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If your business calls abroad then often this can be a significant cost to your monthly telephony bills. As a business the cost of international calling can often be a significant drain on your resources. Because of our business-oriented telecoms infrastructure your calls will always be clearer, meaning much better communication as you organise your operations. With completely transparent billing and minimal set-up requirements you’ll also know exactly how much you’re saving with our service as your business continues to benefit from your overseas contacts. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. With our international calling service, not only will you save money but we will also let you know exactly by how much.

However, thanks to HQ Telecom’s low-cost calls you can now stay longer on the line with your overseas contacts at a fraction of the cost – and even make those international calls from your mobile by by-passing your mobile phone network provider. There are also no exceptions as to where you can call, so that your marketplace becomes truly global while you keep the cost of calling every location as low as possible.
1 Ballot With Intentionally Confusing Language David Plouffe, Uber’s resident Chief Advisor and member of the ride-sharing firm’s board of directors, spoke earlier today at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2016 about Uber’s departure from Austin, Texas. It’s actually kind of fun when you’re talking about being an app company and being internet free.”The cost of international calling springs from multiple players needing to be involved to terminate a phone call to another country. When an international call is placed, your carrier has to hand off the call to its international gateway provider, which then hands it off to its counterpart in the country you’re calling, which then hands the phone call off to the carrier of the phone number you’ve dialed, who then finally connects your call to the phone you’re trying to reach.Rebtel’s new service doesn’t need an internet connection because it uses phone lines to connect calls, instead of VoIP-like services such as Viber, Skype or Whatsapp. When you place a call using Rebel Calling, Rebtel calls you locally before funneling your phone call to the area that you’re calling to, in effect hijacking local numbers to maneuver around termination costs.“We have a focus, and the focus is to crack international calling,” Rebtel CMO Fredrik Wrahme said.

If you call into a local conference call, and the person you’re trying to reach does the same, and the two conference calls happen to be connected for free, the cost of international calling is equivalent to calling a local number.“We’re not a VoIP company,” Larsson said. However, the Rebel Calling service requires that both people have the Rebtel app installed on their smartphone and have both verified their phone number with Rebtel.

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