better spend time and energy to review your investment portfolio and adjust your financial strategy.

If you are looking for love, the opportunity is out there — you just need to spend some time to find it. If you are a male, you have more chances to meet girls you would like to build a new relationship with.
If you have an argument, dispute or lawsuit with someone, you have a good chance to win the case. It is the right time to encourage yourself and to exhibit your knowledge, experience and wisdom to people. You should attend more social activities to make acquaintance of new people, and do take care to maintain those friendships. Money won't fall down at your door directly — you will still need to work hard to earn money. If you want a better love relationship, you need to respect the opinions and feelings of your partner. If you are a female, you need to watch your language and behavior so as to not hurt the dignity of your lover. If you have an argument, dispute or lawsuit with someone, then you might have to face a storm. You should eat more vegetables and pay attention to your stomach, large intestine and the entire digestive system. As long as you work harder for the coming opportunities, fame and fortune will come to you. If you are looking for a job, you might need more time to get one, because there are many competitors out there.
You should show courtesy to others, offer favours to people and yield your opportunities to friends.
Negotiation is the best approach during this period — otherwise both parties will be the losers. You should watch out for unnecessary accidents involving arms and legs, and avoid dangerous sports and activities. As long as you continue persisting in benevolence, etiquette and righteousness, good luck will stay with you. You will feel some pressures from the project schedule, but you can still work happily as long as you follow all the instructions of your boss carefully. You don't have strong money luck, but your friends or relatives will discuss some investment opportunities with you.
Your lover likes to show his or her ability to act as the speaker of your relationship and take control over decision making — including your activities and schedules. If you have argument, dispute or lawsuit with someone, you had better negotiate with your opponent.
When you are in a joyous moment, you need to watch your words and behaviors in order to not offend or displease someone.
If you have very tight project schedules, you should assign some tasks to the younger team members to share some workload.
Bringing better fortune requires more social or outdoor activities — your social network will bring you financial opportunities.
If you have an argument, dispute or lawsuit with someone, both you and the opposite party stand the risk of ending up as losers. Dangerous sports should be avoided, and outdoor activities need to be carried out with caution. You will realize your job is much easier than before, and you will receive the requisite training, education and assistance from others. If you are looking for love, then attend more social activities and you will find many people interested in you.
They will provide you lots of courage, sponsorship and compliments — which might spoil your personality. If you have an argument, dispute or lawsuit with someone, it will waste your time, energy and money. You have a lot of energy and will be eager to take actions — but you need to look well before each leap so that a promising winner won't end up as a loser.

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