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You’ve probably heard of the law of the attraction and maybe even watched the movie The Secret.
I first came across the law of attraction while working with Bob Proctor as one of his UK facilitators. Although The Secret didn’t present anything new, it did bring the law of attraction into the mainstream. It also presented the idea that to activate the law of attraction in your life all you need to do is think positive, visualize what you want repeatedly and whatever you desire will manifest. It’s a bit like having a virus on your computer and trying to run the latest software on it. So if you want to manifest big things in your business in 2014 and make things happen you need to understand how the law of attraction really works and how to harness it in your life. Your success in using the law of attraction comes down to how you think and feel most of the time. Like a human broadcasting station, you are constantly putting your intentions out into the world with your thoughts. No matter how much you believe in positive thinking or how hard you work, challenges are an inevitable part of the journey. It’s therefore very easy to start worrying, begin doubting yourself or let your focus drift.
The trouble is if you’re worrying about your future, your finances, your relationships, your business or your health, and imagining all the terrible things that could go wrong, then guess what?
The good news is that you can gain control of your thoughts and choose where to direct your attention.
Instead of letting things happen randomly, you can start to consciously create the life you truly want. Most people just don’t know how to train themselves to think in a way that supports them and helps them achieve their goals. In the recording, Sanjib explains how our mind works, and how meditation can help you find your passion or purpose in life, become more productive and be happier, more confident and more successful than ever before. The recording is an hour long but I strongly recommend you listen to it because it will provide you with some simple strategies for mastering your mind and your life. I really wanted you to hear this before the New Year so I hope you can overlook the glitches and see the value.
Remember the price is going up soon so grab your copy of Soul Power Meditation while it’s on offer. I’m sure you have heard about the law of attraction but perhaps you are struggling to manifest what you really want in your life.
Despite what The Secret says, each of us has arrived at this point in history with a unique set of experiences, thoughts and beliefs. To really harness the law of attraction and achieve all your goals, you need to change the way you think, feel and act most of the time. Meditation can help you fast-track this process by helping you become more positive, focused and solution-oriented.
By channeling your thoughts with purpose towards what you want, you start moving towards your goals and they in turn start to move towards you. I agree that channeling your mind with faith in one direction without a shade of doubt is the way ahead. Get mindset & marketing tips direct to your inbox to help you grow your business online.
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Feelings of mediocrity or failure are all symptoms of false ego - a false identification with your outer shell.
The 5 Noble Truths are here to set you free from the illusory shackles created by a mischievous mind. INCLUDES unique affirmation yantras to aid in your meditation, all of which have been mathematically mapped to the most powerful magic square of the Sun! My 14th desire in this law of attraction experiment was to manifest a veggie onion, capsicum and tomato pizza from Pizza Hut along with a glass of Diet Coke. Despite having set so many intentions, I still find it difficult to get into the zone of setting an intention. I proceeded to the living room after setting my intention and immediately saw a Dominoa€™s pizza add on TV. Later in the day, as I talked with Krupa, she mentioned that she and her dad had both had a large slice of pizza that very day.
Yesterday, in the evening I suddenly had this strong urge to go and dine at the Janakpuri District Center.
At JDC however, Pizza Hut suddenly caught my attention and acting on impulse I just went in and took my seat! Since the last few days, I have not been able to talk to Krupa (my girlfriend) on phone because of a lot of background disturbance at her end. So by the time The Secret came out in 2006 I was already familiar with personal development and the importance of developing a success mindset.
This means that the law of attraction is always working in your life regardless whether you believe in it or even if you’re not aware of it. It not only rewires your brain for success but meditation is also an incredible way to harness the law of attraction and accomplish all your goals, easily and more effortlessly than you can imagine. We had some problems with the connection on the day so my apologies beforehand for the quality. A lot of people are teaching goal-setting at this time of year but believe me, none of these techniques will work for you if your mindset isn’t right. If you arrive at the page and find the price is different then you have missed out on the special promotion. This means that for some people, manifesting will be fast and easy, for others it will take time. As your inner self expands, your confidence will increase and you will be calmer, more creative and more magnetic than ever before. Daily meditations can help you to create a balanced life full of happiness, joy and riches.Most off the meditations are 10-25 min long and take you in deep state off meditation. This meditation will take you to your dream chalet with a warm fireplace where you can relax and have a good sleep.
This medication will take you on a journey to a beautiful beach covered with white sand and crystal blue water where you’ll swim with dolphins.
This meditation will take you to a secret portal that will bring you to higher state of vibration, love and happiness. This meditation will strengthen your connection with the earth and help you become stronger and focused.
This meditation will direct you to a secret portal that will help you to use the law of attraction to attract whatever you want in your life including success, money, love etc. You will unleash your hidden powers and start enjoying the state of gratitude and visualization! Get regular access to valuable information on meditation that you can use to improve the quality of your health and life.

That said, I understand that the material and the spiritual are but two sides of the same coin, and without both existing in equal measure, it is hard to live a balanced life.
This is because as soon as I relax on my bed and try to notice my breathing, random thoughts about life, living and everything under the sun cloud my mind. The pizza was overflowing with cheese and had this peculiar smell that only Pizza Hut pizzas have.
Janakpuri District Center(JDC) is like a plaza in New Delhi which has a row of restaurants specializing in Chinese, Continental and traditional Indian cuisine . I realized that I was actually savoring a veggie onion, tomato, and capsicum pizza (just the one I had thought of) at Pizza Hut with a bottle of chilled Pepsi (not Diet Coke :( ) beside me! Without consciously making any special effort to do this - I was enjoying exactly the same pizza I had intended and washing it down with a drink.
As we talk, a certain a€?bumble beea€? like buzzing starts and I cana€™t hear what shea€™s saying at all. You’ll be able to catch the attention of any person that you want in your life as your soul mate.
It will help you calm your anger and remind you those precious moments when you fell in love with your partner. You’ll get the power to attract more happiness and money in life and will be able to see opportunities faster in your life. What I had in mind when I thought of going to JDC was having a traditional North Indian meal. Our intention is to help everybody in this world to have less stress, more happiness and to help them to visualize and attract there dreams. However, to even be aware of what you are thinking about, you need to have a constant vigilant awareness that you are thinking at all. I am forever grateful to you.I am also grateful to Swami Kriyananda and all members at Ananda Sangha (too many to mention), especially my first contacts and teachers Lahari, Biraj, Prem-Shant and Larry, Jaya and Sahdana Devi, for welcoming me and guiding me onto the path of self-realization as handed down from the great avatar Paramhansa Yogananda.Jay guru jay! We want to help you to have more energy, more love for yourself and to bring you in a higher state of awareness.Let’s make this world a better place together! For example, intending to have an income of $500,000 per annum is more powerful than just intending to be rich. We get swept up in the circumstances of the moment and forget to step back and observe, be the observer and the observed, all at once.
For example, when you see players and fans in an Olympic stadium jumping up and down in joy for winning or sitting depressed for losing, do you think they are observing what they are thinking and how it affects them?
How would your lifestyle be?Your visualization should be elaborate incorporating numerous elements.ImmersionActivate all your senses - sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, when you do the visualization above.
This might be an extreme example, but do we not behave this way toward any circumstance that besets us?Learn to meditate. It will bring calmness to those turbulent thoughts of past failures and fears of the consequences of present problems, be they financial, relationships or health. This has the effect of stimulating your entire being into taking the necessary steps to reach the goal. You will find that in the calmness of the silence of communion with the Infinite, your Higher Self, your intuition will be awakened and you will peacefully see solutions to the thorniest of your problems.
The more vivid the imagination, the quicker the results.You can combine the principles of law of attraction meditation with those of yoga nidra meditation, thereby achieving double benefits of realizing your intention and of mindfulness at the same time.

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