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Thaipusam, also known as Thai Poosam is the most celebrated festival of Tamil community which is celebrated in the month of Thai, which corresponds with the months of January-February of the Hindu calendar. Apart from India, this festival is also celebrated on a large scale in countries like Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Malaysia, South Africa and Singapore. Though many people consider this day also as the birthday of Murugan but this is just a misconception as his birthday is celebrated in as VaikasiVisakam, in the month of Vaikasi (May-June according to the Gregorian calendar). People get up early in the morning and take ritualistic bath while chanting prayers and hymns dedicated to the God. There’s an impulse to be nerve racking in modern numerology in tamil psychological valuation will bring an ending to a deeper idea of using a personality. Numerology is a science that studies the correlation between Numbers and events that occur in our life.

It is believed that in the duration of this festival, the star named pusam is on its highest point. It has the highest statue of MuruganMuruganMurugan, also known as Kumaran, is a Hindu deity and son of Shiva and Parvati. The aim was to kill a demon named Surapadman who was creating havoc in the complete universe. These offerings should be specifically of yellow or orange color as they are believed to be his favorite ones. They can only consume Satvik food and clean their mind, heart and body off any negative influences. Secondly, on this day people thank Murugan for answering their prayers, devotees believe that if they ask for anything from the Lord, he bestows it upon them as soon as possible.

They also get their head shaved and might also carry a small pot of milk but hanging it through hooks against their cheeks or tongue.
Thirdly, devotees look at the festival as a way to attain penance for their previous mistakes. This ritual is known as KavadiAttam, also known as the Burden dance as people carry physical burden with the help of Murugan and cleanse themselves of any spiritual mistakes. People undergo a series of painful rituals to seek forgiveness for their sins and believe that their lives start with a new meaning and a direction after cleansing their accounts of bad deeds.

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