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Just to keep the universe from going too off kilter, here's a complaint: Jack and Annie's clothes just magically change to the appropriate attire, and that always bothered me. If you have been following the Summer Olympics in London, you know that so far it has been full of exciting moments even though it’s only a few days in. Since the games are being held in London, I was looking forward to seeing what elements of British culture would be highlighted in the opening ceremony. Magic Tree House #1 and #2 - Two Complete Novel Studies (New Learning) Gr 1-4; from the Magic Tree House Series. And that king is a children's book series about a inter-dimensional, time-traveling house of whimsy in an obscure suburban forest. Yeah, this may seem a little trivial compared to the "this series shaped my life" message of number one, but .
Yeah, the magical, space-and-time warping, book-portal-having tree house was fine, but the clothes thing really stretched my eight-year-old mind's suspension of disbelief!
Visit B&N to buy and rent textbooks, and check out our award-winning tablets and ereaders, including Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK and NOOK GlowLight. Swimming and gymnastics are my main focuses of the Summer Games, but I also love watching diving and the track-and-field events.
Titanic: A Nonfiction Companion to Tonight on the Titanic (Magic Tree House Research Guide).

And since sarcasm is my default internet tone, I'm inclined to point out that I am indeed not being sarcastic when I say that the Magic Tree House is amazing.
It made kids want to read just as much as Reading Rainbow (good luck getting that theme song out of your head, by the way), and it was awesome in oh so many ways. This is the series that shaped me into the socially awkward, language-obsessed Sparkler nerd that I am today. Like, actual things, too, not just the hamfisted moral lessons inherent in all children's books.
I always look forward to the Winter and Summer Games every two years so I can watch the best athletes in the world compete for coveted gold medals.
Scenes from The Hobbit, Mary Poppins, and Shakespeare made it into the ceremony, and even Lord Voldemort made an appearance. I’m amazed at how the swimmers can race through the water at light speed, how the tiny gymnasts effortlessly flip through the air, and how the sprinters can fly over hurdles so easily. And I know what you're thinking: "Nicole," you say, "I thought the epitome of masterful literature was Shakespeare or Edgar Allan Poe?" And while the Will vs.
The least being that someone just left a tree house-shaped TARDIS just lying around for any old schmuck walking through the woods to use to his heart's content. You want to write a story about the kids fighting with knights, have the tree house send them to Medieval times; are you really obsessed with the Titanic?

Poe debate will inevitably break out in the comment section now that I've mentioned it, I'm here to say that you can stop fighting because you are all wrong, and I'm right.
But this series stealthily taught me random bits of cultural and historical information that really came in handy on trivia games. It was entertaining, yet it also had some semblance of an actual story and other content, and it was ultimately what inspired me to start writing my own stories as a little kid. They're riding unicorns, and getting attacked by ninjas and giant snakes, and finding mummies, and running for their lives from an erupting volcano. Like how the first Olympics worked, and what a rainbow snake was, and that girls were totally shafted by history.
You can't look at those covers and not be at least slightly intrigued about what the frick is happening to those wacky kids this time.
Pretty much every single one of my childhood obsessions can be traced back to me reading about it in a Magic Tree House book beforehand: Greek mythology, tornadoes, Australian fold lore.

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