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Getty Images last year created a new online image catalog of women in the workplace – one that countered visual stereotypes on the Internet of moms as frazzled caregivers rather than powerful CEOs.
A new University of Washington study adds to those efforts by assessing how accurately gender representations in online image search results for 45 different occupations match reality. In a few jobs — including CEO — women were significantly underrepresented in Google image search results, the study found, and that can change searchers’ worldviews. Read about another of Munson’s CHI 2015 papers on making public exercise commitments on Facebook. The study first compared the percentages of women who appeared in the top 100 Google image search results in July 2013 for different occupations — from bartender to chemist to welder — with 2012 U.S. By contrast, 64 percent of the telemarketers depicted in image search results were female, while that occupation is evenly split between men and women. Yet for nearly half of the professions – such as nurse practitioner (86 percent women), engineer (13 percent women), and pharmacist (54 percent women) — those two numbers were within five percentage points. When the researchers asked people to rate the professionalism of the people depicted in top image search results, though, other inequities emerged.
By contrast, the image search results depicting a person whose gender didn’t match an occupational stereotype were more likely to be rated as provocative or inappropriate.
Most importantly, researchers wanted to explore whether gender biases in image search results actually affected how people perceived those occupations. They asked study volunteers a series of questions about a particular job, including how many men and women worked in that field.
Exposure to the skewed image search results did shift their estimates slightly, accounting for 7 percent of those second opinions. The measured effect raises interesting questions, the researchers say, about whether search image algorithms should be changed to help counter occupational stereotypes.
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The MAX668 output voltage can be changed to +12V by changing the value of the R2 resistor to 86.6k This change reduces the minimum input voltage to approximately 10V. The output ripple voltage due to switching can be reduced an order of magnitude with a secondary output filter set to one-tenth of the switching frequency.
This is a pulse-mode transformer circuit that I have some experience with.I used this successfully in combination with a Polaroid transducer. ComponentsI’m using the 7555 (CMOS variety of the NE555) to generate the square wave, because it behaves much better with respect to power supply transients than the NE555.
If you require 9v to 12v output, you will need to add the four voltage-regulating components shown in the diagram below. Have you ever wanted to build a circuit to run off a single 9 Volt battery only to find you needed levels like +12 and -12 Volts?
As Q1 turns on two things happen: The Q1 collector voltage drops shutting off Q2, and Q2 collector voltage rises turning Q1 on more. For you high-voltage minibooster fans out there, here’s the one-chip, one battery way to do it.
The MAX1044 is a charge pump converter - it uses a capacitor as a “bucket” to pump charge from one place to another.
Build a circuit to boost the voltage of a DC power source using a MAX756 IC ChipA DC voltage booster, DC voltage multiplier, or DC-DC Step-Up Converter is a very useful tool which enables a low source DC voltage to be boosted (stepped up) to a higher output DC voltage which is more useful.
This circuit can be used with low voltage solar panels to make a small battery charger or to power a 5 Volt device directly. This is circuit power supply switching regulator, variable regulator Adjustable voltage output 0-50V and current 5A.
This circuit uses a standard 78L05 low power 5v regulator in a novel way – as a voltage reference to a comparator.
This is a Somewhat Experimental Circuit and I Especially designed this circuit for those persons that want to Dabble in Switching Power Supply Designs. And, in fact, it does — at least in the short term,” said co-author Sean Munson, UW assistant professor of human centered design and engineering.
In a Google image search for CEO, 11 percent of the people depicted were women, compared with 27 percent of U.S.
Images that showed a person matching the majority gender for a profession tended to be ranked by study participants as more competent, professional and trustworthy.

You get things that nobody would take as professional,” said co-author Cynthia Matuszek, a former UW doctoral student who is now an assistant professor of computer science and electrical engineering at University of Maryland, Baltimore County.
Two weeks later, they showed them a set of manipulated image search results and asked the same questions. The study did not test long-term changes in perception, but other research suggests that many small exposures to biased information over time can have a lasting effect on everything from personal preconceptions to hiring practices.
Cited percentages of women depicted in top 100 search results are from Google searches conducted in July 2013, and percentages of women actually working in a profession come from 2012 U.S.
Since the MAX668 provides internal compensation, no other changes are required for +12V output. They have a breakdown voltage (reverse conduction voltage) of about 75V, so I used two in series, just to be sure. I haven’t tried touching it yet when the circuit was operating, please beware of the high voltage. This arrangement is only suitable if you have a constant, reliable, source of sun as any clouds will reduce the output to below the regulated voltage.
As you can see, two transistors drive the transformer primary with the base drive for each coming from the collector of the other. Q1 collector voltage drops due to the inductive reactance of the primary coil.As current flows through the transformer primary, a voltage is induced in the secondary by the expanding magnetic field in the transformer core.
A diode is required between the panel and the battery as it leaks about 1mA from the battery when it is not illuminated.The regulator transistor is designed to limit the output voltage to 5v. Using a voltage boost circuit an LED can be powered by just one AA battery or any other power source – sometimes down 0.7 Volts! It is also particularly good for getting useable voltages from small DIY stepper motor wind turbines – again to charge batteries or light LEDs.
You can make an ultra simple 1.5v to 9v regulated stepup converter by using a TL496 IC, a coil and a capacitor, but that’s not so much fun if you want to experiment. When the output voltage is LOWER than 5v, the output of the comparator switches high, turning on the transistor. They were also more likely to choose them to illustrate that profession in a hypothetical business presentation. C20 adds a pole to compensate for the ESR-zero of the output capacitor, while R16 and C22 filter the current-sense voltage to prevent high-frequency switching noise from tripping the current limit. The feedback voltage must be sensed before it reaches the secondary filter for the MAX668 to maintain stability. The square wave’s rising edges momentarily trigger the transistor into conduction, causing current to flow through the primary of the stroboscope transformer. On the rising edge of the square wave, the transistor is switched on through the capacitor. The primary and secondary windings share a common connection, hence there are only 3 wires instead of 4. Shorting the capacitor give a nice little spark.To connect the bias to the microphone, a resistor of several mega-ohms is used. Why not use a simple DC to DC converter?Just to prove a point, here’s a DC to DC circuit put together just from parts found on the test-bench.
But at some point the magnetic field stops expanding, because either the transistor reached the maximum collector current it could pass or because the transformer core reached the maximum magnetic field it could hold. This capacitor is charged between +9V and ground, and then switched in parallel with a capacitor from pin 5 to ground in a way that makes a negative voltage on the second cap. I’ve already built a TL496 based circuit so I started doing web searches for something that I could make that would allow more fiddling and a wider range of applications. The output voltage rapidly rises and once it is HIGHER than 5v, the output of the comparator switches low, turning off the transistor. Twenty-five percent of people depicted in image search results for authors are women, compared with 56 percent of actual U.S.
This functionality is in addition to the MAX1846?s internal 100ns current-sense blanking time. R5 and C8 filter the current-sense voltage to prevent high-frequency switching noise from prematurely tripping the current limit.
It use the integrated circuit digital number CD4093 perform produce the frequency drive current change CD40106 bilateral the group trips work.

The current pulse in the primary causes a much larger voltage pulse in the secondary of the transformer, thereby charging the output capacitor through the diodes.
It is quickly switched off, because the capacitor discharges through the resistor between base and ground.
The 100 ohm resistor in series with the coil limits the continuous current, while the capacitor connected to the coil makes sure that the instantaneous current through the coil is not limited. The high resistance is no problem because the microphone doesn’t draw any continuous current. The 10u on the output stores the “reference voltage” and keeps the BC 547 turned on during the time when the output voltage is above 12v.
All it took was two transistors, two resistors, an audio transformer, a bridge and two caps. Either way, the inductive reactance of the primary drops causing the voltage on the collector of Q1 to rise.Since the collector of Q1 drives the base of Q2, Q2 turns on which in turn shuts off Q1. Follow this circuit be the character of DC switching supply 3A sizes interesting take voltage input 40V.
The 0.33uF mono capacitor provides some smoothing and prevents oscillation in the multi-megahertz region. This wide “window” does cause some problems because the output needs to swing between these two voltages.
The MAX1846 EXT pin implements controlled slew rate, which helps limit high-frequency switching noise. This functionality is in addition to the MAX668?s internal 60ns current-sense blanking time. By drive high current with power mosfet BUZ11 make output current collect at capacitors the very total up voltage bilateral the group then is double of Input power supply. I connected a diode across the transistor’s emitter and collector, to protect it against the negative voltage spike from the primary winding. This effectively stops the oscillator, but as soon as the output voltage drops below 12v, the circuit comes back into operation, “charge-pumping” the 10u on the outputThe 12v zener works like this: No voltage appears on the anode end (the end connected to the 100R resistor) until 12v is on the cathode. Now current is flowing the opposite way through the primary causing the magnetic field in the core to reverse itself, which induces an opposite voltage in the secondary which continues until the field stops expanding and the process switches again. The 1N4001 diode provides isolation from the regulator and the 4700uF capacitor provides smoothing to closely approximate a steady DC voltage. Any voltage above 12v appears on the anode and this voltage passes through the 100R to the base of the BC 547. This allows the oscillator transistor to operate “harder” and send pulses of energy to the electrolytic to charge it.
The diode and 470uF electro provide isolation and extra smoothing to produce an almost pure DC output. For the cost of a rechargeable battery or set of rechargeable cells, you get a much more reliable arrangement by removing the regulation components, using the first circuit in the article, and allowing the battery to deliver the 9v or 12v.
The battery appears as a HUGE electrolytic on the output, delivering a constant voltage and is capable of delivering a high current.
The Output Voltage is basically determined by the Turns ratio to the primary winding and to that 165 volts.
This Winding is Wound Over top of the Primary, Using a Good Insulation layer between it and the Primary. On the transformer I made, I used a Bifular wound output to give me Full wave rectification using just two diodes. NOTE: Bifular Winding is Two Wires wound Simutanously, side by side, Than joined properly phased to give a Center tapped output. It gets wound over the Secondary winding with a thin layer of insulating material between it and the output winding. But if in Doubt, use a somewhat Higher Resistance and than reduce it till you get a Reliable Starting when the 117 volts is applied to the circuit.

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