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The mobile phone recycling business has grown massively over the past few years and this is mainly due to massive increase in technology leading us to constantly upgrade our phones year after year. Mobile phones especially with some of the modern technology that is available today are made up with hundreds of small components and parts. When your mobile phone is sent to a mobile phone recycling shop there are a variety of options waiting for it. If you decide to go ahead with mobile phone recycling, which is a great option for all parties involved, you, your mobile and the environment then the process of doing so is relatively straight forward. Simply input your mobile phone model and condition into the mobile phone recycling website and you will be given a price which you will receive for the mobile phone if it is as you described. You will then be required to send your mobile phone away to the recycling company and you will be given a set of instructions to ensure this part of the process is completed in the most effective manner for both parties. Once they receive your mobile phone it will undergo an inspection which checks to ensure it is as you described and either in working or non working order.
If the mobile phone handset passes the inspection which is relatively straightforward if you were honest in your application then you will be sent the money for the mobile phone by the method which was previously agreed, either bank transfer, cheque, PayPal or even vouchers for certain high street stores.
We also regularly team up with various companies to offer Specific mobile phone recycling solutions.
There are many reasons why you should sell your mobile phone to a recycling company compared to selling it elsewhere. Secondly, some people believe they are better off selling their phone on popular auction sites usually this is simply due to misconceptions and the belief that you would get more money for your handset if your sold your mobile there.

If your phone is broken there is very little other options available to you anyway and a great way of decluttering your home and getting some extra money for something which doesn’t work and simply just takes up space is by selling your mobile phone and getting it recycled!
If you have an old model phone and it is only worth a few pounds it is still worth sending it away even if not for the monetary aspect but the fact that your mobile could be dismantled and all of the precious metals taken out and reused with the remainder of the phone being disposed of in the correct manner. With over one billion mobile phone handsets sold every year you can quite easily see how much of an impact just a few mg of gold or silver in a single handset can have on the environment once you add them all up! In addition the rise of phone recycling and people selling their old mobile rather than just throwing them away is also due to the fact that many of us are now aware of the impact that the construction of the simple mobile phone has on the environment. These components are made up with some rare, non renewable materials which should be saved from the landfill sites. What happens to your exact mobile will depend on two important factors, the condition of the phone and the phone model. The first reason is of course the impact you will be having on the developing country that receives your mobile phone, this and the money alone should ensure you have a great positive feeling about the whole process and leaving you itching to be able to do it again when it is the next time to upgrade your mobile phone.
However, the rates available for those selling their mobile phone for recycling have never been better and have the opportunity to rise all the time so it is important to check out just how much you would receive and compare this to the average selling price of a phone on an auction site. It is also important to consider the fact batteries are not supposed to be thrown away with the household waste and all mobile phone contain big batteries full of sulphuric acid and other hazards which could make their way into ground water.
Free download the high resolution mobile phone desktop wallpapers for your handset and computer background.
In this Ultimate Guide to Mobile Phone Recycling we are going to take a look at the process of selling your mobile in order for it to be recycled, the reasons why you should consider this, how your mobile phone will be recycled which will answer the most common question of “what happens to my mobile once I send it away?” as well as answering a myriad of other frequently asked questions about mobile phone recycling.

A typical mobile phone will contain gold, silver, copper, palladium, cobalt, aluminium, platinum and many other metals, chemicals and of course the plastics of the casing. If your phone is working it is likely to be sent to a developing country which currently cannot afford the new technology available in the western world. The also offer each of their customers a ?10 bonus if they chose their recycling solution through us, whilst also getting tax refunds through these uniform tax rebate websites. Even if you would get more selling your mobile on the auction site you need to bear in mind the costs of doing so, you will have listing fees, a percentage of the final value which is typically 10% additional fees, usually 2% and a standard charge will then be charged if you receive money through PayPal.
If a mobile phone is thrown away in the rubbish then these precious materials will be gone forever however, if you take a few simple steps you can help your mobile phone be recycled, saving these metals which can then be reused in the future. This gives the developing countries easy and affordable access to communication streams such as text messaging and the internet and it could very easily change their lives. This has probably quickly eaten into the amount you receive when you sell your mobile compared to selling it for recycling. In addition to the materials in the phones which should be saved there are many chemicals in mobile phones which when not disposed of in the correct manner can cause environmental hazards. If your mobile phone is still a relatively new model yet does not work for some reason the fault will be addressed and if possible for that particular fault parts of the phone will be refurbished.

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