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The recipes included in this book are wide in scope, and have been geared toward the professional developer. Reproduction of site books is authorized only for informative purposes and strictly for personal, private use. This title contains the standard edition of The iOS 5 Developera€™s Cookbook PLUS nine additional chapters on advance content.
This book provides in-depth code samples and discussions for scenarios that developers face every day.
You'll find clear and concise code samples accompanying each recipe, and will be presented with cutting-edge solutions that bring forth the best that the iOS 5 SDK has to offer. You also need a finely tuned sense of what motivates 500 million loyal iPhone and iPad users.

You'll find numerous examples of real-world cases that will enable you to build fully functional applications quickly and efficiently. If this is your first foray into mobile development, you'll get the skills you need to go from idea to app store.
If you're already creating iOS apps, you'll pick up new techniques to hone your craft, and learn how to capitalize on new iOS 7 features. Sadun has thoroughly revised her best-selling book to focus on powerful new iOS 5 features, APIs, and frameworks, the latest version of Objective-C, and Applea€™s breakthrough Xcode 4 toolset.
The iOS 5 Developer's Cookbook: Expanded Electronic Edition is packed with ready-made code solutions for the iOS 5 development challenges youa€™re most likely to face, eliminating trial-and-error and helping you build reliable apps from the very beginning. Sadun teaches each new concept and technique through robust code that is easy to reuse and extend.

This isn't just cut-and-paste: Using her examples, Sadun fully explains both the a€?howa€? and a€?whya€? of effective iOS 5 development.
Her tested recipes address virtually every major area of iOS development, from user interface design to view controllers, gestures, and touch to networking and security.
Whatever your iOS development experience, it will give you all the expert answers and reliable code youa€™ll need to jumpstart any iOS 5 project!

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