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The circuit consists of preamplifier, tone controls, and regulated DC power supply, while providing a power output of 18 Watts for 8 Ohm load and 30 Watts for 4 Ohms load.
The circuit has been designed for the purpose of creating a portable unit of preamplifier that would function as standalone control for gutitars.
The circuit was designed for high performance unit as it serves as a portable amplifier for headphones while being powered with 3 Volts. The design of the circuit aims to create an audio amplifier that would provide more attention to the boosting of bass frequency while giving a power of 10 Watts into 8 Ohms load. The circuit has been designed for loudspeakers to provide a monitoring scheme of audio power being supplied which will determine that any setup will not be required without the presence of a power supply.
The circuit was designed similarly with door bell units as it generates an audio of bells ringing with dual tones.

TDA2822M has Low crossover distortion, Supply voltage down to 1.8V, Low quiescent current and Bridge or Stereo configuration. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. They are connect between speaker out and ground to preventing oscillation and improving high frequency stability. Because, besides being an electronics engineer, I am a musician too, and I use to make recordings with my piano and accordion. Use the RemoteAmp as an IFB earpiece or headphone amplifier or as an on-stage monitor headphone amplifier. This can use for many applications like small battery powered radio, alarm, portable cassette player, headphone amplifier and more.

Our website contains Free Collection of Electronics Circuits, PIC microcontroller projects, diagrams, tutorials, cad and PCB design software, vintage vacuum tube archives, hobby designs, datasheets and many schematics. The RemoteAmp clips to your belt and accepts a 3-pin XLR audio input from a mixer, distribution amplifier, telephone line hybrid or a handset interface like QuickTap IFB. You'll like the convenience features, such as the separate power switch, which allows you to leave the volume control set at a comfortable level. Second, to suit different headphones, XBass® and user-selectable gain unlock the maximum potential of each and every type of headphone, whether at home or on the move.

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