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I have been put forth with this question many times in this blog, how do we add a change over selector switch for automatic toggling of an inverter when AC mains is present and vice versa and also the system must enable automatic switching of the battery charger such that when AC mains is present the inverter battery gets charged and when AC mains fails, the battery gets connected with the inverter for supplying AC to the load. So here I am with a simple yet very efficient little relay assembly module which will do all the above functions without letting you know about the implementations, everything is done automatically, silently and with great fluency. The lower SPDT relay is also in a deactivated position and is shown to be connecting the battery with the inverter so that the inverter remains operative.
Now let's assume that AC mains is restored, this will instantly power the battery charger which now becomes operative and supplies power to the relay coil.

The battery gets cut OFF from the inverter and therefore the inverter becomes inactive and stops functioning. The connected appliances are instantly diverted from the inverter AC to the mains AC within a split second such that the appliances doesn't even blink, giving an impression that nothing had happened and the are kept operative continuously without any interruptions. Since 1993, System Plus Consulting engineers have been analyzingand modeling the production cost and selling price of integrated circuits,electronic boards and systems.
System Plus Consulting is publishing the reverse costing report on the Aurora solar inverter MICRO-0.25-I supplied by Power-One, the second largest PV inverter manufacturer.

Based on a complete teardown analysis, the report provides an estimation of the production cost as well as the selling price of the product.

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