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Please keep in mind, lecture transcripts are a verbatim capture of what Yogi Bhajan said and how he said it. In The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings®, query text is parsed using a grammar similar to the Google grammar. If the search term is lower-case, this implies no preference for case, and the search engine executes a case-insensitive query.
Constrains the search to a word or phrase in any of the lecture City, State or Country values. Here is an example of how you can put The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings® search grammar and constraints together to form a more complex and powerful query. Let's say you are looking for a lecture that Yogi Bhajan gave in the first half of 1991, where he spoke about Guru Ram Das. As you can see, even complex queries are manageable if you construct them expression by expression. This yoga manual, that accompanies the 'I am Woman' reader, has been organized by topic so that you can focus on a particular discipline within your own practice, generate weekend workshops for your students, or create an entire curriculum for an in-depth experience of the women's teachings over time. I had a visit the other day from a friend I haven’t seen in several years and her new grandson, who is three years old.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it seems fitting to think about how much energy mothers (and especially mothers of young children) expend every day just keeping up with our kids, and although raising children is surely the greatest honor and blessing in a mother’s life, it may also very well be the most exhausting!
But it’s not just the physical aspects of raising a child in this swiftly evolving age that can be tiring and demanding.
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The example matches documents that have at least one of the terms pineal or pituitary, and also have the term thymus. The server automatically searches for words that come from the same stem of the word specified in the query, not just the exact string specified in the query. The second example would bring up matches where the country equals Mexico or the state equals New Mexico.
If you’ve ever found yourself exhausted from chasing after children, you may benefit from the “Meditation for Keeping Up with Our Children.” Keep up!
As we attempted to sip our tea, the little guy raced around my no-longer-toddler-proofed house, nearly destroying everything in his wake. It is also mentally challenging to keep up with all the changes and pressures that children, teens, and young adults face these days. It’s called “Meditation for Keeping Up With Our Children.” This may be just the unexpected Mother’s Day gift you’ve been waiting for!

Chant the Sat Nam Wahe Guru mantra in a monotone, with a steady, rapid rhythm for 5 to 7 minutes. Livingston (Harjot Kaur) is the author of the memoir Yin, Yang, Yogini: A Woman's Quest for Balance, Strength and Inner Peace, a story of transformation through yoga.
To finish registering, please verify your email address by clicking the link provided in a Registration Confirmation message from The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings®. It brought me back to the days when my own three sons were little, when “No throwing!” was my favorite mantra.
Although I was not a Kundalini yoga practitioner when my three boys were little, I sure wish I had been, because the kriyas, mantras and meditations surely would have helped me to be more patient and compassionate, and to have had more stamina to face the physical, mental, and emotional hurdles that all parents encounter while raising children in these times.
There may be spelling or transliteration errors and we are grateful to know about them, so we can correct them. This really was a blast from the past, when this mom and I used to sit and chat together when our own children were three. Check your email address for an email from The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings® (should be sent momentarily), and click the link provided in that email.?Report an IssuePlease give us some information about the issue you've found below.

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