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Does your job, trade or business entail spending a lot of time outside of conventional enclosed office spaces and cluttered cubicles? Xantrex 852-2000 XPower 600 HD PowerpackOf course one thing that is important to being able to go take your office anywhere with you is the ability to get power even while on the go. Portable power packs are basically power plants that can easily be lugged around wherever you go. The great news is that modern technology and its innovative applications have made things even better for us!
Humless Sentinel Portable Lithium Based GeneratorHumless produces lithium battery-based power packs that can be recharged using a solar panels to capture the sun’s energy into the batteries. Aside from being more environment-friendly, other nifty advantages of these portable power packs over the conventional portable power generators is the fact that, since they don’t have any combustion engines, they are lighter and infinitely quieter. There is no doubt that electric power generators play a big role in modern life and the ability to take electricity with us anywhere we go has become an indispensable tool in improving quality of life. A Backpack Hydroelectric Power Plant For Your Next Camping Trip?One of the more important considerations when going on an outdoor camping escapade is whether to bring a portable power source. Innovative and “Green” Portable Power Pack Options for People on the MoveDoes your job, trade or business entail spending a lot of time outside of conventional enclosed office spaces and cluttered cubicles?
I’m guessing that there will be lots of portable and fixed standby generators bought in the aftermath of Sandy. Another consideration is the size (output – continuous duty and peak load) of the generator and what you want to run. Generators also come as traditional rotating machines or may provide AC output that is inverter-based. Many people have embraced the evolution of technological gadgets that have been coming out each year for the last several years.
This portable power bank has a 12000mAh rechargeable capacity and can be used for simultaneous charging through its dual output ports. Do you want a powerbank that easily fits in your pocket, and can bring with you at all times? This is a 10400mAh high capacity portable power bank for various cellular phones, tablets, and other hand-held electronics.
This is considered to be the smallest power bank in the world with a 2.1A single output for super-fast charging. This is another effective dual USB port portable power bank compatible with most mobile or smart phones.
Poweradd’s Apollo Pro is another solar powered portable power bank with a monster 23000mAh rechargeable capacity.
RavPower is an efficient and economical portable charger with 10400mAh capacity that can charge your mobile phones up to 4 or 5 times. Finding a perfect power bank depends on how often and where you normally use your hand-held gadgets. Introduction and Design:The Motorola P793 Universal Dual-Charging Portable Power Pack is really what you should expect of a mobile juicer a€“ a slim device capable of delivering 1420mAh worth of extra charge to satiate the energy cravings of your cell phone. The battery is the same size as it is for HTC phones because HTC doesn't believe in big batteries. Link Light Off-grid type and portable Solar power systems is handly power supply equipment of used sunlight as power .

Well the good news is that these days you could easily forgo getting a conventional, stationary desktop working set up and just go portable. While all portable computing devices like notebook or laptop computers, tablets or mobile phones and communication devices are equipped with batteries, you need a backup power source to help ensure continuity for your work and your business even when the batteries run out.
They are designed to provide electricity to for any device that requires AC or DC power to work. Duracell and Xantrex are the first brands that come to mind when it comes to conventional battery-based portable packs. These are pretty good traits if you wish to use them as a power source for your mobile workplace! If you are looking for a suitable portable power supply for business, residential and recreational use, you now certainly have more options. The stock market apparently thinks so too – pushing the price of Generac stock up quite a bit. If you have a refrigerator, separate freezer and a furnace blower or hot water heat circulating pump to run – you need to consider both their normal operating draw and what they draw on start-up. Inverter-based power can be cleaner electrically – and may be better if you have sensitive electronics that you want to power.
Cellular phones are becoming more essential to everyone’s life today due to the fact that people can carry them easily in their pockets.
You can easily carry it and put it into your pocket or any bag to provide power instantly for your gadgets.
It is a foldable USB port dual charger that is compatible for various hand-held devices such as GPS units, iPads, iPhones, Android phones, and tablets. Due to its 12000mAh high-capacity option, it can provide up to 700 percent of an Apple phone’s battery life or up to 250 percent battery life for a Google Nexus.
It is environmentally-friendly due to its solar energy technology ensuring continuous communication when using a smartphone especially when you are outside. If you love the outdoors and go on hiking a lot, choose a solar-powered option to ensure easy charging when you are outside.
Its microUSB cable built into the package contributes to the compact feel of this portable charger.
What with today’s increasingly portable computing devices, you could easily bring a good part of your office inside a carry-around bag.
They are portable power generators, in every sense very similar to many of the portable generators featured in on this site but with the distinction that most of them use rechargeable batteries instead of internal combustion engines to produce electrical energy.
If you prefer to go conventional, they can also be recharged by plugging them into a regular AC wall socket or using another battery or any DC power source.
You could go for conventional fossil fuel-powered gasoline and diesel generators or you could opt for the cleaner propane or natural gas option. Manufacturers like Honda and Yamaha – plus others make Inverter-based generators that have the reputation for being quieter than other – but overall while noise may be something to consider – it may not be an overriding issue if you and all your neighbors are blacked-out. With almost all communication between people, whether business or personal are done through mobile phones, it is indeed a very frustrating experience when your smartphone or tablet battery dies.
It’s slim, compact design and unique looks make it a perfect companion for your battery hogging phone. It is definitely suitable for long travel to provide continuous usage of your mobile devices. This reliable power bank also has built-in overheat, overcharge, and short circuit protection making it much safer to own than any other power bank on the market.

It is a very good portable power bank for people who travel in remote areas with no electricity. These portable power packs are mostly battery-based power generators that can be quite handy for anyone who moves quite a bit around for their work or profession.
There are two basic models that you can choose from: the Roadrunner and the Sentinel depending on your power requirements. Many of their units aren’t just designed to power electrical devices for computers and other modern electronic devices but can be used as an emergency backup or roadside power source.
Renewable power has also made significant strides in this field especially with many solar, wind and hydroelectric options. Gasoline generators are probably the most popular – but Sandy has taught us that gas shortages may be a problem – and 25 or 30 gallons may not get you through. This is why several companies have introduced various portable power banks into today’s market. It is perfect for Apple iPhone Samsung Galaxy HTC Motorola Moto Android Smartphone Phone iPad Tablets Pc. Most smartphones today have features that are battery thirsty which is why it is important that you bring along a portable power bank you can easily take out of your pocket.
Please check out my previous post featuring the Humless Generators for more information on this nifty piece of equipment. Younicos claims that it can provide a couple or so days’ worth of electricity to any workstation be it in an office or in a mobile set up.
The Duracell Powerpack series (Powerpack 300, 450, 600), for instance, are designed with built in compressors to inflate flat tires or to provide give your vehicle’s battery a little boost (via a jumper cable) or even to jump-start it. Propane is another option – but the generator selection is more limited – and ones that are fueled with typical BBQ – size propane tanks may not work so well on a very cold day (propane from a small tank doesn’t vaporize well at low temperature – and as it expands JT cooling drops the bulk temperature of the small tank further – this is less of an issue for bulk propane tanks that have more mass – and much more gas). Here are the best portable power banks currently available out there that can help you extend the battery life of your devices while you are on the go. This is the only means of communication between you and the portable juicer, so a quick look at the four indicators will give you an idea of just how much charge you have left. With the P793 plugged into the DROID I can continue to use the smartphone as long as I have it plugged in until all of the charge is used up. If you heat with propane or natural gas – then a standby generator can be installed outside your house and piped up to your gas supply. Currently, it doesn’t look like this particular unit is being sold in retail but if you want one, you should go to their website and let them know. Diesel generators are another option – but typically these are employed to power large commercial buildings – not homes. A flashing light then indicates that the Motorola Power Pack is charging and when you have all four indicators lit-up again, your charger should be ready to juice up gizmos at its full capacity. Find out more about the Yill’s specs there and see their other cool products as well!

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