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Indian women love rangoli to decorate their home, temples and other places where ever they like . Muggulu symbolizes happiness and prosperity.It is believed that they create humbleness on welcoming the visitors. Rangavallikalu signifying a creative expression of art by means of colors.It is also believed to prevent evil and undesirable elements from entering the houses.
Rangoli is an Indian traditional or folk art, which is generally created on the floor on some festive represents man's concern for all living creatures. The Ashtadalam Muggu  is a high energy Muggu or design especially meant for Lakshmi Poojas. This Geometric pattern is said to be so powerful that if your put this design in your Pooja room or Pooja Mandiram for 21 days with an intent for something that you wish for , it will happen.
It may seem slightly complicated but when you practice it regularly you will get the hang of it. Wishing you all lovely ladies a Happy Varalakhshmi Vratham with the choicest of abundance and prosperity!

Couple of years ago, on a boring afternoon, just before Diwali i needed some interesting job to pass the time. Some are still following the circular rangoli pattern, some think of squares and Mehendi-like designs, some are doing it 'the Cutting-edge' way by chopping off the edges and creating quarter-circles. I congratulate all these talented people who are extending their creative Rangoli hands to keep the unforgettable traditions, going on, impressively!! It is facilitated to draw at your house.You will certainly likewise add shades of your choice and this makes your home looks very beautiful.
Every wife wakes up early in the morning cleans her courtyard and decorates them with beautiful desings. Please go ahead and follow our page for more interesting and useful images which can be used for competition.
First make the dots with a chalk on the floor and use them to guide you to draw the curlicues and patterns. This Muggu is specifically drawn on Fridays and during the Shravana Masa Lakshmi Pooja day ,i.e.

If you miss even one dot you will be able to make out when it goes wrong as the lines won’t join and would be uneven. Repeat the same for all the remaining dots till you get the pattern of an 8 petal  Lotus. Very interestingly, some creative heads are using pebbles and vessels to draw cute little rangoli designs to impress!! So for all those girls who want to get married or those who seek happiness, joy, a good job and prosperity should definitely  try this. This wonderful art piece started without any picture in mind, totally free hand, took us two people with an artistic mind to create this.

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