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If any images displayed here infringe copyright we apologise and ask you to advise us ASAP please. The second anybody mentions the name Aston Martin, the first thought that comes to mind is the DB5 from Goldfinger.
The famous gadget laden DB5 was introduced 22 minutes into the film, leaving the audience a half hour of anticipation, until all the gadgets were put to use.
The Aston came complete with revolving number plates, which Q mentioned were valid in all countries. Bond started his trip in London, driving South-East to Dover, crossing the channel to Calais in France. After winning a golf match, Bond plants a homing device in the boot of Goldfinger's Rolls Royce, and uses the reception dashboard to track the Rolls to Switzerland. The device, and it's operation, was taken straight from the novel, in which Bond tailed Goldfinger in an Aston Martin DBIII. The drivers arm rest opens to reveal the DB5's defense mechanism controls (as Q describes them). Bond is tailing Goldfinger across the Swiss Alps, when he is overtaken by a girl in a Fort Mustang convertible. The beeps from his GPS dashboard get closer together, and Bond stops at the side of a road, not wanting to get too close to Goldfinger. Bond spots her on the road a few minutes later, and uses the DB5's tire slashers to destroy her car, so that he can get some more information. The smoke screen manages to rid Bond of one of his assailants, but another security car goes through the smoke undeterred. Having disabled two of the security cars, Bond approaches a fork in the road, and makes the wrong decision.

One point always mentioned regarding this, is that Q said the windscreen, side, and rear windows were all bullet proof.
Nearing the end of Bond's chase through Auric Enterprises, he drives into another dead end, and is tricked by a mirror at the end of his path.
Also visible in the picture on the left are the front extending over-rider rams, which aimed to protect the in the case of a minor collision. The ejector seat is one of the most remembered gadgets from the James Bond series, and definitely a fan favourite from Goldfinger. Desmond Llewelyn had first appeared as Q in From Russia With Love, but he didn't have particularly much character. Goldfinger was where Q's character really came out, and the scene introducing the ejector seat is still considered to be one of Desmond's best scenes. Q:Because you'll release this section of the roof and engage and fire the passenger ejector seat. However, what he actually meant was all the countries Bond would travel through on his trip to Switzerland, to stake out Auric Goldfinger's headquarters. He then drove, following Goldfinger, through Rouen, Orléans, by Bourge, and finally to Geneva in Switzerland. In the novel however, Bond had more trouble tracking Goldfinger, taking a wrong turn to Paris, and having to backtrack to Rouen. He begins to chase her, but then goes down a gear and slows down, retorting "Discipline 007, discipline". At this point, Tilly Masterson, the girl in the Mustang attempts to shoot Goldfinger, but misses and almost hits Bond. It isn't clear which switch on the armrest is for the tire slashers, but it is presumably one on the second row.

While there, he spots Tilly Masterson with a rifle, and grabs her, thinking she might be trying to kill him. Bond is trying to escape from the complex, and gets shot at by an old lady with a machine gun.
Seeing his own headlights in the mirror, he thinks it is another car, and engages his front wing machine guns to shoot at them.
The producers also took the bold move of showing most of the gadgets up front, to heighten the audiences anticipation. After seeing a tear-gas emitting parking meter, a machine-gun proof jacket, and a grenade flask, Bond asks about his car. The bullets begin to weaken the windscreen glass (see image on left), and Bond decides to swerve out of her path, to avoid further damage to the window.
However, it was pointed out that Q should be somewhat annoyed at Bond for constantly destroying his cars and gadgets. The enemy car skids on the oil, and runs off the edge of a cliff, exploding in the process.
In short, although the rear window would withstand some damage, a solid iron plate would be more durable against constant fire. The audience was shown early on, back in Q's lab, that the DB5 had an ejector seat, so everybody knew it was going to be used at some point.

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