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Mar 31, 2016This little house, featured in Beyonce’s No Angel music video, got sold for $650,000 recently. The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), lit up in red, white and blue in solidarity with France following the Paris terror attacks. A tram passes the The Spot, which houses the University of Melbourne’s business school.
Apr 26, 2015Poppy Park in Penrith on Flickr.Judges Park at Penrith, Sydney, renamed as Poppy Park for Anzac Day 2015.

The owner told me he had registered it in Britain to get cheaper insurance while in Europe. One blank black number plate surround to fit motorcycle licence plates in New Zealand and some parts of Australia. This frame will fit New Zealand motorcycle plates and the largest of three Australian motorcycle plate sizes which is 254 x 100mm. Discounts for volume purchases are available and we can screen print these frames for your club or bike dealership.

If you would like some lettering on one or two frames click this link or if you would like a chrome one click this link.

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