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These three phases may differ from one person to the next, which is why you are not always content with the manner in which you express yourself, or you find it hard to positively impress others in the manner you had wished to. These three phases of the personality are revealed by the letters and numbers of your Numerology name, as it was given to you com­pletely at the time of your birth.
Select the vowels or the letters a, e, i, o, u in this name and place over the top of them the numbers corresponding in the table of the alphabet which follows.
Next, you add these numbers of the vowel letters together and re­duce the total to a single digit. After you have calculated the numbers of the three phases of your personality, Motive, Appearance and Method, you can then look up the corresponding meanings for those numbers in your Numerology reference books. When practicing this method, you are advised to study first your own numbers, and then try to relate them to what you know of yourself. The Life Path number is also referred to as the Destiny number, unlike numbers derived from your name which can change as you progress through life, the Life Path number never changes because it is based on your full date of birth. The Life Path number is calculated by adding together all the numbers found in your day, month and year of birth and then reducing those numbers to a single digit. There is a slight danger that ones can get peoples backs up by their single minded determination and their desire to achieve at all costs but generally the momentum generated by their enthusiasm and their leadership skills win through. Excellent leadership qualities mean that those with a one Life Path number are able to seize the moment and make the most of all opportunities that come their way.
Lacking sensitivity and patience with those who lack their ‘vision’ and who fail to match their incredible pace. The lesson of the One Life Path number is to realise that they do not know everything and that they can learn much from listening to the opinions of others.
Two’s have an innate desire to maintain balance and harmony in a relationship and because they tend to be very sensitive to the feelings of others can build strong partnerships by their flexible attitude. Two’s are balanced, considerate of others and non-judgemental making them perfect in any kind of partnership either business or personal. The lesson of the Two Life Path is to avoid allowing themselves to be used as a doormat because of their compliant and docile nature.
Threes surround themselves with beauty and harmony, whether in the form of great friendships or good books.
This is an optimistic and forward-looking number that is always eager to involve themselves with any kind of group activities. A disharmonious three often has trouble communicating and can appear superficial and indifferent to the needs of others. The lesson of the three Life Path is to avoid stretching the truth in order to keep others happy. They are steady, methodical and serious and like jobs to be carefully thought out and tackled in an orderly manner.
The flip side of the coin is that fours fail to express their vibration in a positive way then the appear lazy, indolent, and intolerant of anything that is unconventional.
The lesson of the four Life Path is to learn to live with life’s restrictions, which can make the four feel hemmed in at times and also to beware of people who would take advantage of their loyalty and industrious nature. This is a Life Path that often leads to the person following it to initiate change within the family environment. Fives can sense and respond to atmospheres very quickly due to their adaptability and intuitive nature. Occasionally fives can overreach their own abilities and commit them selves to far to many projects. The lesson of the five is to curb their inquisitive and explorative nature so that they do not to overstep their boundaries and also to avoid taking risks or foolish dares. Sixes gain enormous pleasure from helping those around them in whatever way they can and are a joy to be around. If used negatively the six Life Path can indicate too strong a belief in ones own ‘correctness’.
The lesson of the six is to learn that there are those who would take advantage of your giving nature, there is a need to discriminate between the genuinely needy and life’s opportunists. The seven Life Path is one greatly influenced by contemplative, mystical and philosophical considerations. Sevens are often attracted to religion and philosophy in their pursit of self knowledge and inner wisdom.
Sevens are a meditative and deeply reflective vibration able to focus their energies on looking beyond the obvious.
The lesson of the seven Life Path is to understand themselves without loosing their connection to the real world.
This is a vibration with a natural air of authority capable of organizing others and working towards a common goal. If used badly this vibration can result in a self satisfied, tactless and domineering personality who is impatient with the weakness of others. The life lesson of the eight is to understand that it is important to take the time to enjoy your acquisitions, something they can be prone to forget at times. The nine Life Path is one where a strong interest in humanity develops as grows as you journey through life.
This is the number of highly original and inspired individuals who are often thrust into roles they would not necessarily have chosen for themselves. Elevens can be stubborn to the extreme at times and can demand perfection of themselves and of others. The lesson of the eleven Life Path number is to learn to balance material and physical urges on one hand with the spiritual and intellectual urges in the other.

The double two provides a high degree of cooperation and talent for partnerships with others while at the same time the base of 4 makes for a practical and rational thinker, capable of building great things.
Occasionally this number can be intolerant of others who take longer to see the bigger picture with the same clarity of mind and themselves. The lesson of the Twenty Two Life Path is to use the multi faceted energy that it offers on a global rather than parochial level. This is a master variation of the number 6, and is probably the most difficult to handle of the three master numbers. The lesson of the Thirty three Life Path is to learn not to be too self sacrificing in the overall scheme of things, to live up to their responsibility and fulfil their destiny they must learn the art of balance. You wouldn’t be remiss to expect this plunge on such a stock market anniversary, given that the market often shows some predictability and succumbs to forces that have been around since time immemorial, whether it be structural, economic, political, psychological or even based on superstition. Seems like a lot of bad stuff happens in October, making it a notorious month for investing. In late October of 1929, the stock market crashed for the first time ever with the US markets suffering a serious 30% loss in value over a span of three days. Then in the following year, there was the Russian loan crisis and the fall (with subsequent bail-out) of Long Term Capital Management, a large hedge fund. Other Octobers, particularly in 1998 and 2000 saw big dips and volatility in the world of equities. I’ve often bought on dips during these down trends, practicing a contrarian approach. Other research reveals that over the past 25 years, the six months from May to October have seen stock markets rise an average 0.3% whereas the six months from November to April have seen average rises of 15%.
Here are some possible explanations for why this happens, as obtained from the publisher of the Stock Trader’s Almanac, Jeffrey Hirsch. The second quarter of the year starts in April, a time when holiday bonuses are spent and accounted for, holiday retail sales peter out and spending gets reined in.
Summertime is when people would rather spend time outdoors, on vacation and enjoying the sunshine as opposed to thinking about the markets, which tend to be lackluster and range bound with lower trading volume during this period.
Big mutual funds may dump losers in preparation for the end of their fiscal year in October. Things turn up in November, when the holidays kick in and everyone celebrates with spending and a cheerful mood about their money. Yes, the best time for the markets is usually from November to April, as holiday after holiday is celebrated. In other parts of the world, it appears that superstition in investment markets may be more rampant. Numbers hold a lot of connotation for the Chinese and unsurprisingly, they may have some bearing on how they play the markets. Last year, Yan Caigen bought 30,000 shares of a cement company because of its lucky ticker code, 600881, which contains a double-eight.
How it works: after an election, Years 1 and 2 are down years, Year 3 (pre-election year) is strongest for stocks while Year 4 returns positive, though not as strong numbers. Only for the fun of it, you can try an Online Stock Fortune Teller, which offers its guidance to help you purchase stocks but also wisely warns that you should really seek expert financial counsel before doing so. Chart analysis is totally tied into behavioral analysis – the psychology about why you get dad cat bounces, why it matters when you get a W formation etc, all have to do with peoples behaviors and thinking around previous investments and future investments. I am obviously not a team sports type of person, but the hemline indicator is known to have something to do with tying sports results to stock market returns. The inner nature, with its inherent likes and dislikes, viewpoints, inten­tions, desires, ideals and standards. Your basic temperament, with which you overtly respond to people and things you encounter in your daily life. If other names are now used, or if additional names were added by adoption, confirmation or marriage, disregard these and write only the complete origi­nal name as it was first given to you.
This number will reveal the methods you are likely to take to express your ideas, how you are in the habit of talking and acting, how you usually handle your opportunities.
After that, you can branch out and try calculating the names of the most inti­mate associates in your life. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The Life Path (or destiny) number then, is one of the most important numbers in a numerology chart. If you end up with an 11, 22 or 33 do not reduce that number any further; these are master numbers and are not reduced in numerology. It represents the strengths and weaknesses that live with and have to come to terms with during our lives.
Courageous and reliable, they are the first to step up to the plate in times where decisive action needs to be taken.
Sometimes there can be can reluctance to accept advice, preferring instead to act on their own plans.
They dislike confrontation and injustice of any kind, constantly seeking out equitable solutions to any conflicts that come their way. Twos tend to be highly intuitive and wiling to make personal sacrifices for the greater good. Fours are very grounded and possess the tenacity to carry through the most difficult of tasks due to their strength of will and general perseverance. They can be excessively conservative in their outlook and refuse to accept anything that is not tangible.

This is a vibration that enjoys being free of restriction and likes plenty of things to do. They tend to have quite magnetic personalities and because of this can both lead and inspire others. Friends and family and relations between the two are most important to the six Life Path and the often assume responsibility for ensuring that such relationships run smoothly. They can also refuse to make practical use of theoretical ideas and can be distrustful of others. The need for solitude must be coupled with interaction with others to develop a fully integrated persona. They also have the gift of oratory and can talk others around to their way of thinking with great effectiveness. They can also be a little quick tempered at times if they feel that their patience is being stretched too far.
Learn that you need both flexibility and freedom in your business and personal life to grow to your full potential. Because of the remarkable dualistic properties of the double one which give it the same energies as two ones while endowing it with the spirit this Life Path number can offer more than its fair share of challenges to the unprepared, this is a number that reaches beyond the mundane yet it is a vibration that offers deep wisdom, intuition and exceptional potential for those who learn to harness its energies. This is a number that has the same natural leadership qualities as the one Life Path, but on a higher vibration. It is very much the number of the visionary, here we see powerful imagination combined with the steadiness required to bring plans and ideas to fruition.
The Thirty three master number has a weighty task to perform and expects much of themselves. This is a vibration capable of great patience with people and are especially gifted with children. They can also be reluctant or afraid to express their own needs and to heal themselves and others, even though they are capable of such tasks.
But if you’d reversed the whole process, and invested the compounded $10,000 during the May-October period, after 54 years you would have ended up with a $318 loss. I wrote about this a while back, describing that however January behaves is indicative of how the rest of the year will be. Using this unique outlook, you consciously or unconsciously judge literally everybody and everything you encounter in life.
This phase is used as a vehicle for your ideas, as well as to show your nat­ural abilities.
This number reflects your inner nature, what you aspire to do and be, what you appreciate in other people and in your environment. Do not be impatient or make the mistake of at first attempting to reconcile all individual action, impulse and appearance with the numbers. Over time we grow into this number and as we do so we begin to realise our own potential and the potential of the number.
Ones are progressive, innovative and don’t hesitate to take the initiative; they are life’s leaders. Most twos prefer to be ‘the power behind the throne’ rather than assume a dynamic leadership role for themselves. They are independent, adaptable, forthright and versatile and have a lively sense of humour.
Because sevens think and act so differently it is often difficult for others to relate to them, the seven often wonders if they truly understands themselves, so self analysis because a key issue to the psyche of the seven Life Path. The pursuit of material possessions will take up much of the eights time Eights have an awesome business acumen and are capable of gaining significant material success.
Education is a priority for the nine, and even late in life they often take adult education classes to learn new skills and add new strings to their bows. The nine strives for perfection but is philosophical enough to realise that it is not always forthcoming. This number performs well in difficult situations and at the same time allows them to use their sixth sense to find the best route to attaining the desired results. Elevens can turn their hand to almost anything, but in many ways this can be a handicap as there is the temptation to involve themselves in too wide a range of projects, quickly loosing interest in them once they have established their competency in the field. This is a vibration that has the potential to successfully integrate higher wisdom with organisational structure. This is also a strongly humanitarian number, always conscious of the greater good of society. This is a number that suggests a clear sense of purpose and a powerful motivation to accomplish goals. Threes are flexible and have no problem adapting to changes in life, in many ways they actually look forward to these things.
This is a number that can guide and inspire others and gradually move towards the spiritual dimensions themselves. The task of the Thirty-Three is to usher in transformation of humanity and bring a new level of consciousness to the world. People do the best they know of; many do not realize their true possi­bilities as clearly as Numerology does, and so they cannot be expected to live up to these all of the time. They also have the ability to multi task often having several irons in the fire at the same time.

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