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Unlike other parts of your body, your eyes do not usually hurt when there is something wrong with them. The eye examination can pick up early signs of potentially blinding eye conditions, such as glaucoma. PRINTABLE EYE CHARTS READafter reading the eye chart,with or without your glasses,you will often be asked to look at the same letters through a little the smallest row that can be read accurately indicates the visual acuity in that eye.
There are three reading sections – of general interest, for a non-specialist audience, taken from magazines, books, and newspapers.

You are not allowed to use a dictionary in the IELTS test, so you should practise doing your timed readings without a dictionary. Thank reddit for sharing a fun online reading speed and comprehension tool from The Wall Street Journal. Your answers will be marked incorrect if you leave them blank, so if you cannot find the right answer – guess! However, you should write your answers directly on your Answer Sheet because you will not be given extra time to transfer them at the end of the Reading Test.

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