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Again, to calculate your own life path number, just break down your birth date into digits, and add them all up.
We’re a small team of numerologists, teachers, writers, and tech wizards who have come together to bring you the most accurate, powerful, and profound wisdom available in the world. Free Numerology ReportCustomized to your exact birth date and name, this personalized numerology report will shed light on your core numbers and life purpose. Connect On FacebookOver 400,000 People Agree: We are the #1 most trusted source for numerology reports and training. I certainly did that when I chose the “life without children” path.  I knew what I would gain by opting to stop treatments and I knew what I would gain by walking away from the adoption route we were on.
I know I made the right choice, and I’m glad I kept walking on my chosen path, but it doesn’t stop me looking back once in a while to see where I might have been. At first glance, this reeks of “everything happens for a reason,” a philosophy that makes me bristle. There is no doubt that not having children will take me on a very different path than motherhood; it already has. I think a key is to shut other people’s voices and perspectives out of our own minds. Sign up to get your free ebook, plus tips, support, and information delivered right to your inbox.
So on our Magical Infographic Adventure Through The Life Path Numbers, I thought I’d skip ahead and go straight to 8. Do you sometimes wonder if you’re on the wrong path through life – but can’t see any way to rework your footsteps and join a different one?
Lessons learned: Just because “everyone else” is taking one route (whether in their job, social life, eating habits or spending habits) doesn’t mean that you have to follow them.
After I’d been working for about six months, my boyfriend moved to London (he’d be starting a university degree there in the Autumn) and we joined together to rent a flat on a year-long contract.
Lessons learned: Lack of money is probably the biggest factor for many of us in sticking with the wrong path and not going after our dreams. Once you’re well onto the wrong path, the other people you meet tell you it’s the only path. Sometimes, people might wander across the path you’re on, then head of into – as far as you can see – a bewildering maze of trees. There will come a moment, one shining day, when you hack through the last of the tangled brambles to stand blinking in the sunlight. About Latest Posts Ali LukeAli writes about personal growth and development on her blog, Aliventures. This piece pretty well sums up the way things were for me before I decided to take a different path. I confess that I sometimes fear I might need to tread the old wornout tracks I used to follow (for the reasons you’ve highlighted). This post strikes at a primary symptom (inertia) of a disease (lack of self-awareness) that most of us are suffering. This is an inspiring article hitting all the right points and steps for correcting your path. In addition to following my vision of how teaching should be done, I always engaged in entrepreneurial endeavors at the same time. It has been a gratifying life and in retirement I’m continuing to follow my passion as an author, speaker, coach and consultant.
That’s a lovely quote, Renee, will have to remember that one (especially as I’m a cross-stitcher!) Thanks! My journey was pretty similar, except that I took 10 years of working and made the leap without any money saved. I think there is an element of judgment about others being where they are or making the choices they are making such as the living pay check to pay check.

As I read this I had a need to respond given that I think part of my work has been to understand that I might want to make different choices for me given that the path I am on is not supporting me however to allow others to be where they are without judging them for it or making them wrong…it is powerful.
It’s so easy to end up blinkered by what *I* think is right for me and expect everyone in the world to feel similarly!
I would also add, that it isn’t always lack of money that keeps you on the wrong path.
If we have passion for what we are doing,have a back up plan,it is possible to break from the routine and get into what we want to do. I want to retire from my consulting job 5 to 7 years from now,go back to india,develop my IT company and start an education foundation to help poor children,to open a personal development library,to speak to students and common people to realise their self-worth,the importance of self esteem,self confidence,to teach them what i learned so far in life,to write a self development book. Hope my dream will come true and i will change my path and do whatever i am passionate to do.
This article was fantastic… actually I come from a country (Italy) where once you have chosen your path it is extremely difficult to come back. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S.
So often I make a decision and forge ahead on the path of my choice, only to catch myself looking longingly at another paths and wondering if I ought to have taken them instead. I knew that my sanity and my marriage would benefit from that decision, and that I’d claim back the life that was passing me by.
She talked about the idea of trusting that the path you’re on will take you where you’re supposed to be. Constantly wondering if the road you’re on is the wrong one is a one-way ticket to unhappiness. It a daily struggle to look no further than today because anything in the past is over and done and anything in the future is still up for discovery.
There are days, even weeks where I do feel content that I am doing everything I should, but there are many moments, days and weeks where I feel angry, sad, and jealous. I took a well trodden path by getting a job (tech support) in London, leaving home and renting accommodation. Take the time to look for the beginnings of other paths, even ones which are hidden and rarely trodden. We looked for what we could afford based on the assumption that he’d get a temporary full-time job. They may hate it and wish they were walking a different way, but they refuse to accept that other paths can actually be safer, more enjoyable and lead to better destinations. But whenever I mentioned that I was saving money (usually to explain why I was bringing in lunch from home, or why I didn’t go out often), they were bewildered. These people might be artists, freelancers, writers, part-time workers, full-time moms, charity volunteers, world travelers … the one thing they share in common is a certain glow, an inner joy. Just because you’ve never tried something – or perhaps never even heard of it – doesn’t mean it’s not real. I freelanced “on the side” for five months, earning enough money from writing to convince me I could do it for a living. Whether you want to quit your job, lose 50 lbs, travel to every country in the world or earn a million dollars – the initial stage will be hard and frustrating at times. Your feet are on your new path, which turns and twists through pleasant greenery, and the birdsong above brings an instant feeling of calm as soon as you step out into the light. I finally started on the path I should have taken two years ago: writing, blogging and creating websites. I believe I’ve done the right thing and I believe I can make this new direction in life work for me.
I had more freedom and flexibility than most of my fellow professors because I insisted on it. When I tired of one direction, one school or one business, I detoured and carved a new path.

I’d not really considered the alternative of carving out your own path — but I imagine you did a huge amount of good in shaking up the schools you were in and being an inspiration to your pupils! I know it’s a tough and unappreciated one (there are a lot of teachers in my immediate family!) but as someone who was blessed with some fantastic teachers herself, I can assure you that you will have made a huge difference in many young lives. As long as we are willing to back our choices with consistency and integrity, we can all do the same. Not so much because it always requires little effort, but that there is very often plenty of reinforcement to take those paths. I agree wholeheartedly when you say that a person should do the utmost to get back on the right path but it takes guts to do that and to get off the wrong path, which may still feel much more comfortable! As soon as I make a decision I lose sight of all the things I’ll gain from choosing that path and can only see all that I’ll be losing from walking away from the other paths.
But I could also see clearly everything I would lose from walking away from the possibility of motherhood. What if I stopped looking over my shoulder at all that I’ve lost and trusted that the path I’m on will take me where I’m supposed to go?
I recently had an epiphany of sorts: I thought that maybe God is usi ng our story to help educate those close to us about infertility and adoption. The first couple of weeks were fun: I’d worked in temporary office jobs as a student and enjoyed the environment, I was excited to be in London, I was learning a lot of new techy things at work. Unfortunately, finding work proved more difficult than either of us had guessed, and my savings dwindled from ?5,000 to just ?32.
They couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t just live paycheck-to-paycheck, like everyone else. Wishing that you’d made different choices, or that you’d had better advice, is a waste of time … you can’t change the past. The slow, plodding pace of the old path is gone, and the new one is filled with diversions, resting places, and wonderful fellow travelers. Then one day, someone will meet you, and they will say “that person is living their dream.
I found that in this country there are people studying and changing different works all their life and nobody bothers about. ClickBank's role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.
Granted, I might not have much to blog about with my new peaceful self, but perhaps I could just enjoy the journey and see where it takes me.
I was lucky enough to get a raise at work, though, which stopped us dipping into the red – and once my boyfriend’s student grant came through, I started to save up again. I read and listened to freelancers, entrepreneurs, life coaches, and others, learning from their books, blogs and podcasts. I worked the hardest I ever have in my life, and there were times when hacking through the forest seemed like far too much work – but the alternative was that long, grey path.
Also, ever since I revealed our struggles on FB, a couple of girls from college whom I don’t know very well contacted me, thanking me for revealing our story because they themselves are going through a secret, very similar struggle. But, at this point, I was convinced I’d need to stay in my job for at least the next three years, whilst he was studying.
I used to want to do one particular thing and even started the education process toward that goal but life events put it on hold.
We all know how awful our journey becomes once we discover infertility, and how much harder it is when no one understands.

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