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Based on the system developed by Greek mathematician Pythagoras, this 25 page report examines your personality and life influences from a numerology perspective using your full name and date of birth to create an illuminating picture of your personality and motivations. The report can also guide you in identifying existing opportunities and opening the way to new and even more favorable possibilities. Your very own personalized numerology profile is offered in the form of a printable file. This is a great print for anyone who is interested in numerology and is also a wonderful way to initiate conversation.

It’s up to you, though, to use the information here, along with your free will, to determine the road on which you want to journey and the distance you wish to travel.
This file has a complete four pages of reading with the first two pages that giving an introduction to numerology followed by nine sections that describe what the numbers mean to you. The last two pages are specific to you and is associated to your name and the date you were born. Delivery times and shipping costs for printed reports vary depending on your location, however the PDF reports are usually delivered within 24 hours.

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