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This duet brow and liner pencil liner comes as a long pointed pencil with transparent safety cap. Other than that, it is one such shade after black which is highly demanded by our relatives.
Initially, it might feel rough on eyes, but after using it contiuously for some time, it feels soft and smooth on skin.
The pigmentation is more or less comparable to L’Oreal Voluminuous Smoldering Brown Eyeliner. The size of the pencil is such that it will last for years and years even if we use it every day. Such a pretty brown but since I wear spectacles and I am between wheatish to dusky, for me wearing brown liner is equal to wearing nothing at all!
Eyebrow trends don't always look good on everyone, and many of us have the middle-school class photos to prove it, amirite? As you can see on Naya Rivera here, making your brows just a little lighter or darker can change your look a lot. You can also use a tinted brow gel just a shade lighter than your brows to tint them slightly lighter.

NYC New York Color Classic Brow and Liner Pencils line your eyes precisely with intense color.
I always prefer using brown kohl or eyeliner for eyes during day time, it brightens my face and pretty much compliments my skin tone as compared to black.
I just wonder initially every pencil seems so rough on eyes and by the time their tip gets slightly blunt, the liner just goes smooth and creamy.
Luckily, this year's brow trends are more about color and contrast than changing the shape, which means we can all put down the tweezers.
For most of us, nature has already provided the most flattering option, which is probably why so many women just leave well enough alone. I love weekends nowadays as we get chance to indulge ourselves in various activities related to upcoming events such as Halloween, Christmas here.
My heart usually aches while practicing eye makeup art with high-end goodies, but with these NYC stuff, I can practice the whole day ?? It won’t hurt my hubby’s pocket or my calculation ?? If you are a beginner in make up like me and want to set your hands, then definitely these pencils are for you guys.
For blonds with light brows, you can quickly achieve a contrasting brow with a powder or pencil. For redheads in particular, matching brows are almost always the best route, as demonstrated by the lovely Deborah Ann Woll.

Last weekend was amazing, we had great fun in Aadya’s playschool carving pumpkin and decorating kiddo boxes for upcoming Halloween.
I usually prefer this eyeliner for weekend events and hang outs as it stays longer as compared to other Revlon or L’Oreal brown eyeliners I own till date. I bought this shade exclusively for my sis-in-law, but then, looking at its pigmentation which is pretty similar to L’Oreal eyeliner and price, I too fell for it.
But you can do the reverse and try eyebrows that are lighter than your hair, as many celebs do. I love flaunting brown brows, it looks natural as compared to black I feel as I have black brown brows naturally. Use the pencil to feather on a little color wherever your brows are thin or sparse, and then use a spooly brush to blend it through and blur any visible lines.
I spotted it in our store along with other shades and picked it up immediately as I love dark browns.

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