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I wish to convey my sincere thanks to the members of the Foundation who so generously sponsored my cat’s bladder surgery.
Now you can show your support of the Farley Foundation on the road! In 2007, the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) launched personalized license plates featuring the Farley Foundation logo.
The Stara€™s efforts to contact Twitter to find out where the company got its inspiration for the new slogan have so far been unsuccessful. A spokesperson for the Ministry of Tourism and Culture said the government was a€?flattereda€? by the new Twitter slogan, but could not say if the province had any plans to take legal action against the social media company. They returned to the black (actually dark blue) on gold-brown look they had in the 1980s but kept the narrow letters from the previous set. Desperate for Money and because of the increase in the prison population with the bad economy.
I like the old ones better.StevieC, Illinois seems to be using the Ontario model, new plates came out in 1984, stayed the same until a redesign in 2000 or so, and have been the same since with no sign of a new design coming any time soon.
Originally Posted By: ekpolkIn Florida, we don't have this problem of fixating upon the looks of one plate design.
The new ones seem to have a very 'retro' look to them.The old ones look very much like Ontario plates, so they look familiar.

Vermont has a neat plate in which your eyes (or the cops) can easily foucs on the numbers and letters. Originally Posted By: Bill in UtahThat is why they make plates out of aluminum, they last MUCH longer.
Without your financial help I would have lost my best friend, Willie.Being handicapped and unable to work, I spend a great deal of time with Willie at home. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each license plate goes to the Farley Foundation. Help those you love provide a legacy and continue to help their communities even when they're gone. The former Focus page editor of the Orange County Register and graphics director of the Virginian-Pilot and the Des Moines Register, he spent five years as an international consultant and instructor.
But still a big improvement over the blue and white plates.When are we going to get our Liberty plates back?
I don't like how they stick out like a sore thumb in contrast with the most common car colors. I always liked VA's design of the numbers and letters (though I don't care for front plates).

She is family to me and it would have been a great personal loss if I had to have her put down. Prices for the plates are set by the Ministry of Transportation and vary depending on your personal needs. Words cannot express my gratitude.I am happy to report that Willie’s recovery was swift and without incident. Bill Our new ones are aluminum but aren't painted they have like a vinyl overlay on the letters and white background (see above). The current plates announce it like the Jersey Shore cast, aka loudly and as obnoxiously as possible.

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