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This portable gadget charger has built in batteries which can be charged by being plugged into a wall outlet, it features two USB port so you could charge your iPhone and your netbook at the same time.
The Portable USB Power Supply allows you to take some USB power with you when you travel around. Sony launches today universal USB Portable Power Supply Adaptor for a wide range of USB chargeable portable devices including mobile phones, Walkman players, iPod, music players and games consoles. The Adaptor is the first mobile power solution from the Sony’s new Cycle Energy product family and features a unique dual module design with an input for charging and a detachable portable power supply with an embedded Li-Ion rechargeable battery. The graphics chip maker NVIDIA has officially introduced five new graphics solutions for notebooks that all fall under the new GeForce 700M series. Active Media Products is bringing a new SaberTooth series solid state drive for the users who want to upgrade their notebooks. Helium-filled hard drives become more and more popular by the day but much to the irritation of Seagate, competitor Western Digital leads the pack by offering a 10 TB hard drive with helium inside. You can use a 12v battery and step down circuit to 5v but the 5v USB battery charger are readily available and that is what I’ve chosen to use.
I was looking for a small LCD screen powered by 5V and found nothing until I found your project, that’s awesome ! 2) On the photo you already rerouted and soldered the red cable to the capacitor leg, right ?
4) If the battery lasts 2.5 hours, that would make 2A consumption, the battery pack is rated at 1A. 3) Although the battery pack is 5200mAh you will never get this in real life due to loses in the system. The red 5v connect to the positive but it looks like you have a different model of the LCD. Thanks for the reply, since there is no power to the LCD can I still get the voltage or will it be in ohms? Thanks for the reply, I’m not sure if I can get the reading off the multimeter if there is no power going to the LCD.
I may have no choice since one of the joints in the first one seems to straddle two circuits?! I think it is possible to powerup the monitor even with GPIO pins, that means it is not necessary to modify the micro usb cable. I had already bought this exact LCD to use with my Pi, thanks for showing how to do the 5v mod as that saved me a little work. If you remove the front plastic cover the LCD has a resistive touch screen applied, the 4 pin connector is fixed to the main LCD connector but you can separate it and use the touch screen. I was wondering if you have a larger usb battery with two outputs you could power the pi with one and the monitor with the other?
It probably wouldn’t do anything for a while but do you really want to waste a 32GB SD card?

Really like the 3D printed case and soldering directly to the USB port on the PI leaving the other one to be exposed! This is an awesome project c: I can imagine such a small laptop with some emulators, and joystick input, would be great for some retro gaming on the go. I am now working on a gamepad that will slide in and replace the keyboard transforming it into Picade-to-go. The screen has a composite input and I soldered that input directly to the back of the RPi’s composite connector. The raspberry pi that I have does not have a composite video connector… only an HDMI output. As for the wifi adapter- any will do as long as it’s small and reliable and has a good range.
It plugs into any wall outlet and can simultaneously charge up to two USB devices, but it also charges its own built-in batteries. For the best WordPress experience, please update your browser or learn how to browse happy! All you need is the original USB cable supplied with your phone, music player or games console.You can use the detachable Power Supply module as a power source and when it is discharged, just plug in to the Portable Power Supply for a recharge from the mains (AC) supply. Called SaberTooth M1, this solid state drive measures only 51 x 30 mm and has mini SATA (mSATA) connector.
I hope that I will be able to use a multi-meter to make sure that I am hitting the right connection. Using a simple equation I believe that I have two 5v resistors inline just like the photo above but I’m not sure which one to connect to. The result is,after overriding the 5v controller; that the screen is just very short onand showing the picture(ca 0,1s) and then it turns off again(ca2s) and then it turns again on. The RCA socket would have been removed from the Pi and the cable soldered directly just for space reasons. People have made them into PVRs (personal video recorders), retro gaming machines, weather stations, in-car PCs, jukeboxes, and so many more creative ideas. When I started this project four weeks ago, I just wanted to see if it was possible to make an ultra portable, mobile Raspberry Pi that you can take to-go. As I was building my Pi-to-Go I kept saying to myself, it would be cool if it had this, and then I would find a way to make it happen.My mobile Raspberry Pi Computer is now complete and because this is an open source project I wanted to show you everything, including how to build one yourself.
I will even provide links to the parts I needed to purchase and the 3D printer STL files to print your own case. Okay, lets move on.LCD ScreenThe LCD I used is from an after market backup camera system that can be installed in a car.
The screen is a low resolution and I hope to find a better upgrade for my next version of the mobile RPi to-go.
It uses a composite input and is able to display a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.Battery PackFirst off, be very careful when messing with lithium-ion batteries.

Because I own a company that sells only laptop parts, it is only natural that I would use a laptop battery for this build. Laptop batteries are built in such a way that you cannot just plug something into them and use them for a battery pack.
I knew it would be possible but I just needed to figure out the best way to get power out of it and how to charge it back up in the best and safest manner. I ended up using a battery for a Dell Latitude D600 laptop and just removed it from the Dell battery case.
See picture for pin outs.Charging the battery was easy, I just purchased an after market laptop battery charger. It connects directly to the battery's 9 pin connector and also has a battery level indicator built-in.Internal Powered HubOne major problem with the Raspberry Pi is a lack of power. But the problem is not there, it is that the USB port can only supply in the neighborhood of 120ma per port, which is not enough to run much. The power from the battery pack is 11.1 volts and the power required for the USB hub was 5 volts. What I did was connect the battery to the LCD screen which had an input of 9v-13v, and I knew that the LCD screen would have some components that would require a 5v power source (LED LCD back light for example). All I had to do was find the onboard voltage regulator and solder on leads across the 5v capacitor and solder those to the 5v input on the powered USB hub. Now we have clean regulated power for all of our devices.Extended Storage64GB SSD, yes I did! If I simply just installed a larger SD card and added a large swap file, or swap partition, I would eventually burn out the SD card. I opted for a 64GB Sata II solid state hard drive made by Samsung (model # MMBRE64GHDXP) and again I have a bunch of those in stock so it was convenient. I used an external USB hard drive caddy's circuit board to connect the SSD sata HDD directly to the internal power USB hub. The back of the case has a Raspberry Pi logo cut into it and it is illuminated when the device is powered on. I used a back lighting LED and the acrylic strip from the back of a backlit laptop keyboard. I cut it to the shape to fit just behind the RPi logo and soldered leads that connect to 5v power.

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