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Since it is a number that is based on your birth date, it gives interesting insights about your destined path through life. Ruling number is just the beginning of your numerological report, but it does say a lot about you.
For example, if Ann's birthday falls on the 20th of December, her ruling number would be 2. It reveals the challenges and rewards that one has experienced and will go through in one's life.

Some numerologists also refer to it as the personality number because it reveals a lot about your personal characteristics. People with ruling number 1 are original, active, energetic, brilliant, and highly motivated.
This number is usually associated with business and these people enjoy great material success.
They are not generally interested in accumulating wealth; however, most of them are well off.

You are attracted to people with an intellectual bent of mind, but at the same time you are also attracted to people who can provide you with creature comforts.

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