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Libra the 7th sign is represented by the symbolic balancing scales that emphasises balance, fairness and justice.
The natives are renowned team players and are generally quite friendly but also at times very stubborn even to their detriment.
They are able to considerably increase their effectiveness both personally and professionally by undertaking to do the astrological monthly tasks and chanting of the special mantras. Libra is an airy sign ruled by Venus, the significator for materialistic pursuits and comforts.
Libra is a moveable, positive, rajasic, tri-dosha, male, talkative, semi-fruitful and biped sign and signifies sense of justice, clarity, strong will-power, optimism and is highly sensitive. Apart from Rahu and Ketu, Mercury also becomes a functional malefic planet for this ascendant. An exalted and strong Sun blesses Librans with government authority, residences abroad and financial gains in foreign lands besides a happy marital relationship. Yellow, all shades of blue, red, pink, orange, golden, white, silver and variegated colors.
Depending upon the strength of the Moon, the Sun and Venus, Librans become actors, actresses, financial advisors, hoteliers, legal advisors, managers, musicians, physicians, etc. Every year during the months of March and April when transit Mercury, Venus and the Sun generally transit the sign Pisces the native becomes vulnerable to health problems, disputes and financial constraints. When the slow moving planets Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu transit in the sign Pisces, they make the persons born in Libra ascendant vulnerable to health problems, disputes and setbacks. The slow moving planets Rahu and Ketu near the most effective point of any house cause serious stress. With this background in view, we shall now take up a few case studies for further understanding.
The ascendant is closely aspected by its lord, Venus, which gave the native a handsome physical structure and pleasant disposition.
The sign Libra rises in the ascendant, whose lord is weak as it is combust and has the most effective point of its mooltrikona house under the multiple afflictions of the most malefic planet, Mercury, and the Rahu-Ketu axis.
During the sub-period of Mercury in the main period of Saturn, the boy was almost a drunkard.
The functional malefic planet, Mercury, is close to the most effective point of the seventh house and afflicts both the seventh and first houses.
Jupiter is weak as it is in old-age but it is placed in the house of status ruling the house of communications. The charm of personality increased during the main period of Venus and the native could be seen often in the company of highly placed ruling politicians of the country in the capacity of a journalist.
On October 3rd when love goddess Venus opposes Neptune, you may find yourself pulled into the tides of romanticizing your significant other. Revolutionary Uranus in your 8th House of Intimacy continues to change the way you establish deep connections with others. Feel free to leave a comment below, or scroll down a bit to comment using your Facebook identity. Year-End Musings from Jeff, the Publisher Sasstrology on iPhone and Android: Your Feedback Welcome Are You Following Us on Facebook and Twitter? Thanksgiving weekend hosts the Draconids Meteor Shower, best viewed in the evenings of the 7th & 8th before the big Gibbous Moon gets too high in the sky.
The Full Moon on the 11th is called the Hunters Moon (Native American), the Blackberry Moon (Choctaw), and the Kindly Moon (Chinese); and the New Moon two weeks later, on the 26th, is known best as the Dark Witches Moon. In the same way, we have researched and calculated our Marriage Graphs so we can choose the best dates to marry.Let's take a look at her Forecast for September - December 2004. Update November 8, 2006: Britney Spears reportedly filed for divorce on November 7, 2006 citing irreconcilable differences! They are thus able to increase their good fortune & luck and at the same time decrease their misfortune to a massive extent therewith. Saturn, the planet of hard work and discipline, is exalted in this sign and the Sun, the significator of vitality and status, is debilitated.
Its talkative characteristic provides the person capacity to communicate, including the use of body language and facial expressions for making the communication more effective.
Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, the Moon and the Sun are functional benefic planets for Librans. The lord of the sign is an affluent planet and is significator for enjoyments and comforts.
An exalted and otherwise “strong” Moon blesses them with good professional ventures with some obstructions. When these slow moving planets transit in the sign Taurus they cause setbacks, obstructions and difficulties to father and the sources of income. The slow moving planets Jupiter and Saturn near the most effective point of any benefic house brings happy events concerning the house transited and the houses aspected.
At the time of birth, the native was running the main period of Venus which lasted till the seventeenth year of age.

The functional benefic planets, the Sun and Saturn, though weak and afflicted create an auspicious combination to some extent, which influences the most effective point of the ascendant. The strong lord of the ascendant in close conjunction with another functional benefic planet, Mars, is placed in the tenth house. The functional malefic planet, Mercury, is closely conjunct with the most effective point of the ninth house and afflicts both the ninth and third houses. Whenever this type of situation prevails and the lord of the ascendant is weak, the proper development of the child is retarded giving rise to undiagnosed and incurable diseases manifesting in variety of ways. As it’s a period of fierce determination it requires that you put more conscious effort into making compromises with others. This ushers in a new phase when it comes to what you need and expect from your relationships.
Yet, it’s also a time of connecting to your deepest notions of what love really means. At the same time, with passionate Pluto in your 5th House of Romance, love affairs have taken on a more transformative quality.
If you want to avoid having to enter your name and email every time you post, create an account. PDT time given by Star Magazine:the Sun, Mars and Jupiter are conjunct in VirgoMercury is inconjunct Neptune and both planets are posited at 12A°.
If the Sun which rules the soul is involved in this sign which rules luxuries and pleasures, the spiritual development of the person is obstructed and that is why the Sun gets debilitated in this sign. Its positive characteristic makes the person a contributor instead of being only a consumer. It gives advisory roles in the fields of finance and law, makes the person a life savior through the practice of medicine and gives tremendous growth in business activities.
An exalted and strong Mars ruling executive authority blesses them with good status and settlement in foreign lands. The close conjunction of Mercury to Venus makes one vulnerable to vices, addiction and prone to sudden infections. The influence of other planets on the tenth, first or second houses changes the professional pursuits. When these slow moving planets transit in the sign Virgo they may cause loss of income, additional expenses, problems with law and setbacks. The Sun in the second house is aspected by another functional benefic planet, exalted Jupiter, closely. The functional benefic planet strong Moon is exactly conjunct with the most effective point of the fourth house and influences both the tenth and fourth houses. The tenth lord, though debilitated and weak, is near the most effective point of the house of status.
This boy is suffering from excessive corpulence, as the infant lord of the ascendant, Venus, is under the close aspect of Rahu.
When these two planets meet up in a tense square on June 24th and September 19th, sparks may fly between you and your significant other. If Saturn is placed in this sign it gets exalted because Saturn ruling servants occupies the sign of luxuries and pleasures.
The reason is that, apart from Rahu and Ketu, Mercury is the only planet that acts as a functional malefic planet for Librans.
Exalted, strong and unafflicting Mercury blesses them with peace in marital relationships, comforts and sharp intellect.
In such situations one should strengthen Jupiter and Saturn and continuously propitiate Rahu and Ketu. This gave him good school education, which enabled the native to go in for medical profession, as practice of life-saving drugs is one of the professions ruled by the planet Venus. The close influence of all the functional malefic planets on the lagna gave the boy the habit of intoxication very early in life and the disease of fits, in the Rahu's sub-period in the main period of Jupiter. This gave a high status to father, elder sister and promises affluent income to the native.
Jupiter is weak as it is combust, badly placed, in the state of infancy and debilitated in navamsa. Jupiter is weak as it is badly placed, in the state of infancy, debilitated in navamsa and has a weak dispositor.
The Sun and Saturn are weak as they are in infancy and old-age respectively and their dispositor is weak, but they are placed in the tenth house.
The lord of the house of development, Jupiter, is weak due to its being in old-age and makes one vulnerable to diseases of the breathing system. If you’re single, you may become aware of the attitudes you need to release in order to attract a healthier partnership.
Its semi-fruitful characteristic blesses the native with affluence and resourcefulness in life.
As Mercury is a fast moving planet, obstructions caused by its transit over natal positions are short lived.

An exalted and strong Jupiter blesses them with good communicative power, success in marketing, young brothers and successful business ventures.
Jupiter is badly placed, is in the state of old-age, has a weak dispositor and is exactly afflicted by Rahu from the eighth house. Owing to potentialities in the chart in favorable periods, the bad habits of the native could be controlled. The functional benefic planet Saturn is strong and closely conjunct with the most effective point of the second house.
The influence of functional benefic planets on the house of status collectively made contribution to the native’s career. An exalted and otherwise “strong” Venus blesses them with good health and financial position with some challenges and anxieties in life. Both the Sun and the Moon are strong, giving birth to the child in an affluent family with long living parents.
With the astral remedial measures, health also improved remarkably in the sub-period of the Moon in the main period of Saturn. The afflictions to the lord of the ascendant and the ascendant have reduced the attractiveness of the personality to a great extent, but traits of Venus, that is, pleasant disposition and etiquettes have helped the native to achieve a tolerably good financial and social status. The native is a beautiful multi-millionaire blessed with affluent, long living parents, happy marital life and three sons. Saturn's position in the second house, strong and exalted in navamsa in this case, and the strong Moon have, however, not allowed the retardation of the mental functions. This is a long-term transition that will unfold over the next 14 years, infusing your relationship arena with a more soul-centered focus. In the worst case, it denotes absence and deceit.What does it mean when Neptune opposes Venus - planet of relating - in Leo - the sign of playful love and children -?Will it dissolve love, or does it point to devotion? They can attune themselves to the love of truth and thereby quickly learn to transcend the world. An exalted and strong Saturn blesses them with sharp intellect, happiness through children, creativity, comforts and gains through comparatively safe speculative investments. The close conjunction of Mercury to the Sun causes loss of income and setbacks to elder brother. The placement of the tenth lord, the Moon, close to the most effective point of the ninth house, has given rise to the business of export of articles governed by the Moon.
The weakness of Jupiter has not made the native dynamic and enterprising, and she is leading a passive life. During the sub-period of Jupiter in the main period of Mercury, the native started suffering from the breathing disorders. This sign rules lumbar region and lumbar bones, skin, lower part of large intestine, bladder and inner sexual organs such as ovaries, uterus, testicles and prostate gland. A strong Jupiter blesses them with good initiative, entrepreneurial nature, courage, the power of understanding and communication, valour, younger brothers and a sound breathing system. Similarly, are to be read the results of the planets when they are in their signs of debilitation causing deterioration in the aspects signified by the weak planets.
The placement of strong Jupiter in the tenth house has given tremendous initiative concerning business at a young age. The medical diagnostic facilities in the top institutions of the country have not been able to diagnose the causes of excessive corpulence and breathing disorders. A strong Saturn, being yogkaraka planet for this nativity, makes the person worldly wise and shrewd.
However, the significations likely to be promoted when the planets are exalted get a setback when the concerned planets are weak. Otherwise, they are vulnerable to diseases connected with parts ruled by this sign, skin diseases, diabetes, venereal diseases, renal problems, urination problems, arthritis, etc. The placement of the lord of the seventh house in the twelfth house delays the celebration of marriage and gives living in foreign lands or distant places from one’s native place. A strong Mars blesses Librans with good spouse and sound partners in business, vitality, comforts and good life in foreign lands. This was followed by the main period of Ketu, which is badly afflicting the ascendant by conjunction and fifth, seventh and ninth houses by aspect.
The eleventh house, signifying income, elder brothers, friends and desires, is ruled by the royal planet, the Sun. They enjoy the patronage of highly placed friends, elder brothers and governmental authorities, whenever the Sun is strong in the nativity. Although the scenario is dependent upon the overall configurations of the chart and operating major periods of planets, the strength of individual planets does signify trends in life to a large extent. Further peculiarities of these natives are discussed in the case studies for better understanding.

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