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Because your life is shown in your palms, along with you character , readings can be incredibly swift, if necessary, for example at large parties and functions, where Sue can work through a crowd,giving accurate past and character readings and give great insight for the future. Email readings will be done as soon as humanly possible,but the amount of readings which are possible in a day is still limited, so Sue asks you to please book a time for the reading, (You do not have to be online during this time) so that she has space to finish the readings accurately for you. All the lines on the palm however big or small, thick or thin are helpful in determining the speed of the life force of the individual.
The Head Line- This line starts from the Mount of Jupiter or from above it.In most of the plams, the head line and the life line originate from the same place. The Heart Line- This line starts from under the Mount of Mercury, separating the areas of Mercury and Harshala, reaching under the index finger and the Mount of Jupiter.
The Ring of Jupiter- It makes a half moon on the Mount of Juptier and covers its whole area which looks like a ring. The Line of Mars- This line commences from the base of the life line near the thumb, passes over the area of Mars and goes towards the Mount of Venus and line of Mars, but its place of commencement is not sure. The Girdle of Venus- This commences between the index finger and the finger of Saturn and ends between the finger of Apollo and the littel finger. The Lines of Children- These lines are seen near the Mount of Mercury in the form of vertical lines over the marriage line. The Bracelets- These lines are found on the wrist and they are different in number in different hands. The Casual Lines- These lines are formed from time to time and show the bad and good times of a person.
The High Post Line- This line commences form the wrist and is seen proceeding towards the area of Dragon's tail. The Griddle of Venus, found above the line of heart and generally encircling the Mounts of Saturn and the Sun. The line of Fate, which occupies the centre of the hand, from the wrist to the Mount of Saturn. The upper containing the fingers and mounts of Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun, Mercury and Mars, represents mind, and the lower containing the base of the hand, represents the material. Health and Finance Gemini's usually suffer from tiredness, weakness, digestive problem, insomnia. Mind-Line Head Line deals with your beliefs, your philosophy, your attitude on and how you approach life. Here you will be able to find different lines, which exist on hand, their meanings and complete analysis briefly.
Vertical lines on the Mercury Mound are called a "Medical Stigmata" in traditional palmistry.
These verticals on the Mercury Mound at the base of the Mercury finger represent excess energy trying to get out through the Mercury finger.

And one last very important point: Don't go out in the world and try to RESCUE all the sick, lame and lazy. If you have these Mercury Mound vertical lines your most important CHALLENGE is to live as a teacher and healer to everyone you meet every day.
Copy your hand print on a scanner or copier, making sure that you can see  the lines clearly. Therefore it is necessary for an expert palmist to make a critical study of each line found on the palm. The source of the line is different in different plams but ultimately it ends at the Mount of Sun. Its one end lies between the fnger of Saturn and index finger and the other end lies bewtween the finger of Saturn and the finger of Apollo. The one end of the ring lies between the finger of Saturn and the finger of Sun and the other end lies between the finger of Sun and the little finger.
It encircles both the Mounts of Sun and Saturn.Despite the name it has no connection with the Mount of Venus.
It commences from the area the of Moon, passes over the Neptune and Harshal areas and ends after reaching the Mount of Mercury. This passes over the line of Moon or is seen proceeding from the area of Venus towards the area of Mars and is seen crossing the area of Dragon's Head, moves towards the Mount of Moon. Before beginning, it is quite better at this time to mention that there is a marked difference between lines of the two hands, that is the left and the right hand.
If there is any deviation from the normal point of its origin or where it ends, the characteristics of that line would also change, causing change in the importance of that line of the human behavior as well. But here is the big secret: If you do choose always to use your natural psychic powers to help others heal their own karmic wounds, then more miracles than you can imagine will happen in your life.
The clear and deep long lines on a palm indicates success, while the broken, thin and indistinct lines are a handicap for the person. If the line is long, deep and distinct, then the person would have a sharp mind and would be an intellectual. This line comes form the outside of the palm towards the inside of the plam on the Mount of Merucry. While analyzing the hands, it is wise to look at both the hands to keep in mind the difference between these two.
From here, it continues to move ahead, growing stronger or weak until it ends at a pre-defined point. Keeping this in view, it is very important to know about the middle point and the end-point of every line under discussion. You should always listen to this inner psychic voice for guidance, especially in dealing with other people.

It is subtle and easy to miss the point.] The ability to help and heal is something you learned how to do along your karmic path in past lives.
If you choose NOT to help and heal, then not much will happen except you will live a boring, stuck, problematic existence.
The life line commences from under the Mount of Jupiter and originates from the side of the palm near the thumb and the index finger surrounding the Mount of Venus and ultimately ends at the bracelets.
If it is faint, indistinct or appears broken at several places then the person would be weak-minded or a labourer.
In some hands 3 or 4 lines are found and it does not mean that they shall marry that many times. There are rare chances that the lines on a person do not change during the entire course of his life.
Often the inner psychic voice will tell you something that conflicts with your ego or conscious desires.
A well rounded Mercury Mound with these verticals indicates much more than just an ability to speak from the heart. If a cross is found on the line then the marriage or the engagement of the person would be broken.
This is because; right hand reflects the norms that have been learnt throughout during the life span of an individual. Although there are minor changes in the major lines of a person, the secondary lines change every now and then. It also reflects the hard work and the impact of environment in which one has spent his life. They not only change according to the changing human circumstances but also according to the changing weather, age and even lifestyle. This can be understood be the fact that because right hand is used more in delivering the services during everyday businesses, it harbors more power and more capability to do work in an efficient way. Some lines do remain almost the same throughout the lifespan but still have varied crossovers from other lines affecting the temperaments of those unchanged lines. The motive behind this is that, brain directly controls the working of the right hand; brain translates the idea in it into a more practical form while utilizing the right hand.

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