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As Mars moves into Libra 2013 (Late Saturday December 7th, GMT time) it is worth asking what implications this has when answering questions in astrology.
2nd- 8th house distinctionBy the way I should mention that one’s shares belong in the 2nd house as they are our personal assets. To assess whether his financial situation improves or deteriorates if he purchases XYZ shares we look at what happens next. A knowledge of the essential dignities of the planets provides the astrologer with an indispensable tool for making accurate predictions in horary astrology and psychological assessments in natal astrology.
At the time when Alexander fell into a coma Jupiter was transiting Josephine’s Midheaven. Finally on Thursday, the day that Jupiter turned retrograde, Josephine decided to take Alexander to the vet to be put down by an injection just in case he was still alive and suffering.
So if you want to give away $150 worth of gifts at no cost to yourself simply contact me by email or phone and I will send you a gift voucher. Daniel Hurst from The Age reported on September 24th 2013 that the re-elected leader of the Australian Greens, Christine Milne, wants to reach out to supporters who turned away from the minor party in the September 7 2013 federal election. Senator Milne acknowledged the Greens must reconnect with voters after the party lost a quarter of its lower house vote on September 7. The Greens secured 8.6% of the lower house primary vote in the election, suffering a swing away from them of about 3% from 2010. The Greens and Labor will together lose the power to block legislation in the Senate in July next year when a disparate group of micro-parties and independents take their seats.
The horoscope for the Australian Greens, submitted to Facebook by Michele Finey and shown above has the Ascendant at 10.25 Capricorn. When Bob Brown, the inspirational founder stepped down on June 15 2012 Pluto was at 10.43 Capricorn, just 18 minutes from the Ascendant of this horoscope. One astrological commentator predicted that with Pluto on the ascendant their power will rise.
My own published prediction on Facebook was that Pluto on the Ascendant represented crisis for the Greens. I believe it is the distinction between repressed energy of Pluto and pure power of the Sun that reveals the true nature of Pluto. The symbol for Pluto is of a crucible held over the cross which is the symbol for the forces of matter which must pass and be transformed within the crucible before release into spirit. In natal astrology a tight applying aspect with Pluto focuses and intensifies the nature of the planet concerned.
That the release of these energies resembles a power of its own is understandable and one can be excused for confusing this with the pure power of divinity represented by the solar sphere. The so-called power of Pluto is but a dim repressed reflection of the majesty that is represented by the Sun, the majesty which is the ultimate physical symbol of divinity in this imperfect world of matter. That Pluto’s transit across the Ascendant of the Greens horoscope would lead some astrologers to predict a rise to power suggests that a reappraisal of the meaning of Pluto is due.
Clearly it is important that any prediction should take into account all the various planetary cycles that are operative at the time of a prediction, as well as the manner in which the natal condition and configuration is echoed by the transiting planets. However I think that we need to move beyond the simplistic interpretation that Pluto = power and transformation. A deeper understanding of the type of energy expressed by Pluto is required if we are to achieve accuracy in natal interpretations and mundane predictions. At the recent SOTA astrology conference in Niagara Falls Sevi reported that her valuable ear ring had been lost.
Sevi raised the question at the end of my lecture on Transits from a Traditional Perspective and a horary chart was generously supplied by Franco.

The fact that both lights (the Sun and Moon) are above the horizon offers support to the likelihood that the ear ring will be found.
The Moon’s placement in the 12th house reflects the owners disappointment at losing the ear ring and this 12th house placement does not inspire hope that the object will be found.
However the Moon, which is the querent’s co-significator, does apply by sextile aspect to Saturn, which represents the missing object.
Some authors have the opinion that when a late degree is rising on the Ascendant that it is too late to ask the question and that any further interrogation of the horoscope is pointless. Sevi wrote to tell me that as she was leaving the hotel she was approached by a cleaner who asked if she had lost an ear ring. Apparently it had been was handed in. In my June 28 article on my stock market direction site in which I predicted the election date I demonstrated the effectiveness of using the national ingress horoscope, set for the beginning of the astrological year, to reveal national developments. The method I used to predict the election date was simple: The government is always represented by the tenth house and the opposition is always represented by the fourth house. In my brief comments before the August Victorian Astrology Association lecture I suggested that if the same logic was followed that was used to predict the election date, the government was in serious trouble. However Mars, the planet that rules the government in Australia’s 2010 ingress chart, is in its detriment in the sign of Libra. The newspapers report that the government’s huge lead has been squandered by Gillard’s tactical error to go to the polls early. Pluto is one of the modern outer planets, and has no traditional rulership in ancient astrology, and therefore has no essential dignity in any of the signs.
So on the day of the election we witnessed the conjunction of Venus and Mars in the sign of Libra giving the government a major shock and also an exact square between Saturn and Pluto, with receptions showing that Saturn is empowered to bring balance. If you trawl the internet for receptions you will find discussions relating to the ancient texts, the origins of receptions, and different points of view about the validity of receptions in certain circumstances.
In my Horary and Foundation Studies classes I provide students with a simple formula that brings clarity and precision to the understanding of receptions. The use of dignity and receptions in natal astrology adds new layers of meaning to the chart’s interpretation. The Moon is in late Pisces and about to enter Aries where she will begin her last quarter aspect to the Moon.
Adam Elenbaas is a professional astrologer and the director of the Nightlight Astrology School.
The attached minimalist chart shows all details removed except those necessary to answer the question.
This is a question concerning a proposed action: If I do this thing what are the consequences? In later years it had become deaf and in the last week of October 2013 as Jupiter began to station before turning retrograde Alexander fell into a coma. To establish which planet represents Josephine’s cat we did not need to look deep into her psyche.
The opposite proved to be the case and this failed prediction highlights some of the present confusion within the astrological community concerning the meaning of Pluto.
Its energy is in a sense compressed into a crucible upon which other psychic energies are focused.
This is a strong testimony that the object will be found as it links the missing object with its owner. Unlike the natal astrology the sole focus of the horary chart is the question which is asked. In this case the sign on the cusp of the tenth house is Scorpio and its traditional ruler is Mars.

But how is the ‘hung parliament,’ where the ability to form a government is determined by the need for one of the major parties to form a partnership with independents, shown by astrology? Over the next two days the first Moon cycle of summer will begin disseminating her gifts and learning lessons. Adam holds an MA and MFA in English and Creative Writing and is one of the founding writers at RealitySandwich. The consequences are not good for his finances and therefore he has the option to exercise his free will and not invest in XYZ shares.
All we had to do was to look at the planet that ruled the 6th house cusp and follow its motion to see what happened next. While a transit Pluto across the Ascendant in any chart will not always manifest in crisis (the natal condition and configuration  of Pluto will reveal its likely manifestation) we cannot automatically interpret it as a rise to power. And although the effects can be hugely disruptive and transformative this is the release of repressed energy, energy from the Sun which has been compressed within Pluto’s icy shell, saved for that special moment of release as timed by cosmic forces. Saturn is also conjunct the Midheaven, which is one of the 4 angles, otherwise known as power-points. Horary was once the mainstay of astrology and upon its humble foundations the existing edifice of astrology has been built.
Expressions such as “planets receiving each other”, “giving virtue”, and “providing a reception” are examples. I am happy to provide customised lessons to those who wish to add these basic techniques to their astrological toolkit. To put it simply, the next two Moon cycles should continue and deepen the complexities, joys, and challenges of all that we've been doing for the past month now.
By the way if you want to to achieve accuracy in interpretations always use the classical rulers of the zodiac signs.
When the significator of a lost object conjoins the Ascendant or Midheaven there is a strong likelihood that it will be found. The horoscope which is provided by the cosmos in answer to a horary question must contain the answer.
Saturn in Libra reflects the ability to balance conflicting demands with poise and good judgement. It simplistic terms we would say that Pluto ‘loves’ Saturn, and therefore will do whatever it can to assist Saturn.
In horary astrology there are certain conditions in which this aspect might allow for a role reversal or swapping of places between the planets, symbolically.
Yes it is true that a share represents a slice of someone else’s business, but it is a slice that we own, and what we own is shown by the 2nd house. I considered the conjunction of Venus and Mars and the Sun reaching the 7th house cusp sufficient evidence  to predict that the election would be held on August 21 2010. Help us to feel that these changes and results are the presence of an intelligence inviting us once more to participate in an everlasting divine relationship. So the situation implies a time where the Moon and Mars are going to work together to overcome a moment where Mars might otherwise be considered relatively impotent. The result: a hung parliament where partnership with independents is required in order to govern. It should be an interesting next few days!Prayer: The warrior and the mother are coming together to accomplish something.

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