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New York - A northern New York county clerk is carrying out an online petition drive to thwart Gov. Beginning April 1 , the state will begin requiring new license plates for every one of the estimated 10 million cars, trucks, trailers and ATVs registered in the state at a cost of $25 - a $10 increase over the current cost.
Ritchie said more than 5,000 people have signed the petition in the first week to protest the new license plan. I run a small business and I am fuming with anger over this new fee from NYS of $50 to allow us to display our Sales Tax ID and collect their sales tax!!!! The governers spokesperson says if voted down it could turn into 120+ million in taxes on people.
If you don't pay the extra $20 dollars, the plate number on your existing registration will NOT MATCH the new license plate number. My Fiancee and I work hard everyday trying to pay for our dream wedding, however recently he was laid off because of Govern Paterson making cuts to state programs.
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David Paterson’s plan to require all New Yorkers to purchase new license plates next April. When they change the design, they simply make all the new plates with the new design, but the old plates are still valid.You can see Jersey plates of all vintages still on cars today. We have to fill out more paperwork too and now, they don't bother sending our ST-100's anymore. Mr Patterson wants to raise some money so he and his cronies can miss spend our hard earned dollars.
The people we put into power only abuse it and we have to pay for their misconduct and misuse of our tax dollars. Does this mean either pay the extra $20 or be forced to re-register your vehicle so the plate numbers match????
The way to save money is to take away all state issued passenger cars, private drivers and make these State employees use their own cars and keep mileage records of official business and they can submit them for per mile compensation.
I am going to sign that petition right now for i thought i live in a free country, i guess my freedoms are being taken away one by one.

This would save a lot of money, repeatedly over many years and would be money that could fund real needs.(like roads to drive the cars on).
Now I will have to pay $50, plus, a late charge of AT LEAST 10% of what I collected in sales tax. We are already so close in filling for bankrupcy and we worked hard to have are credit so good! Isn't this illegal for a business to charge that much if for example I was late paying a bill with them? And what gets me is that they don't send ya the ST-100 after we pay them $50 to collect there sales tax for them.

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