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Corporate BrandingUsing the ancient science of numerology and yantra I will create a corporate branding that will harness the full power of your mission and take full advantage of your numbers. Read MoreStaff RelationsBy understanding the strengths, weaknesses and tendencies of your staff you can engage them more effectively and efficiently while also creating harmony in the office. Read MoreCompetition AnalysisBy understanding the numerology of your own company and your key competitors, you can take advantage of weaknesses and seize opportunities when the time is just right. Read MoreSubscribeGet your FREE Lucky Chart, containing information on your lucky colours, gemstones, days of the month, and compatibility with others in business and love. Numerology is the study of numbers, and the occult manner in which they reflect certain aptitudes and character tendencies, as an integral part of the cosmic plan.
Numbers can also be used to determine the best time for major moves and activities in life, like when to invest, when to marry, when to travel, when to change jobs, or relocate. I have studied the ancient schools of Vedic numerology and Pythagorean systems for over 30 years and now use these two systems to not only provide a complete reading for my clients. Incoming search terms:numerology wallpaperspythagoras square numerologynumerology power yantratalisman numerologynumerological yantrahow to use numerology yantrafree numerology and personal yantar gemsnumerology yantrasfree numerology and birth det personal yantar gemsbusiness signatures numerologyBe Sociable, Share!
TestimonialsWe have already had the Soul Yantra which you designed for our Bhakti Yoga center digitally printed and installed on a 2mx2m board on the wall at the entrance of the restaurant. Feelings of mediocrity or failure are all symptoms of false ego - a false identification with your outer shell. The 5 Noble Truths are here to set you free from the illusory shackles created by a mischievous mind.

INCLUDES unique affirmation yantras to aid in your meditation, all of which have been mathematically mapped to the most powerful magic square of the Sun! Browse our online website listings to find your Holistic Healing Psychic requirements.We have many business listings within our directory that you can use to cover all your Psychic needs in New Zealand.
No one can know what their life's going to be like until they start trusting their own intuition. Tarot card readings, Spiritual counselling and enlightenment, Personal development and discovery. The sum of the numbers in your birth date and the sum of value derived from the letters in the name provide an interrelation of vibrations.
Furthermore, for an additional $50, I can also capture your unique number vibrations inside a geometric signature or personal yantra based on a magic square that can then be used as a talisman, meditation tool or company logo. The color of this Yantra balances the energy and compliments the interior desgin of the center very well. Guest appearance on Holmes and Brisbane Extra.Now, Radio MoreFM92?Resident Psychic Clairvoyant ? You are invited to a journey of self-discovery and transformation to realise a greater reality. Similarly, each phonetic letter has a numeric value that provides a related cosmic vibration. If you want the full Number Advantage package of your numerology reading + your personal geometric signature, go here now!

Her remarkable relationship with Spirit and her enthusiasm to inspire and assist others, is what makes K so loved and admired by all. Her innate ability to bring through incredible details and accurate information from Spirit has captivated clients and students from all over the world.Her lovable nature and capacity to understand and connect with her clients, creates strong and often life long bonds. Many tell her that they feel like part of her extended family and it?s hardly surprising considering K?s sincere desire to help people discover a more purposeful and rewarding life.K?s readings, workshops and products are in high demand, regularly sending K across the globe to assist those seeking direction and enlightenment. Workshops are conducted by request throughout NZ, also informal gatherings in living rooms, one to one therapy's, and couple sessions renewal of masculine n feminine.
Working closely with Spirit, K teaches others to awaken and strengthen their own psychic abilities effortlessly. By simplifying the processes and teaching easy to follow techniques, K has a tremendous success rate with all of her students, many of whom go on to be successful and inspiring readers themselves.K is a respected and recognised medium and channeller, delivering information from deceased loved ones and other non physical beings. Contact Dee-Aroha to request email message, workshop or travel itinerary so you can organize a gathering at home with friends and family.

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