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A portable solar power generator gives you the possibility and power to protect your family in times of darkness whatever the emergency might be. The advantages of a portable solar power generator are seriously countless and well worth the relatively small outlay which of course, you only have to once!
That is a lot of free energy being produced every second and a you only need to put a solar panel in front of if and you've got yourself an absolutely abundant source of free and clean energy.
With the majority of portable solar power generators, you simply have to position the solar panel in a good place, plug in the generator and then plug in whatever you want to use. Hence the name, these amazing bits of kit can be easily and quickly packed up and transported anywhere in the boot of a small car.
While a lot of people by portable solar power generators as a backup power source or for the occasional recreational activity, they can also be used for permanent power. While we do our best to avoid serious risks in life, sometimes unfortunately we are confronted with them and can find ourselves without the neccessary tools and aid to help ourselves. A portable solar generator has an infinite versatility and functionality meaning that it can be used to power almost every electronic device in your home and in your life. If you are seriously considering getting a portable solar power generator then you need to make sure you get one which is powerful enoughfor your needs.

An 1800 watt solar power generator like the one listed above will cost about $1400 to $2000. The solar generators listed above are portable but no so carriable with regards to trekking and so on.
Powertap desktop grommets, Power Data Center are a smart design that allows for easy access and quick storage.
Powertap desktop grommets are the smart design that allow for easy access and quick storage.
In fact, there doesn't even have to be an emergancy as these solar generators can be sued day in and day out to provide power for whatever the situation maybe.The next time the power goes out because of a storm or because of fuel instability or for whatever reason, you will be thanking yourself that you splashed out on that portable solar generator. It is important to buy one equipped with a long (at least 50 metre) cable so your generator can be in your home while the panel in the sunniest spot possible. This means that you can take your abundant, free and clean energy source with you anywhere you go. Things like fridges, electric fences, lamps, run lights, televisions and most other things can all be run from a solar generator permanently saving you money. A solar power portable generator can be used to power defibrillators, fridges, heaters, aquariums, CPAP machines, security systems and so on.

This Powertap Desktop Grommet converts any desk, table, or counter into a ready-to-access power center. This Powertap Desktop Grommet converts any desk, table, or counter into a ready-to-access power. The battery in the generator system iscan keep you going for hours and most kits can be supplemented with additional batteries for extra power.
If you are serious about saving money then you might want to check out our page about Solar power kits.
Take a look at this page for more information about one of the best portable solar power generators on the market and it's endless list of uses. Of course you sacrifice the power that you can produce with a bigger system but you benefit in portability.
Follow this link for solar powered battery chargers which lists far smaller kits for low wattage devices and for specific technologies i.e phone, laptop, ipod etc.

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