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According to this Law, we attract things that we want; and we also attract things that we do not want.
Everything that a person has per say; people in his life, the things in his home and the money in his bank account is all because of his inner feelings, beliefs and thoughts. If my dominant thoughts and beliefs are limited, I will attract limited wealth and also adversely affect my well-being. Whenever we believe that any and everything is possible in life, we can actually attract it.
Val strongly believes in the power of positive thinking and our ability to create more fulfilling lives through personal development. Learn more about Val's Self-Empowement Awakening, a compilation of knowledge and personal experience on overcoming negative thinking and applying the law of attraction.

Cassandra Francis:May 11, 2013 at 4:39 amSounds really good and true in what we believe about ourselves in making good positive choices to change things for the better in reaching our goals and it does work, no matter what life throws our way! When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. The more you use affirmations the more your old beliefs will fade away, and your life will begin to change. He is a writer who researches many self-growth topics and shares ideas on how to overcome difficulty and anything that helps bring balance to our body, mind, and spirit. We also need to be in harmony MORE with the things we do want in our life, because even the things we do not want have a frequency or level of harmony to them. As a believer in a Deity though, I believe God created the Universe and therefore all things come through Him.

Val believes we can overcome challenges in our lives through awareness and better understanding of who we are. I don't ask the Universe to give me what I need, I pray to God and get the same results.

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