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If some ideas remained not initiated in 2014 or the Black Moon (Lilith) undermined them, you must know you still have good chances in 2015, especially in the spring months. Before you get too much joy of the Black Moon (Lilith) leaving  your sign, I must tell you that until August 25, 2015, it will move in Virgo, in the second house  (money earned from work) of your chart.
Another important time for you is the one of the Saturn’s return in Scorpio between June 15 and September 18, 2015. 2015 brings you opportunities to develop your personality and then to rise your income, but challenges will not miss. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
The astrology predictions for Leo sun sign in March 2015 reveal that this will be a balanced time. The forecast for the month of March for people born under Leo sun sign predicts that if you are in business then this will be a testing period for you.
Astrological predictions for Leo zodiac sign for March 2015 in love relationships suggest that you will enjoy stable association with your loved ones. As far as social relationships and personal growth is concerned, you are advised to go slow.
The astrology forecast for the month reveals that people born under Leo sun sign will enjoy good health. Overall it will be quite a balanced month for Leos as there are no major tensions at personal and professional front.

Ending its retrogression after April 8th, Jupiter in Leo will give you trust, boldness, exposure in front of the public. Transiting the sign of Virgo between August 11th, 2015 and September 9th, 2016, Jupiter helps you earn in accordance with how much perseverance and scrupulosity you put into your work, but also in accordance with the support you provide for your team. Forgotten or denied issues (related with childhood, parents, birthplaces, present home) return in your life through disturbing events.
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Not that you will be facing some serious issues at work but you will definitely encounter some complex situations which will make this time a little tough for your career.
For those who are single, it is forecasted that they will fall into romantic relationships which will bring a beautiful change in their lives.
If you are planning a get together for family and friends then March 2015 is not a very nice time to execute your plan, wait for the next month.
Therefore, you should take advantage of  it because it represents an energy that you will benefit of again only after another 12 years.
In other words, you’ll have fears that your incomes won’t come in terms you have previously settled or maybe you’ll have great doubts about the usefulness of your qualification and skills within your team of on the labour market. Afterwards, the Drogon’s Head or the North Node transiting Virgo between November12, 2015 and May 9th, 2017 will give you an extra help to develop such values in your work and, hereafter, to earn more money. It is, in fact, a last opportunity for you to find a profound healing brought by Saturn in this position.

The prime focus of this duration will be your career and work as you will be deeply engrossed in meeting your targets. Your astrological predictions suggest that you must focus on accomplishing all the tasks that you have planned for yourself to keep your finances smooth. All you need to do is keep doing good work like always and do not lose focus from your work and for sure you will get what you desire. My recommendation is to let these worries go for you don’t come to use the money for recovering your health in the end. If you are in job then you must make sure that you put in the best of your efforts to meet all your goals effectively. You will pay more attention to what your spouse or lover is doing which will bring new energy to your bond of love. You might feel that things are going slow but you need to keep your patience and let things move at their own pace. It isn’t a wise time to conduct your behaviour after the saying „bad publicity is still publicity”.
Moreover, it is probably to find yourself in positions you have been before, sometimes back in the past, due to your thirst of being appreciated, admired, and praised.

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