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Lawyer Dog is an advice animal style image macro series featuring a corgi dressed up in office attire, sitting at a desk with his paw on a book.
The first image macro calling the corgi Dog Lawyer was posted on sports forum The Mainboard[26] on March 1st, 2011.
The original corgi image initially appeared in Halloween costume-themed photo compilations on Buzzfeed[8] and humor site Izismile[9] in October 2011, but was not associated with the Lawyer Dog image macro.
The same day, compilations of Lawyer Dog images were posted on Pleated Jeans[17], Buzzfeed[18], Guyism[21] and the Tastefully Offensive[19] Tumblr, where it amassed 26,890 notes in 48 hours. As of April 2012, the Quickmeme[2] page has more than 1300 submissions and the Memegenerator[1] has 460.

In fact, if given the choice between a dog lawyer and a traditional lawyer, only a fool would opt for the canine in a suite.
When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. It received 1255 notes and was reposted on Reddit[5], Daily Squee[6] and the Daily What[7] over the next three days.
Two days later, a second instance was posted to Reddit[3], where it only received 12 points.
There are more than 400 results for “Lawyer Dog” on Reddit[10] and a Tumblr tag[11] with additional images.

Video drones, saving, and a new search function will all feature in the latest Periscope update. Well, he would obviously favor working pro bono, and have particular sympathy for clients accused of public urination. On April 16th, two separate images[15][16] were submitted to the Advice Animals subreddit that received thousands of upvotes each.

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