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Ruled by the sun, Leo individuals are dynamic, self-confident, expansive and lives life to the full.
They often leap into projects without planning, but their natural exuberance will carry them through successfully unless boredom creeps in and they do not complete the task. Arnold Schwarzennegger, Barack Obama, Benito Mussolini, Bill Clinton, Madonna, Magic Johnson, Napoleon Bonaparte, Neil Armstrong, Princess Anne, Whitney Houston, Queen Mother Elizabeth. You might be interested to have a look at another set of images with 35 Zodiac and non-Zodiac constellations that contains images with ID's: 16961545, 16961693, 16961757, 16961794, 16961842, 16961898, 16962001, 16962155, 16962238, 16962312, 16962405, 16962495, 16962531, 16962617, 16962654, 16962673, and 16962689. They love to spoil friends, romantic partners and family, buying expensive gifts or blowing their money on a good time.
To Leo, everything he does is worthwhile and imperative, so dont try to tell him otherwise.

Many of them drink and eat too much and have a tendency to put on excess weight due to overindulgence. They are also ferociously protective of lovers, family and friends and many of them are willing to die for what they believe in.
Leos are good at promoting themselves, they are assertive and many of them are talented enough in order to achieve much of what they set their minds to. People often look to Leo people for guidance because they have such excellent natural leadership skills. They are uncomplicated, they will use all energies, creativeness and resolution to get what they exactly want, and they are very confident that they will get it.
Althogh they can be lazy around the house, Leos are hardworking and driven when something interests them. Leo lovers love giving gifts and will go to almost any lengths to make their adored feel special.

Leos may be egotistical or arrogant, but they are good organizers, popular and even inspiring.
The set includes images with the following ID's: 17751219, 17751233, 17751252, 17751269, 17751282, 17751292, 17751303, 17751315, 17751325, 17751337, 17751344, and 17898383. Because Leos are emotionally intense and highly reactive, they often react impulsively to emotionaly charged situations and live to regret it.

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