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Predicting precisely the time of materialization of an event is one of the hardest nuts to crack in astrology. The Dasa systems propounded by Jaimini are powerful indeed in predicting events but they have their own drawbacks because of different interpretations given by different scholars. Each Rasi of the natal chart represents one year in the life of the native, the first year starting with the Ascendant in Rasi Tulya Vatsara Dasa. This is not a new method but forms the basis of the Sudarsana Chakra Dasa and is extensively used in Nadi texts for timing events. After applying this Dasa system to a number of charts I have formulated the following general rules. As a result of the transit, those houses which are beneficial are called Gochara and those which are harmful are called Vedha. Astronomically and astrologically Jupiter is the largest planet and it rules two houses in natural Zodiac wheel. The intensity, of the harmful effects of Jupiter mentioned above, varies according to strength in the horoscope.
When Jupiter passes through 1st house of the native horoscope, problems related to career,loss of money, conflict with friends & relatives may occur . 1.The periods, when malefic planets pass through kendras and benefic planets pass through adverse positions, are harmful (depending on the influence of each planet). This article explores the relationship between the natal chart and the appropriate annual chart with specific reference to Vivaha (marriage) and Punya (auspicious) Sahams on the question of timing marriage.The Varshapala or annual chart is based on the time of the Sun's return to the same point as that occupied by him at the time of birth.
The Sahams are special mathematical points arrived at by a manipulation of longitudes of the planets in the Varshaphala. The results of a planet are relative to the strength and weakness of the entire birth chart. The Earth and the Moon move alone defined paths in the heavens, creating different fields of forces in the process.
Those born during eclipses, due to this disturbance, have been found to suffer mildly and sometimes seriously from mental abnormality and even physical conditions. The planetary influences get modified when they come in contact with Rahu and Ketu.Whenever Rahu is in conjunction with a planet, it enhances its influence and basic quality towards bhoga (enjoyment) and sangraha (accumulation) while Ketu relieves the planet of its basic quality. While considering the influence of Rahu and Ketu, one must consider their dispositors which are called Karmic Control Planets. The Karmic Control Planets have strong implications depending upon where they are placed and the aspect they have with the Nodal axis. While Rahu is said to be Arishta Nashaka (destroyer of adversity) in the 3rd, 6th, and 11th, before doing so, he would create Arishta Janya (adverse situation) which will then be resolved. The next point to be considered for the results of the Nodes in various houses and Rasis is with reference to their Yoga Karakattwa. According to Laghu Parasari, Sloka 13, strong Rahu and Ketu give the results of (a) the Bhava occupied by them; and (b) the Bhavas ruled by planet(s) conjunct with them. If Rahu or Ketu is conjunct another planet in a Trikona (1st, 5th, or 9th), Kendra (1st, 4th, 7th or the 10th), Trishadaya (3rd, 6th or the 11th), in the 8th or 2nd and 12th houses, the results as shown in Table I may be expected. If Rahu and Ketu are placed as in Table I and in malefic signs in Rasi or Navamsa or in the 2nd, 12th, 3rd, 6th or 8th they tend to increasingly reduce happiness from the relatives indicated by the Bhava occupied by them. Detailed results of Rahu Dasa are given in Sarwartha Chintamani, Chapter 15, as translated with notes by Prof. Some astrologers hold that malefics Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu (and the Sun as well) give auspicious results if they are debilitated or in an enemy's sign.
If the 2nd from the Upapada has malefic aspects or conjunctions, the native has a short married life or renounces the world. The 2nd marriage is seen from the 2nd house from the Ascendant (as it is in 8th from the 7th) and from the 8th from Upapada. In Chart 2, the Upapada is in Gemini with the Moon in it and aspected by Saturn, Sun, Venus, Ketu, Rahu and its own exalted lord Mercury.
Chart 4 of a temple priest has the Upapada in the 8th with 2 benefics Jupiter and Venus aspected by Mercury and the Sun. In Chart 5 of a bank manager, the Upapada is in Aries with the Moon and aspected by Jupiter and Saturn. The native of Chart 7 got married in 1988 and the marriage lasted till 1996 when he divorced his wife and got remarried in the same year. There could be an unknown feeling of fear within you throughout this year as suggested by astrology According to Chinese zodiac 1981 is the year of the Monkey as each year in Chinese calendar is represented by an animal. Virgo and Aries: Certain disputes might disturb the love life of Arians with a Virgo life partner in the coming year 2013.
Week of Monday March 23 2015 –The Moon will be in emotional Cancer from Friday until early Sunday morning supporting all of the tender romantic moments your heart can handle! That means that Gemini Indian Express Horoscope Peter Vidal is the sign of the zodiac determine your sun sign by means of your life as individuals?
Imagine a Dasa system which can broadly indicate the events that can occur in a year in the life of a native?
Events that can happen in the life of the native in that particular year can be predicted by judging the concerned Rasi in the Rasi chart. The concept of Muntha used in the Tajaka system of Hindu astrology which is based on the annual return of the Sun to its natal position is similar to this method. The year has different connotations based on the varying systems of commensuration like solar year, lunar year, sidereal year, astronomical year etc. Each sign is considered as a house irrespective of the conventional Bhava chart (either by equal house division or by Sripati Paddhati).
The Karakattwas of the house represented by the sign will have general significance throughout the year.
For example, in the case of a native born in Leo Ascendant, the 65th year represents the 5th house whose lord is Jupiter.

The very logical question that strikes one is whether the same events will take place every 12th year.
When a planet is in a benefic (Gochara) position and another planet is in its malefic (Vedha) position, the planet in the benefic position will function as an opposing force and negate its good effects. But the combination of certain planets like Sun and Saturn; and Mercury and Moon is not harmful. When one of them is set in a favourable position and the other in an adverse position respectively, one undergoes benefic and malefic experiences because of each planet’s influence. Again in Skanda Purana it is mentioned that Lord Shiva got pleased with Brihaspathi’s worship and made him a planet.
Higher studies, foreign travels, spirituality, Occult, astrology, writing, editing and publishing. In this period an individual has to suffer the greatest sorrows in his life like the lack of divine assistance, poverty,dislike of higher officials, lack of mental peace, inability in taking important decisions, foolish acts and deposition from an office etc.
When transit through 3rd house there are higher chances of loosing out financially in native's endeavors & it can be related to job, lifestyle etc.
These relative fields and the equilibrium between their forces are disturbed when the paths of the Earth and the Moon intersect. Ketu is also said to increase the intellectual properties of the planet greatly if the horoscope so permits. It is said that since Ketu is the inlet point of Karma, the planet ruling the sign occupied by Ketu is said to show incoming or past life Karmic control while the planet ruling the sign occupied by Rahu controls Karmic distribution in this life. This may be due to quarrels and strained relations, by living at a great distance from relatives or their untimely demise.
It tells us about the type of spouse one is likely to get If the lord of the Upapada is exalted, the spouse hails from the upper class; if debilitated, from the lower class.
Debilitated planets or the bitter the enemy of the lord of the Upapada in the 2nd from it tend to curtail the duration of married life. The 2nd lord Mercury is exalted kin the 5th and the 8th lord from the Upapada Moon is well-placed in the 11th.
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How would it be if one could arrive at the particular year of a Vimshottari Antara for an event to manifest which can then be zeroed in with the aid of transits?
Even classical texts carry the germ of this idea when they say that an infant may face danger at an age identical to the sign having malefic combinations.
The Julian calendar based on the time taken for the earth to complete one revolution around the Sun has a duration of 365-25 days. Specific rules applicable to specific events will be submitted in the course of further parts of this series. Also, study other planetary influences on the Rasi lord by way of conjunctions and aspects.
However, Jupiter also owns the 8th house and hence the events related to the 8th house like death, accidents etc can also be anticipated in the 65th year. Similarly when a planet is in an unfavourable position and another planet is in its favourable position, its adverse effects will be cancelled. That is- as a result of the transit- when Sun is set in a favourable position and Saturn is a Vedha position, they do not oppose each other. Rahu and Ketu are two points representing the cross roads in the fields of force of the Earth and the Moon and are two points of disturbance.
Further by absorbing the results of the conjunct planet both Rahu and Ketu afflict it and make it weak.They also afflict the Sun and the Moon and are taken to have comparatively stronger influence as compared to other planets.
Raman in Hindu Predictive Astrology has given the Bhava and Rasi results for Rahu and Ketu. In the 3rd, 6th, and 11th, while Rahu is said to be Arishta Nashaka (destroyer of adversity), but before doing so he would create Arishta Janya (adverse situation) which will then be resolved. However, Rahu may produce material prosperity resulting from the signification or Karakattwa of the house in strange ways.
If benefics are in Upapada or aspect the Upapada, the spouse is beautiful and is of a good disposition. The Upapada and its 2nd house both being strong the native had a long and happy married life for 54 years. Its ruler Rahu* is in Taurus in a cuspal degree with the lord of the 12th lord in the 12th. He had difficulty in getting a suitable alliance for marriage, but finally got married in his 30th year.
The Upapada is in Scorpio with a debilitated Moon aspected by debilitated Saturn and Mercury.
Its lord though aspecting the Upapada is retrograde and aspected by malefic Mars, the 8th lord from the Ascendant, and debilitated Venus. The Chinese zodiac consists of five elements that have been part of Chinese culture almost since its beginning: wood earth fire metal and water.
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Some experts use the Vidasas and Sookshma Dasas also which is difficult for an average astrologer to apply. When this method is combined with Vimshottari Dasa and transits it is found that an event can be predicted precisely even upto a few days. Further, the division of Ayurdaya into Balarishta upto the 8th year, Yogarishta upto the 20th year and Alpayu upto the 32nd year has its logic based on this method. The Gregorian calendar which is in vogue today has a duration of 365 days in normal years and 366 days in a leap year. This is because, the Karakattwas of the houses whose lords join the Rasi lord will also gain prominence in the year. I have seen cases where the same pattern of events occur whenever the Rasi is activated and also some cases when it does not. The secret to successful prediction, however, lies in the convergence of more than two tools. In course of time the benefic effect of Sun and the malefic effect of Saturn will come in to force. At the time of an eclipse, the radiation and electromagnetic vibrations coming from the Moon or the Sun are cut off and normal conditions that obtain for the Earth get disturbed. Reference may also be made to Chamatkara Chintamani for detailed results of the Nodes in different situations. The area of activity would depend upon on Rahu's Rasi, Navamsa and Nakshatra dispositors and the planets which are conjunct or aspected by Rahu.
If these planets are exalted or Vargottama in Navamsa, the native becomes arrogant, ungrateful, irresponsible, haughty, poor and is troubled by the governing authorities. Similarly benefics influencing the Upapada bring early marriage, while malefics like Saturn or Rahu tend to delay the event. The Sun is not a malefic as far as the Upapada is concerned unless he is debilitated or heavily afflicted.
Its other lord Saturn is in the 2nd from Upapada, aspected by the Sun, Mars and Jupiter denying him marriage or rather, his rejecting it himself. However, two benefics in the Upapada and the 2nd lord from the Upapada Jupiter is in his own sign in Navamsa which does not rule out marriage. The 7th house and its lord Mercury are heavily afflicted, so also the Upapada lord Mars which have given neurological disease to his wife since about 3 years. It assigns points horoscope google doc chinese rat character (guna) for factors that influence marriage. As a supplement, one can combine transits with the Vimshottari Dasa for the precise timing of an event. This method, when applied by an astrologer proficient in various planetary combinations, can give a birds eye-view of the entire life of the native in terms of the major events and the age at which they take place.
However, my humble effort has taken the form of the discovery of the way this method can be practically applied to predict any kind of major event by formulating general rules, and special rules. I feel that the Gregorian calendar can be applied in all cases for all practical purposes and with satisfactory results. Among the different Karakattwas of signs, houses and planets definitely some of them will be activated. So during Jupiter transit through your houses you should be more hard working to attain the victory in those areas. He will be attached to his race, be famous among his family members and will suffer from physical illnesses. Saturn and Rahu in the 2nd from the Upapada or aspecting it, make the native lose or desert the spouse due to a scandal.
The native got married in this 29th year to a girl who was good looking from an elitist family.
The 2nd lord from Upapada Jupiter is in the Ascendant combust in the Sun (who is exalted in Navamsa), thus channalising his sexual energy into the spiritual.
It is the afflicted lord of Upapada in the 12th house from the Ascendant that is delaying the event.
Unfortunately Jupiter being retrograde and aspected by the Sun, Mars, Ketu and Rahu, all malefics could not help. Pay if you want to the advantages of god’s law australia subscribe to be afraid to say i know you like to get contacted more important. That is, if the lord of any house is in the 4th or the 10th from it, then the 4th sign itself is the Arudha.
For remarriage, the 2nd lord from the Ascendant and the 8th lord from the Upapada should be strong. Today your loved one very need your support in a difficult case for him which will fall to his share in this day. If the lord is in the 1st or 7th from any house, then the 10th sign from it becomes the Arudha. Sometimes, marriage may not also occur if the lord of the Upapada is in the 12th from the Ascendant. For example, if the lord of the 12th house is in the 3rd or the 9th sign from it, then the 3rd sign itself is the Arudha. If the Upapada is in a Dustana from the Arudha Lagna, one may reject one's spouse or tend to ignore the spouse. The 2nd lord from the Upapada (for checking the longevity of the marriage) is Saturn who is afflicted in the 7th from the Ascendant. Planets in the 2nd and 7th from the Upapada are Marakas to it and such Karakas as represented by the planets tend to oppose the marriage.

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