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Read an ExcerptINTRODUCTION How Numerology for Healing WorksAn essence or soul consciously selects the letters of its name and the numbers for its birthday. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Humans suffer from a profound sense of abandonment when the soul is decanted from the Universal Oneness into the confines of a personality. Using the letters of your name and the numbers of your birthday, numerology can interpret the emotional and psychological characteristics you choose to experience in this lifetime as well as identifying your life challenges and their soulutions (soul-chosen solutions).

Brill explains how this sense of abandonment manifests itself in two principal types of behavior: people work to be loved and appreciated for who they are, or they try to control and micromanage their lives and relationships so that nothing goes wrong. By using the numerology of your birth date and name, Numerology for Healing makes it easy to identify your positive and negative tendencies and characteristics and to use them as the key to achieving a healthier life. In this instance, the terms positive and negative are being used to describe the flow of energetic patterns of choice and not as something that is either good or bad. The deeper we bury something, whether it’s a dream, an emotion, or a feeling, the more it wants to surface.

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