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I will send a Scuba Addict Mousepad to anyone who gives me a license plate idea that I apply for!  Just reply to this thread with your ideas - if you got em. You know, the apparent greatest car ever built some say Jesus Christ had a part in making it.
On Tuesday, Reddit user Tangentman123 posted a photo of the sweet ride one New Hampshire man presumably bought after his wife left him. Tell us what you think of this New Hampshire resident's post-split splurge in the comments, then click through the slideshow below for some of the funniest vanity plates we've ever seen on the web.

R8 PL8Z offers a picture gallery of custom vanity plates and suggestions for funny license plate ideas and sayings. Before getting on the road make sure you have car insurance with a provider such as Geico, Allstate, Progressive, State Farm, Nationwide, Choice, Unitrin Direct, Esurance, or other car insurance providers.
Its a little tough because there are so many people here and they've already taken the good ones! I donno about the N8A sounds too Boston.would people who don't know what a trmi is know wtf the 3 is supposed to stand for?

Any good suggestions would be appreciated since this dreamcar is the ultimate present a guy could get himself.

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