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4098060Democrats are far more likely than Republicans to believe in astrology, according to a new survey. The survey used data from the large-scale General Social Survey, and was produced by James Lindgren, a law professor at Northwestern University. The survey adds to evidence that the GOP’s bourgeois church-going base is less susceptible to irrational and cockamamie theories, or to media-magnified scares, partly because of faith in the evolved Biblical texts.
In contrast, the Democrats’ high-low coalition of post-graduate progressives and various minorities averages out to a high level of credulousness. That astrology scores were echoed by a question asking if respondents knew that it takes one year for the Earth to orbit around the sun.

Only 14.3 percent of second school teachers agreed with astrology, yet the survey showed that younger people are far more likely to believe in astrology than people who were educated decades ago. That’s only slightly better than the score for “hairdressers and cosmetologists,” of whom 45.3 percent trusted the orbiting planets. Among people aged 18 to 29, 58.3 percent believed in astrology, while only 36 percent of people aged between 40 and 50 did. You could do a lot worse than consulting the 3,000-year-old theories of astrology for a hint or two. Step 2: Keep reading to see the 12 sweatshirts and learn a bit about each Zodiac sign, via short excerpts from The AstroTwins (astrologers to the stars, whom you can also book a reading with as part of our New Beginnings Pop-In Shop).

Hey, you might even learn something about your own weird personality while you’re at it.

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