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Dear my international buyer Pls to share blackberry mobile phones info all model are new and Original. We don't warrant any part of the content nor do we represent the content will meet your needs or that its operation will be uninterrupted or error free. Names of goods, names of companies, marks, trademarks, and symbols are trademarks of corresponding organizations.

Pls to see more info Memory card and USB flash Drives 1) Memory Card also cheapest from us.
How to Report?Call  : CPLC (Citizen Police Liaison Committee) ======== 021-35662222 Police (Rescue 15)                                           ======== 15 PTA (Pakistan Telecom Authority)             ======== 0800-25625 They will get some basic info along with the IMEI number of your lost mobile set. Large screen and touch operation to bring the visual and control to users is very good experience.

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