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General Predictions: Your Lord, Gem-stone, Remedies, Profession, Health, Financial Capabilities, etc. D)Chance of marriage at the age of 24, fault in marriage line, no happiness from marital life and divorce at the age of 25. This marriage of her was not successful because many semi-circular lines are coming outside at lower side from intuition line. While taking efforts regarding business everyone experience the phrase a€?Man proposes, God disposesa€™.
Leta€™s see another example a youngest son while eating normal food talked about lakhs of rupees. 6)Age 37, 38 entry into double business, age 38, 39 there will be loss in additional business due to a wrong decision. 3)As there is marked mount of Jupiter, this person has religious attitude and get post of position.
10) Age 35 and half entry into politics, this person had become ZP president in first attempt.
While explaining a€?no sense without educationa€™ Mahatma Jyotiba Phule presented the losses before the people that happened due to non-sensible act .
2) Head line on hand turned to mount of moon, lower part of mount of moon is inflated, As had line is additionally high and mixed well with line of life at the origin, it indicated tendency to suicide. 2) A double head line over each other and a simian line after mix with heart line show double standard in behavior. 3)Two gridles of venus on hand have shown bad addictions since childhood,drinking habit and restless mentality. 4)The Via Lascivs line shows the rise in the mentality to consume addictives like liquor and abnormal growth in sexual desire. 6)While life line is progressing, a vertical line is seen on it and then life line has divided. 7)Cross sign on the mount of Saturn has showed possibility of capital punishment or murder.
6)If marriage line cuts at the end, it showed there is anguish between husband-wife and divorce. For the persistent requests and demands from our readers who are beginners as student of Palmistry and other amateurs palmists, we are starting this unique and interesting regular feature in this journal. To explain in simple way to get familiar with the reading of the character, career, time of marriage and their future events, here you will find the Palm print of unknown person (Name not mentioned) who himself is famous palmist aged 50 years indicating some careers changes in life.

It is imperative to have the elementary knowledge of chierology or chierogomy and chiero-mancy a well as to read the Palm print of this person (Fig. Prima facie, you will find the print is full of many lines, small or large and various signs about which saints have writtens.
The structure of the palm at a glance is rectangular palm with small fingers which is known as Fiery hand.
His Life line and Mind line starts at very early age, hence the subjected is of independent views and will remain away from parents and will have confidence. Bear in mind no two palms of any individual are similar, exactly alike and various marks, signs, patterns, lions paws on their palm even of Twins children.
See the Heart Line which overlaps with small line proceeding towards the base of Saturn and Index finger. A student who is a€?dulla€™ in school get sparkling success when goes to his field of interest, whereas a student who is always first in classroom, has satisfied in clerical job and regular pay hike.
Highly educated person is doing clerical job in a bank, whereas banks of a€?dulla€™ man run in profit.
One line had originated from life line, whereas another line had originated from mount of moon.
It means there is confusion of intelligence, guess and emotions and a strange behavior has seen. It means progress from two busineeses, but as both lines of fate have ended at line of head, life loss will be occurred due to foolishness.
As this line has headed to mount of venus, the growth is on that scale, which will effect to reduce the length of his life. It means confidence, overconfidence, unnecessary freedom, tend to have friends of opposite gender and mentality to find othersa€™ faults. Meaning there-by every individual in this whole universe has his own destiny marked by God Almighty in the womb already, which is foolproof.
Vegetable seller has become a Minister, folk artiste has become an MLA, a labourer has become a big smuggler to whom entire Mumbai has feared.
The distance between life line and head line showed overconfidence, foolishness, eagerness and special attraction to opposite gender. From this period straight head line had kept control over artistic nature and made her practical.
Meaning of the line which is originated from life line is it showed self-earned success, but home condition is also responsible for success.

Hence the person should be short tempered yet brave, clever, fit for Police, Army and Security forces even fire fighting and army department. After my guidance his father asked him to appear for SSC examination to get the mark non-matric. Two gridles of venus on hand showed bad habits like gutkha consuming, liquor drinking and restlessness. No one remember the charming cine actress who attracted many with her beauty in younger age, after ten years. She sang very well in her childhood days; but she later turned to acting and dance with degradation of voice quality. Meaning of the line which is originated from mount of the moon is this person get help from the person of opposite gender and his life has become happy.
The professional team of CMSD comprises senior researcher from varied academic background and nationwide network of a field professionals located in various strategic location across the country to help to understand large scale survey in a time bound and quality manner. This person was advised to control the anger, but a murder took place by the hands of this person at the age of 36. Bad mentality of man has grow more, in that quantity his head line get mix with intuition line and make its effect on it. A woman who is never in discussion or handled chief ministership or Cabinet Minister, had become the President of India.
Today this boy has owned a four-wheeler garage at Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune Maharashtra, India.
A person who got bigger awards in literature has become additional division clerk in a€?armya€™sa€™ account department.
If every parents show this wiseness, money, labour and time are saved, but, who will give right advise? While facing hurdles in examination, one day a luck has favourable enough to get admission in medical college. Like Karna whose chariot wheel stuck in land at the time, he was forgetting everything during examination.
But as adverse condition had passed, he became successful in business despite he left the education.

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