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India a country of cultural values and ritual ceremonies cannot afford to plunge into western society. Strange Relationship (Prince song), and check out Strange Relationship (Prince song) on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
The Supreme Court of India has spoken, on the often unspoken topic of unmarried relationships.
This sort of relations and living arrangements have always been considered a taboo in the Indian society –  home or abroad. In India, a country where marriage is a part of the religious guidelines, society as a whole has always looked down on couples living outside the marital boundaries. When you need the legal system to intervene, when the society cannot regulate itself by the customs alone, it generally means that socially accepted norms may not apply anymore. The main court decision relates to live-in relationship without marriage, and when a women could be entitled to ‘maintenance’ – similar to alimony payments. They must have voluntarily cohabited and held themselves out to the world as being akin to spouses for a significant period of time. But since growing economy and people getting more and more aware, india finally has to step ahead and walk with the rest of the world by legalising Live-in relationship.
The amendment done would be like a woman who believes in Live-in relationship or want to have polygamous relationships is legal.

Now i cannot wait to see all the mess happening at center (parliament) when this bill is proposed. A live performance of the song was released as a digital single, made available on Prince's website on March 26, 2005. The song was actually recorded by Prince in 1982, during a highly prolific period in Prince's recording career, but remained in his vault for several years. Some the legal aspects of non-conventional relations including one-night-stand, a man’s ‘keep’ and live-in-relationships… are at stake. If a non-conventional relation gets dragged to the doors of the courts, it shows that the unmarried couples no longer care about the social dogma. Yeah it sounds absurd that a country like India would allow its citizens to do that, but its fact. The state has proposed a reasonably long period for that woman to stay with the mate, but has not defined duration of that period specifically. I can see the opposition throwing chairs and lady MPs withdrawing support, talking about usual indian stuff. The song was reworked in 1985 with input by Wendy & Lisa, giving it an unusual Indian sound, and was slated for the ill-fated 1986 Dream Factory project. The court also clarified the ‘mistress’ kind of relationships, if you think there was a need for the clarification!

After the disbanding of The Revolution, the Dream Factory project was shelved, but Prince retained "Strange Relationship" and reworked it once again for his Camille album.
Camille was canceled, but most of the tracks, including "Strange Relationship" were absorbed into a 3-LP opus called Crystal Ball, due for a late 1986 release.
And, this is no Bollywood where story ending can be predicted based on the morality of the character….
And, this is no Bollywood where story ending can be predicted based on the morality of the character. Records forced Prince to trim the album from three to two LPs which became Sign a€?a?®a€? the Times, and "Strange Relationship" finally saw an official release. The released version dropped most of the Eastern influence, placing the sitar and wood flute deep into the mix.

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