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Because of this, you’re going to be faced with fresh, interesting new challenges that might require you to be on your toes more often.
If this sounds daunting, you will be glad to know that your inner strength and stamina will be up to the task.
2014 Leo Horoscope reveals that those who are already in a relationship, an interesting year is on the cards for them. The financial scenario will present a rosy picture in the year 2014 for the people born under the sun sign Leo. Leo Horoscope 2014 points out that according to the stars positioning in 2014, networking will be your topmost priority to get yourself noticed. This year you are determined to give strong roots to your family and nurture stronger ties with your near and dear ones. Leo Astrology 2014 suggests that this year, Leo’s should be careful as stress and illness may harm their mental and physical stability. By nature you as a Leo are impulsive and want to stride ahead in life without any hindrances. One thing you may require to change in this year is your attitude towards domesticity and encompasses your relationship with your family members, especially the one you share with your domestic partner. The areas that would see growth and expansion in the year 2014 are relationships and finances. This year you shall be super charged up with many exciting plans and creative ideas that throng your mind.
Looking like a day with few chances of getting to know new people so you will have to try hard and make the first step.Some persons might put a strain on your relationships, Leo natives are likely to feel pressure in their personal life. Look for new partnerships this will be in your favor for the following days, if carefully approached they will bring financial comfort.Try and keep an open mind, although spotting the dangers is not always at hand, you should navigate with success through this period. Try and get rid of stress, look beyond this day and the approximate future, think big and plan on the long run.Load up with positive thoughts, these help not only for your morale but have a good effect on your body as well. Uranus is mostly in Aries this year, and during the year it creates interesting and harmonious aspects with planets in both your sign and another fire sign, Sagittarius.
Also, your mental acuity will be able to cope with the smaller, more mundane stresses as if they weren’t even there.

You shall make gains unexpectedly through resources from where you were least expecting any returns. As you are creative and genuinely committed to the work, you will get a chance to show your potential this year. To protect yourself from stress and illness, you should be careful regarding your food habit.
You may need to learn to tone down your dominating attitude and be more accommodative about what others need or want. Relationships with friends, family or romantic partners will get a lot of nurturing and care from your side.
The first half of the year may not look very promising, but you should not let your hopes down.
Money will pour in not only because of what you earn but also from inheritances and gifting as well. Planet Saturn will influence the house of your natal chart that is responsible for your domestic life. Therein comes in play the role of patience and endurance, and this would be your area of challenge in the year 2014. You shall need to organize your mind to adapt to these changes for changes in habit are not the ones that come easily. You are ready to patch up any kind of rifts that may have happened in the recent or distant past. By the middle of the year, the picture will improve and your hard works and dedication will start bringing home your desired results. You shall be ready to revamp your ideas and beliefs, and this process of evolution would prove to be a beneficial one for you.
If you know when to pull back and allow yourself that precious “me” time, you should sail through 2014 with ease! As Leo is a strong sign, your energy is endless and by the second half of the year you will feel the positive changes. As such it ensures that you have a solid and strong base to hold all that or who are important to you.

Those of you who have been eyeing for admission in a foreign land for higher education will have their dreams come true. You shall also be open to make new friends who would later prove to be assets for lifetime. To minimize hurdles in the process, it would be best to pursue your interests after the second half of the year – this includes applications for higher education, appearance in competitive exams or taking professional tests.
Travelling will not only enhance your learning experience but would spice up your life as well. As stars are positioned in a great manner, a fantastic time is waiting for you and as a result, your birthday month will become magnum opus. However, you shall not be selfish with your possessions – you shall readily help out friends in need.
Your relationship with your siblings would especially flourish, and children will bring you happiness.
If you can stay calm, composed and level headed, you shall be able to achieve your target list without much problem. You as a Leo strive on changes, and you shall have your moments in the year 2014 as you shall face some sudden twists and turns making you feel contented and happy. But with the help of your positive attitude and favorable luck, you will overcome the obstacles. This experience will make you self sufficient in all spheres of life, including emotional side.
People in business would find it rewarding experience if they try to expand their ventures in a distant land.
This is an auspicious time to make investments that will be beneficial for your future – like home, property, bonds etc. As far as finances are concerned, your savings will increase manifold this year, and the surplus of funds would be a result of both your professional income and that from other sources.

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