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2015 for the Scorpio will be the continuation of all you have been doing in the previous year. However, towards the end of the year you would be happy to notice that your dreams begin to take shape and seem pretty tangible by now. The year 2015 will be a joyous one for the Scorpio born natives in the field of love and romance.
Scorpios should focus more on generating more revenue rather than blowing off funds in the year 2015. You shall make delightful new discoveries in your personal life that will enhance your intimacy with your partner and also would bring you unending joy and happiness. You have been going through an unpredictable period in your life where your profession, daily life and health all seem beyond your control at times. We are presenting you the astrology of Twelve Zodiac Signs, Nine planets and Twenty Seven stars in an easy way to understand in simple English and Tamil. The common features of the people of this SIGN are they have a kind heart and a pleasing appearance.
If you have been aspiring to reach a particular target for a while, you have to keep working at it. You should be prepared to explore and be adventurous in your relationship to wash away any boredom factor. However you should hold the forte and better judgment for the better times that are soon to come. This is the year when you shall have to take a lot of decisions that would have long term effect on your career. The problem in this plan is the fact that people born under this zodiac will constantly find themselves getting involved in expenditures of one sort or the other all through the year. The year will begin with positive note with calm and composure prevailing in the family environment. As a Scorpio born native you are known to attach great importance to whatever you take up sincerely, and your personal relationships are no different.
Scorpios in the academic field will especially benefit from this, and also people in the field of writing and communications.

And I do not suppose we will hear anything but cheers from those birthday-impaired people born on Feb. But with your steady mind and patient heart you shall gradually overcome all the obstacles.
Your efforts would get enhanced by the fact that there would be harmony between you and your partner thereby blessing you with positivity and peace.
There will be some obstacles at your work place and there is a chance that you may even lose your position.
You shall be complying with the wishes and expectations of your family and they in return will give you love, respect and admiration. You will feel a change taking place deep within your soul that makes you a stronger and emotionally stable person. This gives you the option to play around with new ideas and scopes instead of acting like a stick in the mud.
If you have been in a relationship for a long time, it is time you came up with some creative ways to express yourself and rekindle the spark between the two of you.
The area of trouble would mostly be stomach, liver, digestive system and the related stuff.
However, there will be slight changes in the planetary positions in the second half of the year and the stars make a shift taking away the smooth sailing part with them. People pursuing the field of arts, literature, humanities, philosophy and other similar subjects will find themselves excel in an unprecedented manner. The hectic schedule in your professional and personal life may make you feel exhausted at times, but you are eager to bring out your innate qualities and excel. There is also a chance of sudden turns changing the course of your life – be prepared to tackle such changes. You shall feel a sense of contentment and this fulfilling experience would inspire you to work harder and more. To take care of this, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle peppered with the right amount of physical exercise is always advised. The trick to counter this is to come up with ideas for investments or new projects or business. However, whatever you do in this period will be a stepping stone for reaping positive results in the near future.
You shall feel excited about all the recognition and rewards that would come your way, and this element of excitement is what would keep you going strong.
The Scorpio born natives would be full of creative ideas and innovative thoughts – the good news is that your inputs would be highly appreciated and accepted by those who are in the authoritative position in the field of your work.
The good point is that Scorpios are loaded with creative ideas and are blessed with brains which they would find extremely useful to cook up something to substantiate their income. Your bid to support that member of your family may not get you any help from others in the family. Your enthusiasm will be righty rewarded with the support and faith of your guide, family and peers.

Your income may also suddenly increase – but mostly due to some inheritance or result of a prior investment.
Taking care of your health should be a mandate now for you should stay fit to keep going, and this should be taken as a priority.
You will be a mature person as you learn to live with the various nuances of a relationship. You are also eager to try new genres – if you have multiple interests or latent talents in other subjects apart from your current field of work, you may try to explore them at this time. You should handle the matter with a lot of sensitivity, or else your relationship may get soiled for life. Equally important is to stay calm no matter how much you may be provoked by people around you. Many of you would find success in an alternate course of work – this would not only bring you surplus income, but also give you more contentment and confidence. The challenge is to keep your real feelings camouflaged from those around you, especially the ones who intent to disturb your focus. Remember that people are probably trying to irritate you so that you get distracted and consequently fail from accomplishing your mission.
Apart from sprucing up your income you should also come up with plans to stretch your moolah, and also to make some investments that would bring you returns in times of need. Try to exude a demeanor that establishes you as a mature and responsible individual – someone others can look up to.
This is something that you have to battle consciously so that you can retain your focus and direction.
Your lust for adventure will also be on the rise and you’d want to fulfill that through excessive traveling. Concentrate and focus on your work and discipline yourself to be able to handle the situation. This is the year when you would learn that self pride and ego are two very different emotions, while the former earns you respect, the latter would only alienate you from those who are near and dear. Along with that you may also have to incur some expenses to cover the medical bills of the ailing person. Travelling would also open up new horizons for you allowing you to grow as a complete person. As a Scorpio born native you do not forget or forgive easily – but there are times in your life when you need to let go and make a fresh new start.

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