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You are the philanthropist, humanitarian, socially conscious, and are deeply concerned about the state of the world.
Get your personal Numerology Report tailored specifically for you by celebrity Numerologist Nancy Laine!For less than $20, Nancy will provide you with the same insight that has helped many people, and even a few celebrities, align themselves with their winning careers.
BONUS for Token Rock visitors!Nancy provides a very thorough description of the 'timing' influences in your life with a monthly forecast for the next 2 years so you can get a better grasp on your future. The life path number 3 represents the Trinity is found in many religions and cultures, it also tells us about the connection and complementarity of opposites. People of life path number 3 unusually eloquent, sometimes, unfortunately, takes the form of the gab. As we said, the carriers of the vibrations have an innate charm, finesse and flourish in society, which is conducive to their surroundings.
Thanks to his intelligence and wit, they are able to talk on any topic, and adapt to any situation. Credulity and good nature of these people are often the reason that people use their prudent and dishonest. If they do not work on themselves, they can become arrogant, idle liable to affect, unnatural and arrogant, will avoid any responsibility and can not find a way out of difficult situations. Resourceful and cheerful by nature Three people free, creative, and should not be forced into anything practical or applied.
They manifest themselves wherever possible to distinguish the charm and ingenuity, as well as the immediacy and ease of contacting people. In professional matters they usually carries, and because they are too easy to get what they want, they do not have the necessary conditions for improving the strength of character and perseverance.
Carriers of this vibration have all the data in order to achieve fame as a fashion designer, or gardens, decorators, graphic artists, photographers, architects, as well as dealers and sellers of souvenirs, toys, sporting goods, jewelry, objects of art and so on. They have a well-developed sense of color and proportion, so they can also be a fine artist, and to express themselves in any field related to fashion and art. If they are not lucky enough to work, they do not meet their abilities and interests, the number Three must devote their leisure time pursuits, offsetting the daily routine and monotony. In cases where the work they are doing, they are interested in Three be smart and enthusiastic, especially if they have the chance to use their artistic and creative abilities. If this vibration is amplified by other positive number, then the people of life path number 3 will never have difficulties in earning a living.
Number Three sensitive and timid, their sense of overwhelm, but their vivid imagination and fantasy are often the reason that they live in a different, unreal world. For the most part, the number Three have no problems in contacts with people, but the best Three’s finds common ground with another Three, and life number 1, 5 and 9, which, like it, try to look on the positive side of life. Despite the fact that the numbers 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8, by their nature are more serious and their owners are natures more complex than 3, the latter does not pay attention to it and, if it has such a desire, can find every one common language. As parents Threes tend to over-compliance in relation to their children, they do not want to make life difficult for yourself and others. Mission in life of people born under the influence of the vibration of the number 3 is to give love and joy to others, and to bring to a neighbor that everyday worries and problems – an integral part of our existence, so you need to treat them safely and optimistic.
The famous people of life path number 3: Andrei Sakharov, Ella Fitzgerald, Stefan Zweig, Antonio Gaudi, Maya Plisetskaya, Descartes, Salvador Dali, Charles Dickens, Victor Hugo, Lamartine, Rembrandt, SaraBernar, Taleiran, Paul Valery, George Sand, Scott Fitzgerald, Henry Miller, Mary Callas, Casanova.
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You are a utopian, and will spend your life trying to realize some aspect of your utopian dream, sacrificing money, time, and energy for a better world. David Wilcock takes you on a journey through the human experience and explores where we came from. People of this vibration and pour love shine your light on others, they are active, creative and extremely mobile. Because of these qualities, as well as great ease in establishing contacts with people all Three love and appreciate. They only want a comfortable life, and, like anyone else, can appreciate the joys and pleasures of life, and to enjoy them.
Happiness and life satisfaction provided by the triple wide social circle, creative, challenging work and active and full life. A large number of unsolved problems and stress can cause them talkativeness and lead to the fact that they will make promises that they can not, and will not try to fulfill. Success awaits them in many professions, because they are intelligent, ambitious, and have a rich imagination.

Ease of expressing his thoughts in conversation and in writing, writing skills, imagination, fantasy, and great ingenuity – all contribute to the fact that of Threes obtained talented writers, poets and journalists.
Despite the fact that the patience and love of learning are not the most typical of Threes traits, they have a chance to become outstanding professionals in areas such as pediatrics, gynecology, chemistry, pharmacology, nutrition, skin disorders and plastic surgery, if they can devote themselves without distraction. Therefore, in their free time they have to practice martial arts, drawing, especially karitury, playing in amateur theater or to enroll dance. But if that does not happen, and the Three have to perform boring and monotonous work, they lose all the joy and enthusiasm, get lazy and rely on them nelzya.
This tendency is clearly not conducive to finding a partner, because it must conform to the ideal that the Three have created for themselves. In addition, the need to always be on people, not allow them to fully surrender to family life.
They are endowed with many talents, they are distinguished by a great interest in the world and many hobbies. Moreover, they differ in activity and ingenuity, and his enthusiasm and optimism to inspire others and encourage them to take action. If number 3 is repeated in numerological Square or appears surrounded by weaker numbers, then an innate love of life, vitality Three develops into frivolity, lightheadedness and extreme superficiality.
Threes tend to have great energy and love of life that permeates everywhere and charges all around, so they have a positive influence on others.
Not only by their restless and fickle nature, but also a tireless search of entertainment may be the reason that her beautiful creativity and the ability of many to waste them.
If everyday life is not giving them these incentives, the number Three should offset the boredom and monotony, filling their free time employment that they were passionate and absorbed. The same thing could happen in the event that they would use his charm and its magic for their own ends.
The only thing they have to learn to rise quickly through the ranks – is a concentration and endurance.
If they stop wasting squander their talents and energy, it will be extremely difficult to achieve success. Threes are generous and have a deep need to serve others, so they make excellent teachers, principals, community caregivers and nurses. Among the areas of university research closer to them law as a profession, and a promising innovation and diversity, and areas related to communication skills and interpersonal relationships. They are successfully able to use their language skills and a sense of beauty and good taste, engaging in design space or the design of gardens.
So, they go through life from one love interest to another, like butterflies, flitting from flower to flower, and every time they firmly believe that now is the most visited and their true love.
However, they sometimes happen to forget their loved ones, because they flow carries many hobbies and cases that they are currently occupied. Therefore, to union with the man of the vibration to be happy, it is necessary first of all to know him more deeply. Often, adults are able to circle around the finger, for those fascinated by their charm and eloquence, fulfill their every whim. But they are always loving and tender, both in relation to their children, and their spouses. Such a person would have done anything to cause the interest and become the center of attention.
Generous, sensitive and able to feel deeply, Threes are a great potential of love and respect to their loved ones, full of devotion, generosity and humanity. Balanced and strengthen positive vibrations life path number 3 does not know what a bad mood or depression. It often happens that a triple sweet and helpful only to those from whom it is something independent, and, at the same time, do not pay attention to those who do not like her, or useless. Expansiveness and diversity of ideas are the reason that these people will always stand out in their profession.
Then success will come by itself, because these people are able to benefit from dating other people and any favorable situation, and they usually reach of what the others and do not dare to dream. Because, basically, they have no complexes, like to stand out from the crowd and be the center of attention, they successfully prove themselves as actors, singers, dancers, comedians, using his great sense of humor and creativity.
They did not want to hurt, and their dedication to a loved one is sincere and continues until such time as you see someone who entice them even more. But when it really comes to true love, there is no doubt that this will be a full, deep and lasting feeling.

It is advisable that parents unnecessarily indulged their whims and reasonably control their behavior and actions, keeping a balance between discipline and freedom of expression, so that the Three from childhood studied concentration and raised the strength of will.
Sensitive, sensitive, often unpredictable in its nobility and idealism that can make any sacrifices and hardships to help friends or remain true to his ideals.
He gives unrealistic promises, squanders money and even lies, and all in order to for a moment to make an impression on others. Graciously and generously, it applies to both own and other people’s shortcomings and weaknesses.
They easily acquire any knowledge and skills, and abilities inherent in their nature, so comprehensively and diverse that it is incredibly difficult to choose their own path in life, and later – do not turn from it.
In essence, the people with life path number 3 can establish themselves in any field of Performing Arts, as it gives them the opportunity to express their acting and artistic talents. As heads they never oppress and terrorize their subordinates, listen to them and try to awaken their initiative. These qualities are useful to them when they grow up and be able to fully utilize their many talents in order to achieve well-deserved success. Accustomed to the fact that, thanks to his charisma and charm are all that wish, they believe that they can do anything.
Attractive, flirtatious and often idle, Three extremely concerned about how they look, try any situation look well groomed and well dressed. Most often, they do not limit themselves kakimto budget, they are happy, when investing money without hesitation and spend it to meet the expensive whims. Triples easily forgive and never keep evil, because by its nature it is funny people, which makes them a long time to get angry. Three lifelong dreamy, emotional and gullible, so they’re just like children, require that they are constantly proving their feelings. Filled with enthusiasm, spontaneous number Three bloom in places frequented by people who are as cheerful and active. At the same time, they experience joy, presenting others and helping those in need, and here their generosity knows no bounds. The person with a 9 Life Path is rarely prejudiced or accepts social biases of people. Instead, they evaluate people on the basis of what they can do for the larger cause. They are the true egalitarian.You Bring Beauty To Your SurroundingsYou are imaginative and creative, especially at harmoniously arranging the beauty already potential in the environment. These abilities can lead you into such fields as interior decorating, landscape art, and photography. But because of your strong social consciousness, you can be an effective politician, lawyer, judge, minister, teacher, healer, and environmentalist.
But rather than be satisfied with your efforts, and those of others, you relentlessly push on, striving for greater accomplishments.
In short, you lack the perspective that would otherwise make it possible for you to enjoy life more fully, and accept its natural limitations. You have a controlled enthusiasm and the ability to finish what you start.A key to your personality is the necessity of sacrifice. You have to learn to let go of material possessions and relationships, the inherent lesson being that holding on too tightly to anything causes pain. Conversely, if you pursue money for its own sake, after giving up on your larger dreams, you're likely to find yourself empty handed.Consider Humanitarian EffortsThe most successful and satisfying road for a nine is giving, sharing, and sacrificing for a larger goal without expecting anything in return.
Your greatest chance at success is to tie your personal fortunes to an endeavor that makes the world a better place for others. Very often, this turns into a highly successful and lucrative enterprise, providing amply for you and your family. Your life rests on the axiom that the more you give, the bigger your reward.Be Honest With YourselfYou are romantic, but your love is more impersonal. You can become timid, uncertain, and ungrateful, putting the blame for your troubles on others or the world. By openly facing your shortcomings, as well as your strengths, you develop equilibrium.

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