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The number is the symbol that expresses the relationship of our life and our mind with nature, our existence and our possibilities and powers that in a way are dependent on them.
This is a very simple operation, just add all the numbers that make up the birth date, and add the numbers of the result, until a single number between one and nine.
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The two of wands often speaks of times when we are contemplating a decision and we are taking plenty of time to do so. In the second group we have cards from The Ancestral path (Julie Cuccia-Watts), Osho Zen, Anna K, Llewellyn, Gaian (Joanna Powel Colbert) and the Gendron deck.
My last group has cards from The Sacred Rose deck (Gargiulo- Sherman), The Gilded and The Legacy of the Divine Tarot (Ciro Marchetti) and The Druid Craft Tarot. When I started studying Tarot I believed that if you were a good reader, your prediction would always be accurate.
It did not take me long to discover that the same reader could be so accurate once and not so much another time. I also noticed that a reader that was unbelievably good with me, was not so great with my mother. When I moved over to Canada, I discovered that many Tarot readers were very selective on what they would read about.
I am glad I did, because as soon as I started to read for strangers, I started to learn so much more. I like to make my own Tarot spreads, because I find I can use the cards more effectively that way.
April 11, 2013 by Anna We all have cards we could talk about forever and others where we get stuck on a few interpretations. It has been my experience that using several decks often expand our interpretations of the cards.
I have therefore decided to look at the Moon card from The Osho Zen Tarot, The Rider Waite, Ancient Tarot De Marseille and Sacred Rose Tarot.
Should the cray fish get out of the water and take the path to wisdom (mountains) it would have to get past the two animals first, the two towers later and up a very long winding mysterious path. It is no surprise than that most of us get back into the water and stay stuck in our repetitive automatic response to challenges and surprises.
So the goal of the card in this deck is to become objective, by understanding that truth may be subjective, shaped as it is by personal perceptions, culture and experience. I would like to close this post acknowledging my faithful apprentice and assistant, my cat Lovie. Consequently the pictures are bigger and so it is easier to notice the details, which is good.
Shuffling them or handling them in general though is much harder, which in my personal experience is bad. I have come to realize that the Druid Craft deck speaks to me quite differently than other decks. I usually get a message of sneaking around, hiding things because he does not want to face the objections of others to his actions or decisions. The feeling I get from the image of the 7 of swords in the Druid Craft is totally different. As I was looking at the image I also noticed the way the swords are resting in an intricate pattern, which made perfect sense to me as it related well to the situation I was dealing with.
I am now looking at the 6 of cups from the Rider Waite, the Gilded and The Sacred Rose deck.

When I look at this card I think of children, childhood connections, gifts and good intentions. From an elemental point of view, cups represent water, which is all about feelings, imagination, dreams, love.
People can reveal a half of a truth, but the ancient system used to build the love calculator is proven 100% ACCURATE. An example: we want to find the birth number which corresponds to a person born on December 23, 1974. Now, using Google Talk you can make FREE International Phone Calls to any phone in over 30 countries.No registration, no credit card, even no sign up needed to get started with free calling ride. The Sacred Rose whispers “Have faith”, “Tomorrow is another day”, “The sun will rise again”. Some would not read about health, or finances or legal issues or any person but the one sitting in front of them.
Many Tarot readers did not want to predict any more, rather guide their clients, helping them understand better their own situation. It took me forever to decide that I was good enough to read for strangers and charge money for my services. When you only read for yourself and people in your own circle, the meanings of the cards remain limited.
I still believe that a good question will result in a much deeper reading, but you can have a very nice general reading also, and so I later started to offer them.
The cray fish is our attempt to get out of the confused memories and repetitive patterns to find light, clarity and a new response. Most Tarot decks have cards considerably bigger then regular playing cards, but the Druid Craft deck is massive!
He carries 5 swords in a way that in real life would most likely cause him some  nasty wounds.
This behavior often backfire, as the actions are discovered and the two swords left behind are used against him. The fact that it is night makes me think he has been pondering over it for quite some time.
One of the most important numbers is the number of birth, which powerfully influences throughout life.
Choices are made from a new perspective, with consideration for the well being of future generations. In my experience, it is only when you start reading for strangers that you will encounter different cultures, religions, life styles and so on. Given that it is a water creature and not a land one, gives us the idea of how difficult that goal is. It also confirms my belief that it is a good idea to use several decks, as in this case this card fitted the situation so much better that the same card in the other deck could. They are in what looks like the court yard of a castle ( safe and sheltered from the outside world). The boy is holding a frog, a rabbit sits alert between them,  a cat looks out of the card from the bottom right corner. Here is the simple procedure to make free calls to any international phone using Google Talk.1. I don’t think it was an accurate interpretation, but I was not ready to give the client very bad news.
Often , the hidden actions are discovered and the person  has to face the angry people who are affected by them and who would not have agreed to the conditions in the first place.

The Ace of Sword came up in the same reading, telling me in no uncertain words that it was time to speak up. I have offered my clients several choices of decks for a while now and after this experience I know it is a practice I want to continue. In this context, I think the card suggests to behave honestly and kindly, as the children are watching. In The legacy of the Divine Tarot, the lady flies over the destruction, suggesting we can do the same. I asked my students to check their hand outs to see if the card ventured out with them for a field trip. In the words of Leisa Refalo in the companion book “The Star represents hope and inspiration that can be found both from above (Divine) and within (inner consciousness). When we are able to turn off all noises and external distractions, we find peace and we are at one with the Universe.
With the Druid Craft deck I am reminded that my connection to the water element is healthy and open once again. The key is to understand the effect of karma, without getting distracted by the details of our past lives. In other words, engage with the wolf to follow and understand your instinct, your urges, your connection to the Natural world around you. The author says that gaining a glimpse into the past would be a gift, more would be overwhelming.
Let the rational, educated part of you, question your intuitive hits, your perception, to avoid becoming delusional or disconnected from the present reality, the society you live in.
I do not believe in coincidences, therefore I suspected the missing card had a message for me. As I entered 2014 I had a strong feeling that I needed to engage with the water element more in my everyday life. My tendency is to analyze things (air), find practical approaches (earth) and get things going (fire). As I look at the image from the Marseille deck, I review the book of my first Tarot teacher, Luciana Pedirota. I was stunned to find The Star card exactly where it was supposed to be, between the Tower and the Moon!
I was so happy to see her that I decided to celebrate by pulling the Star card from all my other decks and see what I could learn. In the Gaian deck, I get a sense of grace, inspiration, gratitude and of wishing upon a star. Accept my individuality, while seeking help and direction from a higher source in meditation.
As Luciana points out in her book, the lady in the Star, shares the posture of the individual about to become a Knight. The other leg shows the individual being alert to synchronicity and ready to take action and to transform as needed.

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