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The Law of Attraction simply says that you attract into your life whatever you think about.
What I find interesting is that so many people are sold on religion, but not the law of attraction. With that thought, I searched for a video that tied the two together, and I found the following video on the law of attraction from a biblical perspective. Recently I managed to find, purchase and change an engine for someone, who I did not know and who didn’t know me. They had zilch for money as I did, but my positive attitude plugged into the universe and it all came together. The engine was in Canada of all places, and normally I wouldn’t have taken a second look at the ad, but I knew that it was for me because it said FREE SHIPPING! I told the owner of the scrap yard the story of this Mexican woman with three children (two of which has full blown Autism) who needed the engine. Anyhow, she was expecting a NEW engine and, long story short, the engine only had 17,000 miles on it.
As a direct result of just being there for her, she and her son were able to keep their jobs, and close on a new, first home, that was all in jeopardy just months before. A lot of people talk about how the law of attraction is really just having a positive attitude about life and being more open to seeing and taking action on the things you want or need.
Again, this is the take that the positive attitude is what really helps you attract the things you want into your life. I think that the idea behind the law of attraction is going to catch on with more people in the coming years, and I think that starting a blog about it would benefit my personal life as I focus on getting what I want and not what I don’t want. But because there are already some popular blogs and people out there talking about the law of attraction, I would need to have a unique angle on the subject and have a plan in order to really showcase why I believe in the law so much and how it can benefit other people’s lives. For now, I think I will keep it as a subject I sometimes write about on my blogs, but not start a blog solely focused on the idea.
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I count myself as logical and scientific in my approach yet I still believe in the Law of Attraction, not in things like winning the lottery, but on other life events that seem to be random, but are not.
PS – I think it would be a great subject for a blog if it is so important in your life.
Thanks for featuring me on your blog, although I do sound a bit pessimistic as opposed to others LOL. I was totally set against creating that blog, but now that I wrote this post and reflected on what I believe, I think the blog could be beneficial to my personal happiness and success.
I find manifesting requires focusing on the same thing every day for a consistent period of time and then doing and achieving each day whatever I visualized after my morning meditation.

I like your idea of focusing on providing value – it definetly makes everything feel lighter and more positive than being focused on money or something similar. Subliminal360: This Is The Ultimate Tool For Creating Subliminal MessagesGet access to some free gifts and check out how you can create any type of subliminal affirmation you want on your computer or for mp3. The law of attraction can’t be proved any more than you can prove the concept of God, the concept of angels or the concept of spirits. What we advise, when you're new at this is to start with something easier for you to grasp. As we continue to write to you, we will get into how to manifest the things in your life that have been challenging for you in the past. I'm available for phone or video consultation to give you advice on meditation, lifestyle and law of attraction. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Over and over again, I’ve attracted into my life what is lined up with my dominant thoughts and beliefs. This was coming from a woman who never suggested anything about the getting what you want in life without blood, sweat and tears.
So, I asked some people at MyBlogU what they thought about the law of attraction and manifestation.
L_3,4,5 and S-1 were fused together, and bone plugs rods and screws help keep the integrity of it all together. I really believe, like Phil says, that a positive attitude does make good things happen, whether it is the law of attraction or not at work.
It helps in giving you a positive outlook in life, to approach things with a glass of water half-full, and not get down on your failures and mistakes. Things like who you meet, what happens when driving and how well you do financially are NOT random, but ARE influenced by the Law. It’s been an important aspect of my life for years, so it is something I should consider.
I really like your article about law of attraction, I believe that what your mind is thinking it will and may happen. I recommend people focus on their process workflow and on providing value to other people, rather than just thinking about what they want.
Tantra Master, Psalm Isadora, is going to give you the secrets to take intimacy to the next level.
The next level would be manifesting something else that's easy for you to think about and create.
And then once you see the validity for yourself, you can start the process of creating something a little more challenging (but still easy) for you to hold true for yourself.

Right now, we are just addressing one of the most common questions that arises about whether you can prove the law of attraction. Her focus is to help people attain true health and wellbeing by using her gift to channel information to guide others.
The consistent factor in all of these experiences is that my dominant thoughts were aligned with what I attracted into my life. I wrote down exactly what I wanted in a man, and firmly believed that a good guy was going to be my next boyfriend. I know it works because sometimes the hair stands up on my arms, back and neck when I get a confirmation.
It was a true miracle and evidence that you do have the power within to make something very substantial out of nothing at all! I can barely lift 25lbs without breaking a sweat and most days have intestinal problems passing stools, but I keep my mind on moving forward as best I can.
It’s about how all the parts work together to bring someone what they need and desire most. What the winners did were run the things in their mind after winning the lottery, how would they react, and what they are going to spend on after they receive the money.
Everytime I attend meetings and business proposal, I wear positive aura to attract success. Just say the words in advance: “I am grateful that I'm always greeted with a smile when I walk into work”. We wouldn’t advise the next step after you start with something simple, to try to manifest something a lot more challenging for you, like weight loss or having an abundance of money. Again, the law of attraction is something you have to prove for yourself and there are simple steps you can take in order to do this.
Over and over again I met jerks, dated them, and then kicked myself after they used me or mistreated me in some way.
It’s a great example of how everything lines up in order to get you exactly the result you want. Start with something that is easy for you to think about in order to manifest it on a consistent basis. Then when you either confirm, you can choose to take the law of attraction to the next step and become an active conscious creator. First thing in the morning you just wake up and you say these words: “I'm grateful that I am always greeted by a smile when I walk into work”.

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