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The Department of Motor Vehicles reviews 200-500 plates a day thanks to a four-person team.
Furthermore, the mother of all vanity plates is the message that may only be visible when seen in the rearview mirror by the following drivers.
That takes some magical physics for someone to use their rear view mirror on the car they are following. Product DescriptionThis Army Infantry license plate is made from a high gauge aluminum with an enamel surface for years of service.

All items are proudly crafted in the USA, by a small family owned business in Northern Alabama.
There DMV department has seen a lot of weird choices in matter of car plates in its existence.
The Department of Motor Vehicles had banned a couple of number combination such as 13, which is currently associated with gang names.
We take pride manufacturing each plate.They make a great addition to your collection or a wonderful gift.

From now on, the above mentioned special plates could have a slim-to-none chance of not seeing the road anymore. The department is taking to consideration the chance of a possible interpretation in order to ban a plate.

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