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With the left hand for boys and right hand for girls, astrologer used to perform the palm reading and based on the arrangement and connectivity of the lines present on the palm he used to tell one’s past, present and future.
Palm used to tell about your family, your ancestors, and your natural talents while interpreting your past by palm reading. If you are married then your present will illustrate about your ongoing marriage life and what have you become.
Marriage life can be predicted by watching the marriage line which is located just below the little finger.
One can calculate the marriage line age with the help of heart line, third phalange of the little finger, and marriage line.
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For interpreting your marriage life, there is need to watch over your marriage line which is located below the bottom of little finger. Assume the distance between the third and the bottom most phalange of the little finger and the heart line would be 60 years. The position and texture of other lines should also be considered for predicting anyone's age. Relationship lines present on your palm are used to tell about your marriage life, love life, love or arranged marriage, and age of marriage. Marriage line is one of the relationship lines, which is used to tell your married life, marriage age, love marriage or arrange marriage etc. Love marriage line is not any line exactly but it still can be predicted by looking the distance between the heart line and marriage line.

If both the lines are close to each other then it means there are chances of happening love marriage otherwise chances becomes less with the increasing distance between marriage line and heart line.
If it is lying above the centre then marriage age would be more than 30 years and if it is lying at the centre then marriage age would be 30 years otherwise less than 30 years. In this way, without having an actual line, palmistry for love marriage lines can be performed.

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