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Please don’t take these (or any) rankings to be the ‘bible’ of which law school is good or not. I know people in NLSIU and NUJS who wasted 5 years of their life and ended up nowhere and I know people from RMLNLU and Christ Bangalore who are doing great. PS: I come from a rural background and have done my Law from self financed college of IP University, Delhi. My advice to the future law aspirants would be to do their own background research (talk to people in the industry, academia etc.) and then take a call. Best ranking so far, though NUJS and BVDU should be lower and HNLU and Amity should be higher. College Managers Lawctopus has team of 165 college managers across 85 law colleges in India .
We previously have blogged Al Brophy's interesting work on the relationship between law review citations and law school rankings. It stands at #12 in citations overall and #15 in law review citations, only slightly higher with where it usually falls in US News. Private law colleges have risen the India Today annual law college rankings faster than their national law school counterparts, with Symbiosis Law School Pune, Amity Law School Delhi and Bharati Vidyapeeth New Law College Pune all rising in the rankings as against last year. NB: By reading the comments you agree that they are the personal views and opinions of readers, for which Legally India has no liability whatsoever.
Most transnational work takes place in Mumbai, being the financial Capital, if you want to dispute that, go ahead.
Some of these rankings will remain a bigger mystery than the loss of flight MH370, who killed JFK and whether there is a God (as also why NLIU Jodhpur teaches dissection and physics to law students).check this out--NALSAR is actually being compared with NLSIU !? Quoting Not from NLUJ or NALSAR:Hello Mr Nemo, yes, you obviously dont get NLU Jodhpur's model.
Also of great interest is the lat column which says "Factual Rank" whre NALSAR is #1 but NLS is #2 (as opposed to earlier column for "perceptual rank" where NLS is #2 and NALSAR is #1. Kian- I understand your censorship as you must be scared of lawsuits for the day we live in. Following on from Peter, this list is basically a citation ranking with minor, likely incorrect adjustments. Second, when I replicate this table and weights, I get Toronto then mcGill then UBC the Osgood. Isn’t it a little unfair to base 50% of U de Moncton’s rating on its faculty citations? These rankings, first brought to our attention by Above The Law, are problematic for a number of reasons. They rely heavily on a website that allows students to either rant or rave about professors based on their personal experiences. In short, 20% of the overall score is fraudulent on its face," Leiter wrote on his blog Brian Leiter's Law School Reports. Secondly, Yale and Harvard law schools are almost universally recognized as two of the best law schools in the country.
Subscribe and get breaking news, commentary, and opinions on law firms, lawyers, law schools, lawsuits, judges, and more. Law school deans are cowering in fear right now, because some of them may be ousted from their positions if their schools slip by even a few slots. The rankings, controversial as they are, are still a pretty huge deal to everyone in the legal profession. Note that the newest top 10 is the same as the old top 10 from last year’s ranking, and the ranking from the year before that, and the ranking from the year before that, too. We see converging trends: in digitization, virtualization, and the challenges of a data-driven world. We see inspiring opportunities: transforming the delivery of law, increasing access to justice, removing disadvantage in the face of increasing inequality.
Most of all, we see increasing demands on people: judges, lawyers and their colleagues will need a new approach to strategy, more empowered decision-making, and most of all the adaptability and agility to lead a justice system that keeps pace with the rapidly changing demands of society. As technology makes geography less relevant, it makes less sense to pay associates more or less in bonus money based on where they happen to sit. The official rankings are due out Thursday, but the Critical Badger claims to have the rankings now.
Do independent research (search for recruitment figures on websites like Legally India and Bar and Bench). Talk to the students already studying in the college (Even they might be biased towards their college, so talk to many students). It does NOT matter whether you get a 7th ranked college or a 10th ranked college (as per any rankings under the sun including the rankings which exist in your head). Right Now I am working in India’s top company and surprisingly no one ever asked me from where I did my law except on the day of interview.
Launched on 27th September, 2010, the website now gets 1,20,000+ unique visitors and generates 850,000+ page-views every month. Ronen Perry has already shown the correlation between law review rankings and law school ranking in his trilogy. Help support TaxProf Blog by making purchases through Amazon links on this site at no cost to you. Because anonymous comments may be biased or unreliable, you agree that you will not allow any comment(s) to affect your estimation of any person(s) or organisation(s).
By that I don't mean other two are bad,in fact academically they are superior but GLC has a distinct advantage of being close to the legal hub of India and most GLC-ites take full advantage of that.

Is India Today trying to say that NALSAR is ACTUALLY (SECRETLY) the #1 but the hoardes of alumni, students, employers, faculty out there are so stupid that they think NLS is #1.What a joke.
While it happened at some institutions like NLS, NALSAR, NUJS, at some places the supposed professional culture just withered away. Any ranking system whose metric places the University of New Brunswick above Osgoode, Western and UBC under “Elite Firm Hiring” in light of obvious public data to the contrary deserves any and all scepticism instils in its readers. Osgoode certainly places more students in total, but perhaps it does not place as well proportionately. That’s the measure of the quality of the graduates, the faith the market puts in them and indicator to potential students of where there prospects are the best (except in the case of those wishing to be professors or supreme court clerks).
Assuming that the same proportion of students at a school known more for clerkships, and public interest practice, than for students interested in corporate practice, does not make any sense.
Why don’t they measure preparing students for small town or rural practice (something that by all accounts is badly needed)? To have them ranked so low, and surpassed by other, lesser known schools damages this new ranking's credibility. Just like in years past, the rankings will inevitably be published online in the wee hours of the morning on March 11, but because rankings guru Bob Morse knows that the anticipation is killing us, he likely instructed the staff at U.S.
A list of the top 10, or even a list of the top 14 (except for when law schools like Texas manage to tie their way into the T14), doesn’t get very exciting until some actual rankings are associated with the schools in question. News law school rankings might look completely different thanks to the change made in the methodology used to compute employment placement rates. The catchphrase “do as I say, not as I do,” seems appropriate to some for how the European Union approaches government surveillance of personal data in the U.S. A reader sent this copy to us, which paints a different picture than the original leaked rankings, and further supports our point that we should take all of these leaks with a grain of salt. What matters is your passion to study, your admancy to have every concept crystal clear and your ability to to attract and inspire by all good things and assimilating in your life. By the way, he also came up with the combined ranking method which has been used by W&L.
If you believe a comment is inappropriate, please click 'Report to administrator' below the comment with your objection and we will review it as soon as practicable. The rankings make it seem like its a Spain v Brazil final LOLSymbi is at #4 ahead of GLC (at #17) !!!Even Guru Gobind Singh IP University (whatever that is) outranks GLC !!!GNLU outranks NLIU Jodhpur !?
It is evident that you haven't been able to grasp that the Physics and Biology papers are not substitute for law papers, but substitute for some BA papers. Its always about the majority and not the knowledge of a dull student (who may have joined under a management quota). Colleges like NLIU, Bhopal or RMLNLU or CNLU to name some witnessed the practice of the administration treating their roles in running the university as mere day jobs, rather than realizing that their decisions or indecision affect the students of those university.Their has been a complete lack of development of course structure and syllabi in these colleges.
How can India Today rank a college which is no more in existence.Infact, "Christ College" itself doesnt exists, because its Christ University now.
Such ease when he shits upon some of the elite law colleges of our country is really commendable. No other law school ranking system in the world does this – they all evaluate Common Law and Civil Law schools under the same category, even when they are judging Canadian schools. Under the current metric, a professor who did an LL.B at Saskatchewan and graduate work at UBC would count as a “Saskatchewan” student, even though it was their graduate work at UBC that got them the job.
Arguably, a metric produced for students would target their interests, namely, job prospects — and do so without the issues pointed out in 1-3. Frankly, the metric used should be the proportion of applicants to hirees when it comes to measurements that rely on job data.
This aspect of the rankings seem highly biased and I’m sure the numbers would move considerably if we looked beyond Bay Street. Until then, all you can do is pray to the rankings god that is Bob Morse and hope that your alma mater fared well. Web world is very good medium of learning, you have access to world class professor lecture on Youtube, number of law school student google group are available to exchange different perspectives and learn from mutual experienced of other and seek help from peers.
I should have at the outset taken offence of your statement and challenged the credibility of your statement. For example in NLIU Bhopal, the ranking say the academic input can be ranked at fifth place but if one looks at the seminar subjects offered to a fifth year in the aforementioned college, it will only encourage peals of laughter rather than legal professionalism. And its law stream is "School of Law, Christ University" which is completely different from CCL.Please people and new law entrants do not go with the India Today rankings, they are just to fool you. He must realise that the seminar courses offered by NLIU are very relevant and provide insight to a student who wants to specialise in real practical subject specific laws. Separating Common Law and Civil Law into two categories penalizes schools that teach both types of law (namely U of Ottawa and McGill) since some of the points that they earn under Common Law and Civil Law are divided under two separated headings and count towards different “competitions”, meaning their final score is not reflective of what they actually earned as a whole. I may also quote from comments of the highest and most renowned legal educator in the country from a BCI Education Committee report (available on internet) that "centres of excellence in law should set about developing syllabi to ensure as much of the time in class is devoted to study of law and legal theory and not frittered away in unconnected subjects which tend to be wholly redundant once the student becomes a lawyer". Just giving you the benefit of doubt.Have several stories of NLU students which are worst than the one you have quoted. At some places there is a lack of proper resources or if resources are present, their utilization suffers due to lack of proper faculty.
India Today have made their money, dont loose yours.Infact Christ doesnt deserve to be on that list, worst faculty and management, ever seen.
When he so comfortably goes on to say that NUJS is one of the top tier institutions of the country, it becomes crystal clear that he is a kid being driven by the pro activeness of NUJS students.
I saw the list of "seminar courses" offered at NLIU Bhopal and its a blot on the name of law schools.

Since students graduating from there have access to both Common Law and Civil Law markets, it would only make sense to provide a composite score that reflects that. But over the weekend, we saw one version of the leaked rankings at least had the air of legitimacy.
US News Education provides rankings of over 1400 best colleges and universities and hundreds of best graduate school programs. Clearly NLIU (or NLU) Jodhpur decided that it could look "cool" only by teaching students Physics and Biology and Chemistry because maybe they are facing problems teaching law (or maybe NLU or NLIU Jodhpur wants to develop pharmacists, nurses and laboratory assistants instead of lawyers which is why my advise to CLAT aspirants is to try and avoid going to NLIU Jodhpur.
On one hand I laud the NUJS students for creating a magnificent aura around the name of NUJS, however, on the other hand,one needs to understand is NUJS is all show stuff. Mindless garbage taught by faculty who confess freely that they don't know a thing about the course. Learn how to pay for college 7, 2015 – To help the more than 7 million students expected to enroll in online courses in the new year, U.S. I am not the first and definitely not the last to wonder agape in amazement at how young minds from best families in India are swindled and dceived into studying Phy-Chem-Maths-Bio to get BSc in a "integrated law degree".As to my example, you can be at peace that Nalsar is neither Spain nor Brazil.
The professionalism in such institutes is dead as they become stagnant cesspools lacking foresight and pragmatism. In real terms most of these "seminar courses" are "chillouts" as the Bhopalis call them - a subject with no classes and no teaching.
Appreciate good language and try to even write a small informal mail in a very professional manner with eloquent English. The way the top institutes like NLS, NALSAR or NUJS have progressed is because they have grasped the significance of constant re-invention.
Even though NUJS loves to be the cynosure of the crowd, but one can't deny the simple fact that colleges like NLIU and NLUJ have made a mark and are set to overtake NUJS.
Chisel your soft skills and deal every individual with courtesy irrespective to whom you are talking. I am not maligning anyone but the NLU institutes at lower rankings have accomplished whatever they have till now due to complete and absolute individual efforts of their students against their myopic and obtuse administration who encourage nepotism, sub standard levels and compromise on integrity and honesty. Try to comedown to the level of opposite party to put across your words in a humble and benevolent manner. But when you look at NUJS placing its students in some local shit Banerjee and Chaterjee firms, you do realise what they are hiding up their sleeves.
Respect individual opinion on any issue and do try to be very flexible in your approach while debating with your peers in a law school, this will help you in transforming your views on certain issues. All NLU-ites, regardless of their chosen stream, must study the mandatory social science papers prescribed by the BCI for the integrated 5-year law course, which includes Economics, Sociology and Political Science - these courses are towards the award of the LL.B. Look at the placement records of colleges like NLIU and NLUJ, you'll get the idea that even if these colleges have two or three lesser jobs, they are definitely better than those Banerjee and Chaterjee law firms. News & World Report today released the 30th edition of its flagship Best Colleges rankings, which See the rankings for best national universities, liberal arts colleges, business programs and engineering programs at US News. US News is a recognized leader in college, grad school, hospital, mutual fund, and car rankings.
In other words, clearing the Patent Agent examination and undergraduate level knowledge of science are both necessary to draft patents, which are mostly drafted in India by engineers with a 3-year law degree.
PLEASE REMEMBER THAT college education is meant to be fun - it also shapes your personality and defines your undergrad education. Opt for the stream you actually like because they ALL lead to an excellent education and – if it is your aim – well paying jobs.
At the end of the day, all that matters is your grade, extra-curriculars and personality, all of which are directly related to studying what you enjoy.
Dear Nemo, you will do well to avoid penning utter nonsense based on ignorance, especially when it tends to misguide others. Peace.Dear Arunava Mukherjee Class of 2009 from NLIU JodhpurAs someone commented below, it is really sad to see students fighting on internet sites to uphold the reputation of their respective colleges. I fully share your pain of being a product from a university that tries to "set itself apart" by having a curriculum on law that could at best be termed nonsensical and at worst criminal fraud and cheating. The reason they are called allied subjects (and also why is titled a humanities subject) is because they are complimentary.On the other hand Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.
In the last 100 years (conservative estimate), there has been no respected university to implement such a plain foolish curriculum. You can choose to ask yourself why that is the case or accept the fact that there was some wisdom behind choosing to do so (Your call!). As for BBA, it is a sham degree and no self-respecting institution in the country other than the shady Chaudhuri family-run IIPM offer it as a main subject.The scam is very apparent when you see that NLIU Jodhpur has chosen only to "teach" the un-regulated or non-regulated non-law degrees like Bsc and BBA (which have no standards or regulators). Once again, the commentator on this forum has put it very well when he says that "the NLU institutes at lower rankings [like NLIU Jodhpur] have accomplished whatever they have till now due to complete and absolute individual efforts of their students against their myopic and obtuse administration". Even a second-class magazine like India Today can see the writing on the wall when it ranks NLIU Jodhpur below Aligarh, ILS, etc. The recruitment is in pitiable shape and the student community is so immature like Mr Arunava Mukherjee of 2009 batch that they cannot even accept a shortcoming of the university without getting blindly loyal.
Ask yourself whether 7-8 years from now you want to be like Arunava Mukherjee and spend all day writing silly posts to defend the choice of studying biology dissection in law school.

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