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Using a cross-media connection between a mobile device and desktop, users can play two mission challenges within the Become a Kingsman world, which uses video sequences inspired by key scenes in the movie. The experience was created, designed and produced by Unit9 under the interactive direction of Anrick Bregman, a director of experiences that combine storytelling and technology. Matthew Vaughn popped up on many a film geek’s radar after he turned the Kick-Ass comic book – written by Mark Millar – into a satirical take on the costumed hero cinematic sub-genre.
Vaugh’s adaptation – redubbed Kingsman: The Secret Service – stars Oscar-winner Colin Firth (The King’s Speech) as a master secret spy, who mentors an “unrefined but promising street kid” (played by relative newcomer Taron Egerton) in the art of protecting the globe from criminals and terrorist threats, covert-style.

In that same interview, Firth touched on additional subjects concerning his preparation to star in Secret Service, such as the variety of martial arts specialists that he trained under – as well as the benefits he gained, in terms of his physical build. Vaughn is coming off his highest-grossing film to date with X-Men: First Class (over $350 million worldwide), though Secret Service‘s box office performance is likely to be more on the level of his other non-X-Men film collaborations with screenwriter Jane Goldman, Stardust and Kick-Ass.
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At 53, anything that isn’t just a kind of blob of mozzarella just hanging there is something of an achievement.”).

So, be sure and read the whole EW interview, in addition to checking out the official teaser poster for Kingsman: The Secret Service below, courtesy of Coming Soon (click the image for the higher-resolution version).

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