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WhatsApp, one of the most popular instant-messaging services, breaches international privacy laws over phone numbers according to the Canadian and Dutch data protection authorities.
The application forces you to provide access to your entire address book and this policy has been criticized time and time again. However, Whatsapp’s policy of using phone numbers from both users as well non-users of the application was found to be on the wrong side of the law. WhatsApp is also found to retain the mobile numbers of non-users, which is also violating the privacy laws in the two countries. According to the investigators, WhatsApp is committed to making changes to protect the users’ privacy by letting them manually add contacts to their profiles. Are you an outsourcer or do you simply happen to work mostly with foreign business partners?

We offer international call routing services for clients who want their voice to be heard across the world. Buy a local number abroad, forward it to your regular cell phone or landline, and your callers pay only the price of a local call. The telgo.SmartNumbers setup takes just 2 minutes and our state of the art dashboard will help you manage your account smoothly and easily. The developers of the application had previously introduced encryption of its instant messenger in response to the privacy concerns raised earlier. The Dutch agency will keep a close eye on the application and if the privacy breaches continue, WhatsApp could be facing huge penalties. You can add as many local numbers as you like, at any time, and you can have up to 200 simultaneous calls per number.

Our call routing services are premium voice quality – you’ll enjoy crystal clear conversations. In addition to our telgo pbx that seamlessly interconnects us, we also have virtual local numbers for our international outposts.

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